Master Prospector Secret #8: Master Prospectors value time more than money

Value time more than money

Value time more than money

The biggest crimes in life are callous “time wasting”, “time stealing” and “time spending”. And we are our own worst enemies in this regard. Time is the only commodity in life that we cannot create or get back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. That is why Master Prospectors value time more than money.

John Kalench is hitting the nail on the head in this chapter.


Do you value time more than money

“If you stop and think about it, we can always make more money. (Of course, if you’ve never done that successfully, you may have some questions about how it’s done.) No matter what we believe about making money – earning it, finding it, borrowing it, having it given to us – we know that it’s out there and we can always get more.

But what about time?

Once we spend time, that’ it. Just try to get back a year of your life, or even a week. Or how about just a second? No way. Time is fleeting. Snap your fingers and it’s gone – and gone forever.

No doubt about it, time is the most precious commodity of all. And Master Prospectors value their time above all else. They know it is their single, most valuable asset.

If you want to have five times more success than you have now, you’ll need to work five times smarter that you are now. And one of the ways to work smarter in network marketing is to make sure that the time you invest with people today, is the highest-quality possible.

Notice that I have said invest. I didn’t say spend. There’s a very big difference between the two.

[When you spend time, you know it’s gone and you are not going to get anything back in return. When you invest time, you can rightfully expect a return on your investment. ~ Will Kilian]

Anybody can spend time. In fact, that’s what most people are doing this very minute. Spend, spend, spend. No big deal. People say, “I’ve got all the time in the world.”


[Sometimes it takes near-death experiences to realise how fragile life really is. You think you still have plenty of time to mend that relationship with your relative or loved one? What if they die this very moment? Do you have any control over when they die? No, you don’t. Do you have control over how you invest your own time? Yes you do. You decide when, with whom, how and why to invest your time.

About two and a half years ago I went through a near-death experience that rocked my world. In a lot of respects I am still busy trying to put the pieces back together, but one thing that I now understand like never before is this: Time is more valuable than money! I have learned, and am still learning, to value time more than money.

Next to time, the most valuable commodity for me, is relationships. Think about it. What is more valuable than your time and your relationships? I cannot think of anything! ~ Will Kilian]


To value time more than money, you must know what your time is worth

What is your time worth? Well, let’s count. Take the amount of money you earn from your network marketing business and divide it by the number of hours you spend earning it. That way you can determine how much you earn per hour invested in your business.


You are part-time and currently earn $1,000 per month in your network marketing business. To earn this money, you invest 15 hours per week (about 2-3 hours per day for five or six days) building your business. Using a calculator, you would come up with the hourly rate of $15.50. This is 15 hours per week 4 4.3 weeks in a month = 64.5 hours. Divide the $1,000 you earn by the total hours of 64.5 = $15.50 per hour.”

[Now most network marketers make the mistake of thinking, my time is worth only $15.50 per hour. It is not. That kind of thinking stems from not understanding network marketing. If you are busy building a network marketing business, as opposed to a retail or wholesale business, you will know that the true value of your time is what it will be worth 3-5 years from now.

In the beginning, you are not getting paid passive income. The very nature of passive income requires you to work first (for however long it takes to create the value) and only then will you start earning passive income as a reward.

Let’s take an author for example. It might take her 15 months to write that book. How much money did she earn from that book whilst she was writing it? Nothing! Zero. Zilch. Did she stop writing after the first 12 months? No. Why not? She understands the process! I’ll say that again. She understands the process.

Then, when the book is finished, she must find a publisher willing to publish and market the book. After the 5th publisher declined, did she stop approaching publishing houses? No she did not. Why not? She understands the process!

Another 6 months go by and then a publisher picks up her manuscript and simply can’t put it down. The rest is history. Her book get’s published. The royalties start rolling in. The book is a huge success. It climbs the charts. It catches the eye of a movie producer. Next thing you know, there’s a movie deal on the table. Money is flowing faster and thicker than she ever thought possible.

Where was all this money during that 2 year period that I was hungry and struggled with writer’s block, whilst trying to write this book?

It was waiting for her at the end. She persevered. Why? She understood the process! My friends, I’m asking you to study the “process” – the network marketing concept. Once you understand the beauty of it, you will know the true value of your time. ~ Will Kilian]

Here’s what John says further:

“Look, it’s your business. You can treat it any way you like. But believe me when I tell you that long before Master Prospectors earned huge bonus checks, they began treating themselves like highly paid professionals earning $70 to $700 per hour. And that’s the big reason they earn that kind of money today!

Would you look differently at your daily actions if your hourly rate was $300, $500 or $700 per hour? Sure you would.”

So, you now understand that you have to value time more than money. So how do you go from where you are right now, with $15.50 an hour, to get to $700 an hour? How do the Master Prospectors value time more than money? What do they do to get most out of their time investment?

They leverage.

Leverage is a subject on its own. But for now, ask yourself: How can I leverage my time more? How can I get more bang for my time. Most people ask how can I get more bang for my buck, because they value money more than time. Don’t misunderstand me; you have to value your money also; you have to make sure you invest your money properly and get real value for money when you part with it. But when it comes to time vs money, time is the most valuable. Why? What makes something valuable? It’s availability. If it is not readily available, or there is a limited supply, it’s value goes up. Did you hear that? If your prospects think your time is freely available and that you have an abundance of it, will they value your time? No they won’t. It’s not a “trick” to tell people your time is limited. It is limited! Most people only live to be 25,500 days old. That’s it. Your time is extremely limited and valuable. Choose your time investments wisely. Do not spend major time on people who do not respect your time. Close those oysters and put them gently back into the sea of future oysters and move on to your next oyster.

Master Prospectors value time more than money and consequently they invest in more powerful tools to help them leverage their time.

The tools that John then details in this chapter, are the use of videos and audios. Since the writing of this book, we got the Internet. We have YouTube. We have Webinars. We have Live Broadcasts. These are all magnificent tools to leverage your time.

The key of your success in modern day network marketing lies in only two areas. Your presentation and your invitation.

Once you have a presentation that sells, that converts prospects into new network marketers in your team, the only thing you have to focus on is your invitation (“opening oysters”).

If you missed the previous sentence, read it again. And again. And again. Understand the process. Know what your job is. Focus your time and efforts on the most important things that you have direct control over.

I will conclude this training by answering a question that has been a conundrum for decades. The question is this: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Relevant to your network marketing opportunity, what do I introduce to my prospects first: the products or the opportunity. Do I introduce them to the egg (your products) or the chicken (your company).

Allow me to digress for a moment. The late Stephen Covey has an excellent training on the P, PC balance in life. Where P stands for Production and PC stands for production capability. He relates the famous Aesop’s fable about the goose and the golden eggs. The golden eggs representing the P and the Goose the PC. As long as the Goose is healthy and gets fed, it will produce the golden eggs. If you neglect the Goose or allow it to get sick, what happens to production? It goes down, right? That’s where the saying comes from to always “protect the Golden Goose”. You can read the rest of the story in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

So, what do you tell your prospect about first: the chicken or the egg?


You tell them about farming! Unless they understand farming, they will never fully be able to appreciate the chicken or the egg. What if they don’t like chicken eggs? Well, they will say, “no thank you, I am not interested in your company’s products” and walk away. But because they did not understand farming, they never tried any other eggs either. Who knows, they might have been crazy over duck eggs, or ostrich eggs. What if they don’t like chicken? Same thing, they will walk away. And if they don’t understand farming, they will never try duck meat, or ostrich meat or pigeon or …

So, you start by telling them about farming. In our context – network marketing. Most Master Prospectors love network marketing at least equally as much as they love their chicken (company)!

Once a prospect understands (truly understands) network marketing, they will understand the process. When the going get’s tough, they will push through, because they understand the process. Remember the author who slaved away for two years without earning one penny? She understood the process. Remember how she got rejected by publishing house after publishing house, yet she still persevered? Why? She understood the process.

Once a prospect understands network marketing, they will understand why:

the products of Network Marketing Companies are usually of exceptional high quality, because of all the money the company can re-invest in R&D (research and development)

the compensations plan/marketing plan/pay plan of the company can afford to pay so much money back to its distributors (because of all the savings over traditional businesses who has to spend on advertising, countless middlemen adding no value to the product and only adding their margin making the product more expensive to the consumer etc.)

the process of earning passive income/royalties through building an active network of people who also want to get the results other people get on the products and who also want to earn extra income with the opportunity, like other people do.

Once they understand the basics of network marketing, they will either be interested in the concept or they won’t. If not, you can still offer them your products, as they might be after the same results that your products deliver. If not, no harm done. Close the oyster. Keep the back doors open (do not burn the bridge you have build). Move on. Value time more than money. You can always get more money, more pearls, but you cannot get your time back.


Action Steps to Master Secret #8: Master Prospectors value time more than money


    1. What is the current, estimated hourly income that I earn with my business? (monthly income divided by hours worked per month)


    1. How many hours a month do I see myself devoting to my business twelve months from now?


    1. What hourly income do I want my business to be providing me in twelve months?


  1. What company, upline or generic prospecting tools can I invest in today that will make my time more productive and my twelve-month income goals a reality?


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Value time and relationships more than money

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