Do you have a healthy breakfast?

Have you ever had a day where you have your healthy breakfast and still feel hungry by the time you go to bed?  Have you ever had a day where you just don’t get to the stage where you have the energy you need to start that job, either at home or at the office, that is really  not that urgent but that is bugging you all the time because you do not do it?

tired woman  Have you ever felt depressed and not knowing why and  then discovered because you are upset because you have not done the job or task or chore you were supposed to do and really you do not have the energy for it?


Wellness & Vitality is about waking up every morning having the energy
and mental health to enjoy every day of your life!

I have a solution for you – bur first I need to ask you a very important question?  What do you usually have for your healthy breakfast?

You know a strong connection has recently been discovered between bad breakfasts and many health-related problems.  What you ate yesterday consists of two major groups of elements. The first group supplies energy (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). The second group supplies building materials (amino acids, vitamins, minerals, microelements, etc).


What does a healthy breakfast look like?


The balanced healthy breakfast in the morning should meet the following criteria:


1) Provide the body with all the nutrients (building blocks) spent during the night:
Our bodies consist of 100 trillion cells, which need 114 different nutrients every day to feed them so that these cells can keep on reproducing and keeping us healthy. Without healthy cells you have an unhealthy body.
2) Replace the body energy that was spent yesterday, when you were active
The energy provided must be in the form of proteins instead of carbohydrates. This will prevent the rise in blood sugar levels, which will keep the pancreas from producing access amounts of insulin.
3) Provide enough absorption of nutrients.
Just like we clean our body every day, we need to clean our intestines as well. This will help in the absorption of all the daily nutrients.  The amount of our water intake is very important. We need to drink 2 liters of water a day.


The big question is where can you get such a healthy breakfast?

Our Company has just developed a new Healthy Breakfast Program that:

1.Provides the body with all vital nutrients and water
2. Provides energy from proteins and not from carbohydrates
3. Doesn’t raise or drop blood sugar level

chronic sinusitis infection gone
Besides, this program helps to:
·      Cleanse the intestine
·      Improve absorption of nutrients
·      Maintain water balance during the day.


Author: Ria Brink


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  • Anonymous

    I would rather be late for work – have breakfast every morning. Cookies and cream shake with blueberries, oats and banana. Awesome! Way to start the day!

    • The Herbalife shakes are so quick and easy that there is no reason to be late for work….unless you are having a second serving. 🙂

    • Right on!

  • Good article Ria
    The Herbalife Breakfast is definitely my FUEL of choice. I some days have Breakfast 2 or 3 times per day depending on what the day requires of me. I can feel the difference between time I do have and when I do not have my Herbalife Breakfast.
    So what will your ext post be about?

  • We all need the best start to every single day, and the perfect breakfast is definitely the way to do it!

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