Passive Income Dream: Did your passive income dream die?

passive income dream die

Did your passive income dream die?

passive income dream dieWhat was your passive income dream when you bought your Network Marketing business?
Was it to be able to use the products at a great discount and experiencing lifelong healthy living and slowly build your passive income dream?
Was it to finally start earning passive income with a vengeance with which you could break free?


What happened to that passive income dream?

We all get distracted by little things in life. And if we are not careful, those distractions will cause us to lose focus.

If we don’t pay attention, we wake up years later and wonder, what happened to my passive income dream?

Answer: You lost focus. Somebody or something nudged you of course and you didn’t notice.


“Nobody starts a business to remain small.”


You did not buy your Network Marketing distributorship because you didn’t want it to grow.

All living things have one thing in common: GROWTH. It is in our DNA. We have to grow. Plants, animals, humans…the essence of life is growth.

When we stop growing, we die.


The same holds true for your business. The day your business stops growing, is the day it starts dying, and with it, your passive income dreams!

The sad reality is that when we stop growing as human beings (personal development), our network marketing businesses will stop growing, and then our passive income dream will die.


How to re-ignite your passive income dream:

Start growing as a person again. Read the personal development books, listen to the audio/cd’s/seminars and attend the trainings. Learn to think better and better every single day.

Start growing your network marketing business again. Focus on income producing activities. Sponsor and sell all day long.


Passive income dreams diluted:

Most people are initially attracted to Network Marketing because of the potential to earn passive or residual income. That’s the foundation of all their dreams.

However, I’ve discovered that most people have no clue what passive income really represents; what it stands for. The term is used in ignorance, and as a consequence it’s true meaning is diluted.

You mention to someone that you earn $1000 per month in passive income from your Network Marketing business, and they scoff at you. To the uninformed, $1000 per month sounds rather pitiful, right? They are not attracted by it. Not the stuff that passive income dreams are made off, right?

Well, it’s the nature of this $1000 that makes it special. The fact that it is passive and not active.


This illustration will make my point clear:

One way to earn passive income is to have money to invest at interest. The interest it earns you, is your passive income. You are not working, your money is working for you.
Now let’s say you have saved up and invested enough money to earn you a constant $1000 per month in residual income, what does that $1000 represent? Now we are not talking about risky investments that promises high yields where you can lose all your money; we are talking about a highly secure savings/investment account in the bank…that way your $1000 per month is constant and secured.

Here is the question you should be asking: How much money do I need to have saved up to earn me $1000 per month in passive income?

Answer: At least $500,000!

How long will it take you to save up $500,000 of after tax money????

How much have you saved and invested right now?

Most people have very little to nothing saved up; it’s all gone into paying off some of their debts!

Let’s say you are able to save $1000 per month, of after tax money, how long will it take you to save up $500,000?
Answer: About 27 years!!!

Will you even still be alive? And that presupposes that you will be able to actively work for all those years AND be able to save $1000 per month without fail!

Now, take another look at your Network Marketing business and the passive income dream of just $1,000 per month. A Network Marketing business that generates $1,000 per month in passive income represents 27 years or more of saving $1,000 of after tax money per month, every month!!!!

In essence, it represents an asset worth over $500,000!!!

$1,000 monthly passive income payments IS the stuff that passive income dreams are made of! Don’t be fooled or ignorant.

Now how long do you think it will take you to work your Network Marketing business in a smart way, so that it will consistently spit out $1000 per month and more in passive income for you? Not 27 years!!!!


Passive Income Dream Realisation = Success! And success has a FORMULA!

Okay, so now that I have your attention, I’m about to let you in on a secret. Success has a formula. And I’m going to give it to you. This formula works for everything, including your Network Marketing business.
Here it is:

S = K + S + A

Success = Knowledge + Skills + Attitude


Knowledge is knowing what to do.
Skills is knowing how to do it.
Attitude is wanting to do it.

Attitude is the most important. If you have all the knowledge and all the skills, but you don’t really want to do it, you simply won’t and you will fail.

If however you really want to; you have that desire, you will do whatever it takes to gain the knowledge and learn the skills.

Do not waste your time trying to teach people the knowledge and the skills to work their Network Marketing business, unless they have the desire to do it. If they don’t really want to do it, you are wasting your time, money and effort trying to teach them the Knowledge + Skills. Rather spend your time, money and effort to help them ignite their passive income dream again! To get them to believe in themselves again! To get them to raise their gaze and build resolve to change. Why? Because you love them and you care. Living in harmony is essential.

There are plenty of people who do have the desire. They are eager and open to learn the required knowledge and skills. Work with the people who have ignited the fire within them. Their passive income dreams are still alive and are fueling them!

It has been said that if people are not asking (begging) you to join your business, you are doing something wrong. The idea behind this is what is called attraction marketing. Attracting people to you who already have the desire to succeed. They WANT to. They already possess the most important element in the success formula.


Building your passive income dream on auto-pilot:

As some of you know, I’m also building my Network Marketing business via my computer. The Internet and Emails. Why? That’s where everything is heading. Once you create the system, the system works for you day and night. Have you heard about systems recruiting for you on “autopilot”?

How would you like it if people joined your Network Marketing network while you were sleeping, lying on the beach or doing whatever it is what you want to do? Is this really possible?

Yes, but it does require work to set it up and set it in motion. I’m going to give you here, right now, the backbone of any such system. This is another component of  your passive income dream – autopilot business building.)

1. Create a list.
2. Give people a reason to join your list. (Attract them to you.)
3. Provide constant value to the people on your list.
4. Sell to your list.
5. Grow your list.


What do you sell? Transformation!
With our company people can transform their bodies, mind and bank accounts! You also sell the idea of earning passive income. Start with $1000 per month. You now know what that represents!

What are you willing to do, and how much of your active income and time are you willing to invest into your business, to get your Network Marketing business to a position to constantly produce $1000 or more in passive income every month?

Do you know how much money normal small businesses invest every month into “working capital”, before they have even earned one cent? Do not begrudge the seed money for your business. In order to build a successful Network Marketing business, you will have to invest in it. At first, you will be underpaid. Then you will get paid handsomely. And then you will be overpaid for the rest of your life!


Harmony in all your business transactions

In life we have to act in harmony. If not, we will not succeed. That means that every business dealing must be mutually beneficial. Everyone involved must benefit. If one benefits to the detriment of another, there will not be harmony and success won’t follow. Therefore, whatever you sell must be of immense value to the person you are selling to. You can’t give it away either, because then you are the one losing out.

So, what do you sell? You sell a Network Marketing business distributorship. But more than that: you sell hope, you sell healthy living, you sell freedom, you sell a passive income dream.

Now, if someone wants to buy a Network Marketing distributorship from you, they do not do so with the intention to remain small! So what can you do to help them? How can you get them started the best possible way?

In our Network Marketing company, being Herbalife, there are 3 basic starting positions:

  1. Herbalife Member (you get the right to operate and build your business in 91 countries around the world – it includes ALL the infrastructure – the right to sponsor and build your network – the right to purchase your products from the company at a 25% discount. Once of investment costs: About $100 or less)
  2. Herbalife Senior Consultant (you get the right to operate and build your business in 91 countries around the world – it includes ALL the infrastructure – the right to sponsor and build your network – the right to purchase your products from the company at a minimum lifelong 35% discount. Once of investment costs: About $700 or less)
  3. Herbalife Supervisor (you get the right to operate and build your business in 91 countries around the world – it includes ALL the infrastructure – the right to sponsor and build your network – the right to purchase your products from the company at a 50% discount. Once of investment costs: About $4,500 or less)

The Senior Consultant position is the best position to start the Herbalife business. Here’s why:

  • You get the products at an immediate and lifetime minimum discount of 35%, instead of 25%. This immediately saves you $$$$.
  • It’s only a few products which you can get started on and use for the first couple of months.
  • If this is the way you came in, it’s the way you will sell! (I cannot stress this point enough.)
  • It’s risk free. Herbalife’s Gold Standard Guarantees cover you for 12 months!


How do you grow your Herbalife business?

Start at the Senior Consultant level. Stretch if you have to.

Use and sell 500 volume points of products per month (work up to it).

Consume the Herbalife products 3 times a day as recommended.

Exercise daily (3 and 4 will transform your body)

Read at least 30 pages per day.
Read books that will help you to think better. Eg. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill,The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol, TNT It Rocks The World by Claude M. Bristol and The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel (This will transform your mind. To live better, you have to first think better. Learn to grow your business in your mind first, then it will grow in the outside world. Put another way, unless you grow your business in your mind first, it won’t grow in the outside world.)

Sponsor and Sell All Day Long (This will transform your bank account and your life!)


This way you feed your passive income dream daily. As you grow, your business will grow, and so will your passive income dream!

Just imagine how your business will grow if you sponsor and sell one Senior Consultant per day. What will that do for your business? But wait, is that even possible? Yes, but only if you believe you can. The mental work is much harder than the physical. But once you believe that you can indeed sponsor one new Senior Consultant per day, you can. If you don’t believe, you won’t. This is what Jim Rohn meant when he said, “work harder on yourself, than you do on your job.”

Begin to focus on what it is you want. Begin to imagine what it would be like to have it. See it. Feel it. Smell it. Want it. Dare to dream again. Re-ignite your passive income dream. Make it vivid.

Rather spend your free time in your mind, focussing on what it is you want, than in front of the TV.

Build your Herbalife business with a passion. Keep the TRUE meaning of passive income in the forefront of your mind, and convey it to your prospects.

We sit on a goldmine. But some people treat it like an trash heap, simply because they don’t know what’s underneath. It’s time to dig and to dig deep.

Build your passive income dreams. Grow yourself and your business. It’s part of your DNA anyway.

I have excellent news for you: If you have read this far, you already have the required ATTITUDE, the WANT and the DESIRE! This is awesome, because its the hardest component of the success formula to come by.

In case you missed it, here is a link to our FREE eBook, Network Marketing Skill Sets. It covers the Knowledge and Skills part of the Success Formula:
Free EBook: Network Marketing Skill Sets


We love you, care about you, and are grateful and thankful to welcome you in our team!


Kind regards,

Will Kilian

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