Fat burning – Do you understand the process?

fat burning

Fat Burning Process

I went through a six month fat burning process whereby I lost 36kg of body fat. At the time I did not know how fat burning works; I just followed a very simple formula (3-2-1) every day…and viola!

Here is a before and after photo of me at the time to show what is possible if you follow this simple formula.

How I reshaped my body in 6 months…

…and helped others to do the same!

I lost 36kg in 6 months.

before miracle diet

Weight 118kg

After Miracle Diet

Weight 82kg

Compulsory disclaimer: These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.


Burning off body fat

miracle diet resultIs it possible to turn your body into a fat burning machine? Indeed it is.

  • To burn off body fat, you must turn your body’s muscle cells into fat burning machines.
  • Your body needs energy to function every day – this is called your metabolic rate.
  • The energy is measured in calories or kilojoules.
  • Your metabolic rate is the tempo at which your body burns energy (calories/kilojoules), and uses it for daily bodily functions.
  • It first burns off the energy you consume daily, and then tap into your stored fat cells if more energy is required.
  • Your lean muscle mass determines your metabolic rate.
  • The more lean muscle cells your body has, the higher your metabolic rate.
  • The higher your metabolic rate, the faster your body burns off body fat – thereby reducing your body fat %.


Therefore, the key is to build lean muscle cells that forms lean muscle mass.

This is the crux:

  • miracle diet resultsThe more lean muscle cells you have, the more effectively your body will burn up the calories you consume, and thereafter they will start burning your fat cells (stored energy).
  • To build and maintain healthy lean muscle cells, you need to have a diet that is perfectly balanced, providing your muscle cells all the nutrition it needs in perfect quantities and in perfect balance, so that they can perform (burn energy) at an optimum level.
  • You have to know your body’s protein factor to ensure that you include sufficient lean protein in your daily diet to meet your protein needs.
  • The products I used during those 6 months, do exactly that! Although, to be honest, I knew nothing of the above process at the time. I just took the products, and used it as recommended.
  • As you can see, this is indeed a miracle diet, as you don’t have to understand how it all works. You only need to know how to take it, and that’s it.
  • It’s kind of like electricity. You don’t need to understand how exactly it works. As long as you know where the switch is and how to switch it on, you can enjoy the benefits thereof.


If you are interested to learn more, click HERE.


Kind regards,


~ Will Kilian

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