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How do you build a Herbalife dynasty?


One person at a time.

“If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.” ~ Jim Rohn

By following a strategy that is easy to do yourself, that is easy to teach to others and that works to take you from being a distributor to the President’s team and beyond.

“All roads lead to Rome.” ~ unknown

And therein lies the problem! Why? Because you can only travel one road at a time. If Rome represents the President’s Team Level in Herbalife, then yes, all roads (strategies) lead to Rome. However, if you are halfway down the track on strategy A, and then you get inspired by someone else who already reached the goal you are heading for, there is one question you will inevitably ask: How did you do it? That person might have taken route B. If you are not absolutely confident in your current route, you will in all probability change course and get on route B, right? Until the next “success guru” comes along and share the route/strategy that worked for him…


By putting your strategy in a 90 day plan

Map out your road to the President’s team, then break it down to a workable plan of action which you can follow. Do that for 90 days and you have a solid 90 day plan. Do not change course during those 90 days – no matter what! Only evaluate your progress after 90 days.


With my first 90 day plan in Herbalife, here is what happened:

A total of 17,006.75 PERSONAL VOLUME. Compared to the 5,402.15 PV of the previous 3 months, this represents a 314.8% increase over the previous 90 days!

A 304% jump in my Organizational volume from month 1 to month 3. However, my results after the first 30 days were….ZERO! It’s a good thing I did not quit after the first 30 days, wouldn’t you say?



I am now ready for my next 90 day plan. It took a little longer to get the strategy in place, because I wanted to make absolutely sure that it is easy to duplicate with only a few things to focus on. The less complicated your strategy, the more focused you will be.

If you are not already busy with a specific 90 day plan, I want to invite you to join me in following this 90 day plan. It’s a plan where you help yourself by helping others. Not all those you help, will duplicate you. That’s okay. Not all will join you by starting their own 90 day plan. No problem. Only those who see the promise, will pay the price to follow the 90 day plan. Here’s what I mean:


“If you see the value, you will happily pay the price.” ~ unknown


If you don’t believe in the above saying, let me ask you this. If someone you know comes to you and say: “I’m in a fix, I need to raise money for an operation for my son and I only have a week to come up with the money. If you want to help me out by buying my jet ski valued at $5,000 for $1,000, I would be so grateful. As I said, I’m desperate and I need the money before the end of the week. What do you say?”

A. You will want to help your friend. The money is going towards a good cause.

B. You are getting a jet ski worth $5,000 for 1/5th of the price! That is awesome value for money!!!

C. You always wanted a jet ski just like that!


Only one problem…you don’t have the $1,000 cash to buy the jet ski. What will you do? If you are the kind of person I know you are, you will find a way to come up with the $1,000 within a week. As a matter of fact, because you see the value, and because you want to help him out, you will probably say, “I’ll take it!” And then you will go find a way to get your hands on the $1,000, right?

What drives you? What motivates you?

Now, I have deliberately decided not to talk about money. I will assume that you do not do Herbalife for the money. Money is not your primary goal. Money is only a byproduct for you. You are doing Herbalife to help yourself and to help others. Your motivation is to move up the Herbalife marketing plan, rather than the money you will earn when you do so. If my assumption is correct, you will love this 90 day plan.

If at first the price you have to pay over these 90 days seems too much, then I failed to illuminate the promise for you. If so, please forgive me, and look again. Go over the action steps, put figures in, add a failure rate to the strategy, and have a real close look. With this 90 day plan it’s win-win for you, even if no-one duplicates you, which is highly unlikely.

If at first this 90 day plan seems too simplistic, look again. The reason it’s simplistic, is so that it’s easy to understand and easy to follow. As a matter of fact, it’s so easy that you can follow it for 2, 3 or even four 90 day plans back to back!

It’s not only about what you will get when you follow this 90 day plan…it’s what you will become! Follow this 90 day plan and become the Herbalife person you want to become. Don’t just stay at the bottom. Climb the ladder of success 90 days at a time.


How do you Help 1 person at a time?

By acting in his or her best interest at all times. What is the nr.1 goal of a new Herbalife distributor? That’s right. To become a Herbalife Supervisor. As a Distributor, you buy the products at a 25% discount and can only earn Retail Profits. As a Supervisor you buy the Herbalife products at a 50% discount, make maximum Retail Profit and Maximum Wholesale Profit. You also position yourself to earn Royalties on your team members who qualifies to the Supervisor level. Supervisor is the first goal, yet too many distributors fall into the trap of buying themselves into the Supervisor position by purchasing 4,000 volume points of products in one calendar month, and then they never move from the Supervisor position. The reason: They never learned to help other people. They only learned how to help themselves.

The 90 day plan that I suggest you follow, will force you to help other people MORE than you help yourself. However, in the process you empower them to do the same. If they do, they will qualify to the Supervisor level without having to do 4,000 volume points in one month all by themselves. You of course, will also qualify to the supervisor level. As a matter of fact, if you only have a 13% duplication rate, you would qualify to the Supervisor level after the first 90 days.

However, it is not in your new distributor’s best interest to buy into the Supervisor position, unless he or she has a market to move the products to. You do not want your new Supervisor to sit with an oversupply of stock. You also do not want a distributor with no stock. It’s in your new distributor’s best interest to get the best value for money. That means a good discount and enough products to get going, yet not so much as to be overwhelming.


How much inventory is enough?

Over the years I have discovered that the ideal monthly Herbalife product stock level, is 500 volume points of products as personally purchased volume (PPV). [You can learn about Herbalife Volume Points Here.] An average family of 2 adults and 2 children easily consumes 500 volume points of Herbalife products every month, and that is not even using all the products. It’s a comfortable stock level to have enough products on hand to use yourself, and to sell at retail to those who first want to try out the products before they sign up as a distributor.

The Senior Consultant position in Herbalife is a fantastic place to start as a new Herbalife distributor. I like to call this position the “family customer” position. Here’s why:

  • You buy the products at a discount of 35% .
  • You qualify to the Senior Consultant level by purchasing 500 volume points of products from the Herbalife warehouse in one calendar month. If you do it all at once, that whole order is at the 35% discount.
  • You remain at the 35% discount until you qualify for a higher discount.
  • You do not have to requalify to the Senior Consultant position.
  • All subsequent purchases from Herbalife will be at a minimum discount of 35%, even if you buy only 1 product.
  • You get enough products to use the products seriously yourself and to have stock on hand for your friends and family who wants to try it out.
  • It’s a great “value for money” order.

The Family Customer 90 Day Plan

Building a Herbalife dynasty family customer by family customer, is a great way to build your Herbalife business. For one, you are not just recruiting new distributors without them having a proper opportunity to use the Herbalife products for more than a month. You are also not only helping one person in a family to get going on the Herbalife products (something which is hard for that new person, especially if the family members are not supportive or are constantly tempting the new distributor to cheat on the Herbalife program), you are helping the whole family.


Integrating the Family Customer Plan into a 90 day plan


A 90 day plan consists of three 30 day plans.


First 30 days:

Goal: You sponsor 1 family customer. Then you help that new Senior Consultant to sponsor two Family customers of his own.


Second 30 days:

Goal: You sponsor 1 family customer. Then you help that new Senior Consultant to sponsor two Family customers of his own.


Third 30 days:

Goal: You sponsor 1 family customer. Then you help that new Senior Consultant to sponsor two Family customers of his own.


Daily Action Plan:

Share your 90 day plan strategy with at least 2 new people per day. Show them the results on the products. Show them the marketing plan. Explain to them why the Senior Consultant position is the ideal starting position. Share with them how by just sponsoring 1 person per month and helping that person to sponsor his first two distributors as Senior Consultants, will help you and them (if they follow the plan) to qualify to the Supervisor level and beyond. Tell them that it’s your job for that month to help them get their first two Senior Consultants. For that whole month, you are there for them. Do not sponsor your own contacts under them. It must either be mutual contacts or their own contacts. Give them the assurance that you are there to help them. Ask them who else they know that might be interested. Go see that person together. Give the presentation. Give the call to action by saying something like, “as you know, I only work with one person per month to help him get his first two people, are you that person?”

[For example, I am using this very page you are reading now, as my method of sharing with you. You can do the same. Get only 2 people per day to have a look at what we have to offer….show them the value.]

Now, I promised you I will not talk money, and I won’t, but let me just give you a few figures.


If you follow this 90 day plan for the next 3 months and you have a 100% duplication ratio, meaning that every person that joins you as a family customer by becoming a Herbalife Senior Consultant, your Herbalife team will grow like this:

After the first month: You + 1 plus his 2 = 4 (including yourself)

After the second month: 16 (including yourself) [The growth is worked out like this: the 4 of the first month x 4].

After the third month: 64 (including yourself) [Growth = 16x 4]

You however only sponsored 3 people yourself and helped those 3 to each sponsor their first two…that’s it. (Take a piece of paper or a white board and draw it out for yourself. Seeing is believing.)


We do not live in a perfect world. Your duplication will therefore probably not be 100%. However, even with a duplication rate of only 13%, you will qualify to the Supervisor level.

Here is how many Family Customers you need in your first three levels to advance on the Herbalife ladder of success:

Senior Consultant (35% discount)
1 (You)

Qualified Producer (42% discount)

Supervisor (50% discount)

World Team

Global Expansion Team

Millionaire Team

President’s Team


herbalife marketing plan


Perhaps you are thinking this Plan will not propel you up the Herbalife ladder fast enough. If you are thinking thoughts like that, have a look at this:


If you do two Family Customer 90 Day Plans back to back, and you have a 100% duplication ratio, your team of family customers will grow as follows:


Month One

Team Members: 4

Team Volume: 2,000 vp


Month Two

Team Members: 16

Team Volume: 8,000 vp


Month Three

Team Members: 64

Team Volume: 32,000


Month Four

Team Members: 256

Team Volume: 128,000 vp


Month Five

Team Members: 1,024

Team Volume: 512,000


Month Six

Team Members: 4,096

Team Volume: 2,048,000


Now let’s get perspective. If you followed this 90 day plan back to back like this, and your team grew from you to 4,096 people in 6 months, how hard did you have to work? Personally you would only have sponsored 6 people yourself (one per month) and helped those 6 each to sponsor 2…that is it!

Why this growth? THE POWER OF LEVERAGE

In no other industry will you get the Power of Leverage

to work in your favor like this.


Now, let’s talk Price and Promise. The price you will pay for following this 90 day family customer plan is this:

Purchasing, consuming, moving 500 volume points of products per month. It’s nothing really. See the above video. Minimum discount = 35%. Great value for money!

Sponsoring 1 person per month as a Senior Consultant. It’s much more fun to do Herbalife with other people, than doing it by yourself. You will offer your distributor something very few people do…assistance to sponsor his first two people that month and a great starting discount.

Help that person to sponsor his first 2 people by going with him to show the plan to his prospects. Show the value. Do whatever it takes.

This is truly a win-win plan for everybody. Even the family customer who do not wish to follow the 90 day plan will get exceptional value in that he will qualify to the Senior Consultant (35% discount) level.

Now, I know you are already thinking of more than one person that you can help this month.

There’s no rush. Work with the person who is ready, willing and able to work with you now. Work only with the people who see the value for themselves. They are the ones that will be motivated to implement the plan – with or without you!

Build your Herbalife dynasty one person at a time. Family customer by family customer you will advance up the Herbalife marketing plan.


Commit for 90 days. Do not veer of the plan. Remain focused. Eat, sleep and breath your 90 day family customer plan. The momentum that you will create after 90 days will propel you into the next 90 days.


Belief in yourself.

Belief in your prospects.

Belief in your distributors.

Belief in the Herbalife products.

Belief in the Herbalife marketing plan.

Belief in the Network Marketing Concept and the power of leverage.


Time for talk is over. It’s time for ACTION. Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to build your Herbalife dynasty with me? Then let’s do it. This is the MOTHER of all 90 day plans. Will we work hard? Yes we will. Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

If you are not a Herbalife distributor yet and you see the value in following this plan with me, follow the Apply Online link on this page now and join as one of my Herbalife distributors. Then send me an email or call me to let me know that you are ready, willing and able to get started on your 90 Day Family Customer Plan.


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