Do you really realize the importance of a healthy breakfast? I invite you to read on…….

healthy breakfast

Looking around me, I notice more and more people who are becoming conscious of a healthy breakfast It is as if my world is waking up to the fact that ‘they’ are messing too much with our food and at the same time with our minds and our finances. No more bacon and eggs!

At the same time we do need to be educated about the importance of consistently eating a well-balanced, varied and nutritionally adequate diet. It is not difficult to bring about change if you are correctly motivated.

The conscious use of your brain instead of your taste buds to make choices greatly simplifies the process of a healthy breakfast.  You may want to begin by substituting whole foods for refined foods e.g. whole wheat bread for brown or white, brown rice for white rice etc. Add more water, fruits and vegetables to your diet. You may also choose to give breakfast its due consideration.

Do you know that a strong connection has recently been discovered between bad breakfast and many health-related problems? A healthy breakfast can fix this problem!

As you might know, our body consists of 100 trillion cells which need 114 various nutrients during the day.

What you ate yesterday consists of two major groups of elements. The first group supplies energy (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). The second group supplies building materials (amino acids, vitamins, minerals, micro elements  etc).

You spent energy yesterday when you were awake, and your body used the building materials at night to regenerate itself. Besides, your body has spent 1 liter of water during the night through breathing, sweating and morning visit to the bathroom.

So your body wakes up “empty” in the morning and on behalf of 100 trillion cells begs you,

“Hey, give me back all the nutrients, energy and water I spent in the last 24 hours”.

You may not feel hungry or thirsty in the morning, but it’s just a matter of time before you will feel hungry. By the time you are thirsty, you usually are already dehydrated.

Difficult to believe that we can even in this modern world be dehydrated.  But it is a fact.  And it can be done.  Two glasses in the morning, 2 an hour before lunch and 2 at night with another one at about 10 am and  one at about 4pm.  8 Glasses and your body can function properly.

Do you have a healthy breakfast?

And now let’s see what you are giving your body in the morning: a toast with jam and coffee with sugar.

healthy breakfast?

Not a healthy breakfast.

These are simple carbohydrates which when digested immediately turn into sugar. Your body wakes up in the morning and asks for vital nutrients and water, and you give it sugar instead.

Our Herbalife Healthy Breakfast program, helps the body with many problems like these discussed above and will help you to feel absolutely great all day long! These result driven products change lives.

With the specific combination of:

healthy breakfast

Healthy Breakfast Program

=>1 Herbal Aloe Drink

=>2 “Formula 1” Nutrition shake

=>3 Thermojetics Herbal Beverage

The Herbalife Program:

***  great taste & refreshing

***  5 delicious flavours

***  invigorating & in 4 flavours

The Herbalife Healthy Breakfast program helps your body to achieve the following:

1. Provides the body with all vital nutrients and water.
2. Provides more energy from proteins and not all from carbohydrates.
3. Balances the body’s energy levels.

As a bonus, this program also helps your body to:

1. Boost the immune system & combat disease
2. Cleanse the intestine.
3. Improve absorption of nutrients.
4. And maintain water balance during the day.

Do you lack energy during the day?

Do you feel tired constantly?

Need more energy?

Then you need a proper healthy breakfast. YOU need the Herbalife Healthy Breakfast!


To find out more about the Herbalife healthy breakfast, just click HERE.

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Do you have a healthy breakfast?

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  • I like the way you mix facts with fun in this article Ria. Now who would not want to fix their breakfast after reading this?! . . .

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