Module 7 – Herbalife Compensation Plan (Video)
Why POP? (Predictable Outcome Plan)


join herbalife onlineMy name is Will Kilian. This is my lovely wife Sune and I, with the founder of Herbalife, the late Mr Mark Hughes, whom we had the honour to meet in person in 1997.

We are one of your upline TAB team members. We would love for each and everyone of you, to also become a member of the Herbalife TAB team. That is one of the reasons why we developed the POP (Predictable Outcome Plan) strategy. Please read through these instructions carefully. The power lies in the simplicity.

What is POP?

POP is a personal consumption plan or strategy if you will, that you can choose to follow and commit to as an independent Herbalife distributor. It delivers predictable outcomes. It is a basic or foundational plan which you can incorporate with whatever else you are doing. It focuses on the USE, of use, wear and talk. You, and everybody else that you sponsor and who commits to POP, commit to purchase and use a minimum of 100 volume points every month.

How does POP produces predictability?

Because you know that everybody who commits to this plan with you, will do at least 100vp before the end of the month. It’s almost like having job security. If you are just starting out as a distributor on 25% for example, you know that if you have 4 people who committed to the plan with you, whether they are recruited by you or your distributors (as long as they are in your team), that will give you 500vp altogether, which means you buy your products in future at a minimum of 35% discount. When you qualify as a Supervisor on this plan, with 40 people in your team, you know that the next month, not only will you buy at the maximum discount of 50%, but you will earn your first passive wholesale income – a steady, solid and predicable monthly source of income that you would have worked for.

What do we do?

We order at least 100vp before the end of the month directly from the warehouse. It is for example two breakfast packs. In other words, 100vp can easily be consumed by 1 – 2 people.

pop predictable outcome planLook what 100vp will cost you at 25%, 35% and 50% discount. This is your capital input in your business. Your job is to use the products as recommended every day. The outcome – a happier, healthier you!


With this plan you can get more people on the products and get more people to stay on the products. Everybody buys wholesale! It’s a natural, no stress way to build your independent network. Committing to the plan is voluntary. If you get a person who does not want to commit to the plan straight away, it’s no problem – but it should be an indication to you. Do not spend major time with people who are not committed to use the products as recommended. They need to first make better choices for themselves – and as you know, we all live life by choice.


  • Step 1: buy an International Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) and sign up as a Herbalife Member.
  • Step 2: purchase 100vp directly from Herbalife before the end of the month at a minimum of 25% discount and use it as recommended.
  • Step 3: sponsor new distributors who commit to the plan and follow steps 1 and 2.


It’s as simple as “wash, rinse and repeat”. Anyone can do this! Seriously, can you think of anyone who cannot do these 3 steps? Do not be limited by your current beliefs. Expand your mind – see your 35% network in your minds eye (e.g. You and 4 others). See your 50% network – you and 39 others.

If you think you can’t, you can’t. If you think you can, you can. Don’t hold back – dare to see yourself with a large network of happy Herbalife distributors, who are, like you, committed to the proper use of the products.


POP is a simple, yet powerful strategy. It has the personal interest of every person at heart. It is beneficial to everyone, at all levels. Choose to let it work for you.

Using POP as a TEAM


The following strategy is COMPLETELY unique to TEAMWIKI. It’s sole focus is to help EVERYBODY that wants to build a profitable Herbalife business and to do it in the fastest possible time.

predictable outcome plan

As a TEAM, we will help everyone that first helps him/herself.

The Herbalife marketing plan has basically 3 starting positions:

  • Distributor (you just purchase an IBP and enjoy a 25% discount)
  • Senior Consultant (IBP + 500vp in one month and enjoy a 35% discount)
  • Supervisor (IBP + 4000 vp in one month and enjoy a 50% discount) *

* There are other ways to also qualify to the Supervisor level in more than one month.

Levels of income with Herbalife:

  • Retail Customers buying the products from you. The difference between your selling price and your cost price is your profit.
  • Wholesale Profit you make when distributors in your team who are at a lower discount level than you, buy products.
  • Royalties Passive income you earn when you are a supervisor on all the purchases of all the supervisors in your network, three supervisor levels deep.
  • TAB bonus Monthly passive bonuses of 2%, 4% and 6% on your whole network.


As a TEAM we can build your network exponentially faster than you can on your own.


Those who choose to follow this TEAMWIKI POP strategy, have one focus and one focus only:


  • To become a Supervisor by building a POP network of distributors doing a minimum of 100vp per month each.
  • To help 3 people on your first line qualify Supervisor via POP by building new POP members under them after you have qualified as a Supervisor. As Supervisor, you will get all the wholesale profit until this member qualifies as a Supervisor. It is a win-win situation. (Only build under those who are also building.)
  • Repeat the process indefinitely to increase your income exponentially.


After you and your team has helped 5 people in your first 3 levels to qualify to the Supervisor level via POP, you will be on your first leg qualifying for the Global Expansion Team (the first level of the TAB team.)



(Keep It Simple & Smile)