A Herbalife Business Model that Works

(Below we share our Herbalife business model. It works. We develop a new Herbalife member first into an Active Senior Consultant, and thereafter an Active Supervisor, WT, GET, MILL and PRES team. But first, let’s look at some issues.)

herbalife business plan

Is Active Supervisors the major building blocks of your Herbalife business?

There has always been something magical about the Supervisor position in Herbalife. When you join as a Herbalife member, all you want to be, is a Herbalife Supervisor! However, a few years ago, Herbalife reaslised that the magic is not in the Herbalife Supervisorship, but rather in having Herbalife Supervisors who are active. Hence the introduction of the Active Supervisor qualification. If you produce 2,500 personal volume points for three consecutive months, you qualify as an Active Supervisor. This however was not the answer…


Why then are there so many inactive Active Supervisors today? Sounds like a contradiction, right? They qualified as Active Supervisors. However after the qualification period, their personal volume went down again.Why is that? You get the same phenomena with Active World Team Members, Global Expansion Team Members, and yes, even Millionaire and President’s Team members! Why is that?

The answer lies in the business model they used.  More particularly, the basic building blocks they used to build your business. If you think the building block is Supervisor, you are mistaken.

What business model are you using to build your business? Is your business model primarily focussed on monthly personal volume, and hence monthly product sales, or do you have a business model that is primarily focussed on monthly product consumption? It sounds similar. It’s not. The one leaves you with zero volume points on the 1st of every month. The other builds your personal volume month over month. Which do you want?

The only sustainable Herbalife business methods, are the ones that are built around product consumption, and not the creation of positions.

herbalife business and cristiano ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo drinking a Herbalife Shake


When you put in the time and energy to build your Herbalife business, you want to build something solid, something that will last.

It is demoralising to build something that keeps falling over or disintegrating over time, or something that you have to constantly repair. Why not do it right?

The Herbalife marketing plan is based on “volume points”. Each Herbalife product is assigned a volume point value. These volume points are like a universal Herbalife currency. If you want to move up on the Herbalife ladder of success, you need to increase your monthly volumes.

However, we do not sell volume points. We sell superior health and nutritional supplements. We sell products that helps us look and feel better ~ but only if we use it!

We need to focus more on product consumption. We therefore need the basic building blocks of our business, to be consumption based.

Below we will show you how.


Your long term Herbalife success is dependant upon product consumption, not product sales

If you do not care about building a solid business, and your main focus is product sales and volume points, you will most likely build something that will fall over sooner or later, no matter how well you retail the products and recruit new members.

If however you are after long term success in Herbalife, your main focus must be Herbalife product consumption. Whatever business model you develop, it should have as main focus, product consumption and not product sales.

If your team’s product sales outweighs your team’s product consumption, you are in trouble. In short, the products that you and your team buys from Herbalife every month, should be consumed in a relatively short period; preferably one to two months at most. This creates solid, ongoing, monthly volume points.

Build product consumption first, and consistent product volumes will follow.


Before we share our Herbalife business model with you, let’s take a look at what an Active Herbalife Business looks like:


What does an Active Herbalife Business looks like?

Active President’s Team Member – 200,000 organisational volume points per month (plus 2,500 personal volume per month)

Active Millionaire Team Member – 80,000 organisational volume points per month (plus 3,000 personal volume per month)

Active Global Expansion Team Member – 20,000 organisational volume points per month (plus 5,000 personal volume per month)

Active World Team Member – 10,000 organisational volume points per month (plus 2,500 personal volume per month)

Active Supervisor – 2,500 personal volume points per month

Active Senior Consultant – 500 personal volume points per month


Just like the smallest building blocks of our bodies, being our body cells that need to be healthy to have a healthy body, the smallest building blocks of our business, being the Senior Consultants, need to be “healthy” in order to have a “healthy business”.

That’s right: The key to a successful Herbalife business is Active Senior Consultants.


Active Senior Consultant Units

senior consultant in herbalife businessThe answer to a long term, consumption based active organisation, lies in the development of what we call, Active Senior Consultant Units.

Now we know that there is no such position as Active Senior Consultant; only Senior Consultant. However, we are interested in building a long term, sustainable business. The smallest business unit in Herbalife is the Senior Consultant. Let’s put the focus on our Senior Consultants and assist them to become Active Senior Consultants (producing 500 personal volume every month), building a healthy business from the ground up.

The Herbalife business model that we use, focus on developing new Herbalife members into Active Senior Consultants.


What is an Active Senior Consultant Unit?

A unit of Herbalife members consuming 500 + personal volume points of products every month. It can typically consist of you, some retail customers and some VIP (wholesale) members. The core ingredient of an ASC unit, is the VIP member.


What is a VIP member?

It’s a person who decided to use the Herbalife products every day of their lives. Hence they decided to join Herbalife as a Herbalife member to use the products at a minimum discount of 25%. Your VIP members are your best advertisement and your greatest source of “new blood” in Herbalife.


The KEY is to develop your VIP members into Active Senior Consultants. This is how:


How to develop your VIP members into Active Senior Consultants in your Herbalife Business


Turning your VIP members into Brand Ambassadors

What is a brand ambassador? It’s someone who is proud to be associated with a specific product or company and who is not ashamed to say so. In a sense we are all brand ambassadors.

You like a certain mobile phone, so you brag about it and show it off in front of your friends.

You like a certain movie; you tell everyone about it.

You like a certain restaurant; you recommend it to everyone around you.


This is what is known as “word of mouth” or “referral” business.


A brand ambassador is most “active” when the experience is fresh. You just got the phone; just saw the movie; just had dinner at an awesome restaurant last week….just got onto the Herbalife products or just lost your first kilo!

The best time to turn your customers and VIP Herbalife members into brand ambassadors, is when they are just getting started on the products! Why?

That is the time that we as humans are most excited about something; when it’s new.

Once your VIP members have given you referral business, it cements their own position. It locks them in to become more serious product users and they will use the products for longer. They will think twice before they quit or slack off, because they will feel responsible towards the people they referred. It’s all part of the human psychology.


Active Senior Consultant Business Model

The model we use follow this process:

Step 1: New referral (A)

Step 2: VIP member (25% discount)

* use the products every day

* become a brand ambassador

Step 3: Enrolling the VIP’s Referrals as new VIP’s

Step 4: Your first referral (A) becomes a Senior Consultant (35% discount) as the consumption of 500 volume points are already created.

Step 5: A becomes an Active Senior Consultant, because his SC Herbalife business is supported by active consumption of the products by him and his SC unit.

Step 6: You keep building down. You might think you are building A’s business, but you are not. You are building your own business! All A’s and his ASC unit’s volume points, are part of your personal volume! And once A qualifies as a Supervisor, that volume becomes your organisational volume. Plus, A will be forever grateful towards you. You showed him how to build an Active Supervisor business by focussing on developing new Herbalife members into Active Senior Consultant units. All based on product consumption. Building a solid business that grows month after month.

So, YOU want to become and Active President’s Team Member, how do you go about it?

Step 1 – Use the products every day and become a brand ambassador (telling others about these amazing products)

Step 2 – Turn your referrals into VIP members (signing your prospects to become long term wholesale consumers)

Step 3 – Obtain referrals from your new VIP members

Step 4 – Follow up on the referrals: you go see them and you develop them into VIP members (don’t join them directly under you; you join them under your VIP who referred them to you! This is very important!)

Step 5 – You qualify as a Senior Consultant (when the volume points of your personal use products and that of your VIP’s go over 500vp for the month)

Step 6 – Develop your team down line….you go see the referrals of the referrals and turn them into VIP’s….it’s all part of your personal volume points so you are building your own business anyway….

Step 7 – Your first referrals turn into Senior Consultants

Step 8 – Keep working down the line (turning all the referrals into VIP’s, who in turn will turn into Active Senior Consultants until your first referrals qualify as Superviors


Stand back and admire your handiwork! You have just created an Active Supervisor who has a 2,500 personal volume point consumption base! This will enable your new Supervisor to immediately start earning passive wholesale income! You have also created, for yourself, a monthly organisational volume of 2,500, upon which you will earn royalties, and which will repeat because it’s consumption based!

Keep working with this line until you have created at least 3 supervisor levels deep; producing 7,500 organisational volume points for you per month. Identify the Supervisors who are keen to develop their own Active Herbalife Business and teach them to keep working the referrals down the line.

Step 9 – Build your next Active Supervisor line by doing the same thing, turning VIP’s into Active Senior Consultants.



DMO (Daily Method of Operation) – what you do to attract new customers who want to test/try/use the products

New Product testers



Brand ambassadors

Active Senior Consultants


There are many different DMO’s, but the Business Model remains the same. Choose the DMO’s that you like to do, and that works for you.

The DMO is simply a method of talking to people; a method of connecting with people; of getting the message through; of getting people to the point where they decide that they want to try the Herbalife products. In order to build a successful referral based Herbalife business, you have to get the referrals from these new people when they start on the products; strike the iron while it is hot.

One of the best ways to get new people to provide you with referrals is when you tell them upfront that this is a referral based business. The best is to find a way to incentivise your new VIP to bring the new referrals to you. That creates more trust with the new referral and your success rate will soar.


DMO’s that deliver good results are:

Shake parties

Product demo’s

3 day trial packs

Wellness Evaluations

Fit/Nutrition Clubs


Faceboook Groups

Business building meetings



(whatever ideas you can develop)


After the DMO, they try the products; either as retail customer, as wholesale customer or just a trial-pack customer.

The purpose of this trial is to see how serious they are. If they are not serious about using the Herbalife products, you do not want them to continue using the products. It sifts the serious and non-serious. You want to work with the serious product users, because they will become your brand ambassadors.

Next, develop them into VIP’s and work their referrals down line.


Herbalife business models which are not consumption based; are doomed to fail. Inspect your own Herbalife business and start building or re-building it from the ground up. If you use a consumption based model, like this Herbalife business model, you can’t go wrong.


This Herbalife business model fits in perfectly with our Family Customer Plan (FCP). The Family Customer is nothing other than an Active Senior Consultant Unit.