Herbalife24 Fit Day 4 – Motivation

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Herbalife24 Fit Day 4 – Motivation 17.10.13

We started this Herbalife24 Fit challenge 3 weeks ago.  We are reporting on day 4.  This first 3 weeks are exactly the same with different programs for each day.  Have we struggled?The  biggest challenge, honestly, was getting up.  I think it might be the main reason why we (and most people) start out but don’t stay the course.  If you have a ‘exercise buddy’ to work out with, your chances of continuing is going to be better.

Its the consistency of ‘sticking with the program’. We have realised that doing the Herbalife24 Fit program together, helps us to overcome the challenge of ‘do I really have to?’  The chance of sticking with it, is much bigger.  I think if you have a personal trainer, then you might also think…… I am actually paying for this session, so not arriving is going to cost me in more ways than one.

We are just so excited to share our results with you!  The training has never felt overwhelming.  We have not bought any specialised foods.  We generally have a good nutritional diet and we’ve been eating our normal meals with our kids at night.  The only difference is that for the Herbalife24 Fit program we have more Herbalife shakes during the day and snack on Herbalife protein bars in order to have the correct amount of protein for the day.


Herbalife24 Fit Day 4 – Results Herbalife24 Fit

We both fell into the ‘normal’ category when we started, so here are our Herbalife24 Fit results after 3 weeks of following the Herbalife24 fitness DVD series and using the Herbalife products.

Element          Eldred Before          Eldred after          Change

Weight             69,1kg                      68,7kg                   Down

Body fat           18,9%                       17,5%                    Down

Water               54,6%                       55,6%                   Up – this means more lean muscle

Lean Muscle   53,2kg                        53,8kg               Up

Biological age 33                             29                         Down (chronological age 39)


Element          Michelle Before          Michelle After          Change

Weight            62,6kg                             61,6kg                      Down

Body fat           31,8%                             30,4%                      Down

Water               47,7%                             48,5%                     Up – this means more lean muscle

Lean Muscle     40,6kg                            40,7kg                   Up

Biological age   38                                   35                         Down (chronological age 40)

(Compulsory legal disclaimer: These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.)



Have a look at this video from Samantha Clayton – get yourself an exercise buddy for your Herbalife24 Fit program and start your own challenge.


We hope we can motivate you to either get started on your Herbalife24 Fit program or to stay the course, whether you are starting a new nutritional plan, a new job, trying a new hobby – it doesn’t matter what your journey is.

Make your decision on what you want to do

Get your buddy for your project

Know you can do it

Start!  Just make a start!!!


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