Knowledge is power – no it is not!

knowledge is power

Everyone has heard the quote, knowledge is power. Even a young man called David, who was sitting a life test.

One of the multiple choice questions were: Is the statement, Knowledge is Power, correct? He had only two options to choose from. Either “YES” or “NO”. It was one of the first questions and he thought to himself, “this is going to be easy!” He even read an essay on knowledge is power and he knew the answer!

Francis Bacon Knowledge is Power

He even knew that the quote, knowledge is power, was originally contributed to Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban PC KC, the English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator and author.

Born on 22 January 1561 in Strand, London and died on 9 April 1626 at Highgate in the United Kingdom. David knew all this. Naturally he answered, “YES”, to the question, Is the statement, knowledge is power, correct?

He failed.


Why the quote “knowledge is power” is wrong

See, the problem with David’s answer was that it was not specific enough. Knowledge could be power, but life has taught that it also could not.

Afterwards he reflected on this answer and was reminded of all his professors at university. They were filled with knowledge, yet their lives displayed no power. Clearly, knowledge per se is not power.


If knowledge is not power, what is it?

Knowledge is not power. It is only potential power. ~ Napoleon Hill


Napoleon Hill clarified the issue in his world renowned book, Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon explained that before knowledge could hold any power, it must first be organised into definite plans.

Then for knowledge to be power it must be directed towards a specific end goal.

And only if and when those plans, which are the result of organised knowledge, and which is directed towards a specific end goal are executed, does knowledge become power.

The key is FOCUS.


Example – Sun Power

The sun yields enormous power. We all know that the sun is a tremendous source of power. Lately, as a result of technological breakthroughs in solar energy, it became possible to capture some of this power. The sun’s rays are captured by the solar panels, from where the energy is “organised”, “directed” and “focussed” to yield a specific purpose.

Without focussing the sunrays, the power goes untapped. Wasted.


Example – Looking Glass

Let’s look at one more example. If you take a looking glass and you hold it so that the sun’s rays falls on it, AND YOU KEEP THE LOOKING GLASS STILL, the sun’s rays will be focussed by the looking glass at a very precise focal point. Hold it long enough, and it yields the power to ignite a fire! However, if you keep moving the looking glass around, the sun’s rays will not be focussed for long enough in order to yield this power. Read this last sentence again and again, until the enormity of this truth sinks in. This holds 100% true for your life.


Success leaves clues that gives meaning to the quote, knowledge is power

Ever wondered why some people seem to be able to harness the power of knowledge and others don’t? Why is that?

They understand that their knowledge must be organised and directed with focus and determination. That “looking glass” must be kept very still. The focus must remain for long enough for the power to be yielded. That is when knowledge becomes power.


Let’s bring it home to EZHEALTHBIZ and this blog you are reading right now.



We operate in the niche of health and wellness, as well as the home business and network marketing niches. We all know that the amount of knowledge out there on these three niches alone are staggering! It is not knowledge we lack. For those who seek knowledge, they only need to do a few specific searches in GOOGLE and they will find more than they bargained for.

That is why you find so many people in the home business industry, the network marketing industry, the health and wellness industry, and in a company like Herbalife who operates in all of these niches, WHO FAIL!


Because they simply do not know how to harness the power of knowledge. They do not know how to gather, disseminate, organise and direct the required knowledge into specific action plans, which if acted upon, will yield them all the success they can ever desire.

So, if you find yourself in the home business, network marketing and/or health and wellness space, make sure you surround yourself with people who know how to do this and who can lead you to your goals. If not, you will forever be running around like a headless chicken, wondering why in the world all this knowledge you have is not yielding you any power.

You don’t have to fail the test of life like David, because you now know how to harvest the power of knowledge and to tap into the plans of those who already done all the hard work for you.


Yours sincerely,

~ Will Kilian
Husband, father, lawyer, entrepreneur.

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  • Love this post Will, knowledge is only power if we use it to make definite plans…

    • Thank you very much Melysa Duldulao. I enjoyed writing it. The more value I can add, the better. 🌻

  • I really like the fluidity and the shape of your post… Exquisitely elegant!

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