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Keeping It Simple

keep it simple and smileEZHealthBiz Network Marketing Training

You know the KISS principle, right? Keep it simple and smile. But why do so many people struggle to keep their mlm business simple?

Is it because they lack certain core skills about their company, it’s products or marketing plan? Probably not.

In this  “Training Tuesday – Keeping it Simple (Part 1)” video, we will look at the real reason why some people struggle in their network marketing business…..trust! Let me explain…




MLM – It’s a Simple Business

In this, the Part 2 video of Training Tuesday – Keeping it Simple, we are going to look at how simple network marketing really is. Most people tend to over complicate their network marketing business. As a result they get frustrated, and some even quit. If you fall in this category, let me ask you this: how attractive is your business to other people? Not very, right? Well, you can change that!

If your network marketing business is not simple, fun, and magical, you are probably overcomplicating it. If so, you need to watch this video!

The key to a happy, healthy, and prosperous network marketing business, is keeping it simple, fun, and magical.



keeping it simple in mlm

MLM Road Trip!

As you saw in this part 2 video on Keeping it Simple, your network marketing journey is like a car trip you take from YOUR point A to YOUR point B.

Step 1: Decide where you want to go. In order to do this, you first need to determine where you are right now – Your point A. That’s where you start from and is literally where you ARE right now. You are where you are right now, as a result of decisions you took in the past. Own it. Take responsibility for it. If you don’t like where you are, the worst thing you can do is to try and blame other people and circumstances for your “bad luck”. This is the worst thing you can do, because it keeps you stuck!

Unless and until you take responsibility for where you are right now, you cannot move forward. If you do, you realise that if your past decisions caused you to end up at point A, then the decisions you take right now will determine where you will end up in the future; where you want to BE.

Step 2: Buy a car for the trip, if you don’t have one. Your car is your network marketing company of choice. Choose wisely as not all cars are created equally.

Step 3: Fuel up for the journey. Buy some products at a discount from your company. This is for your own use, and to share with others on your journey.

Step 4: Release the brakes! The brakes in your network marketing business are literally all things that are holding you back. The most critical is your own thoughts. Thoughts of fear is one of the biggest brakes you need to release. Fear of what other people will think of you. Fear that you might not be good enough, smart enough etc. Learn to let go of these negative thoughts….it’s only in your head and they will only materialise if you choose to focus on them. If not, they have no hold on you. Read this again. And again. If you don’t focus on your fears they have no hold on you…..this empowers you to tap into your full potential.

Step 5: Step on the gas! Give it all you have got. Focus your thoughts, your energy and your actions on the three R’s of network marketing: Retail, Recruit, and Relationships. Take massive action.

keeping it simple in network marketing

An aeroplane uses most of its fuel during take off.

It stands on that runway, it revs up, then the pilot releases the brakes and accelerates! That plane charges down that runway…faster and faster….until it finally get’s airborne. The pilot then keep’s the nose up and keeps accelerating, gaining more and more altitude. He only levels off and ease of the accelerator once the plane is high enough. You have to do the same thing in your network marketing business.

Do you know how many parked and crashed network marketing planes are on the runways of this world? Thousands!!! Why? Halfway down the runway, they lose hope! They lose focus. Perhaps someone nudged them of course. Perhaps a spouse, relative or loved one gave them negative feedback or criticism. Who knows? Then they just quit. They might have been only 300 meters from lift off….now, they lost all that momentum and are back to square one.

Then there are those, who shortly after lift off, prematurely takes their foot of the accelerator…expecting the plane to fly on it’s own, just to see it smash to pieces on the runway moments later! I have personally crashed like this many times! Very silly, I know. 🙂 You put in all that effort, build all that momentum to get lift off, and then you take your foot of the accelerator too soon. This is a heart breaking experience.


When at first you fail, try again.

The great thing about network marketing however, is that you can always start over. Look at the above FIVE steps above – work through them. Learn it. Do it. Teach it. Try and try until your aeroplane soars through the sky…

Above all, learn to keep it simple, fun, and magical. That way you will attract many more people along your journey to join you. If you are frustrated and have a complicated business model, you repel people…they look at it and at you and think to themselves, “I don’t want’ to do that!”

You want the exact opposite reaction. You want people to look at your network marketing business and think, “hey, that looks simple, fun, and magical…I want in!!!” 

In order to achieve this, you have to keep it simple, and smile. 🙂


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