Herbalife Weight Loss, Lose Weight with Awesome Desserts

herbalife weight loss

Herbalife Weight Loss, Lose Weight with Awesome Desserts and Serious Nutrition

The Herbalife Weight Loss program is so easy. Sensibly there is no need for counting calories. Eat sensibly and keep it simple. But…….
What if you are trying to lose weight while everyone is tucking into cakes? Laden with excess sugar and fat, and you sooo want some! To lose weight can be such an effort!

Craving, wanting, pining for all the sugar you can lay your filthy hands

Well, to follow the Herbalife Weight Loss Program, does not mean you can’t have fun.  At parties we alwaysfind it amusing when people look at us funny. They know we are on the Herbalife Weight Loss
products. They cannot understand….. We still have our cakes and party food
without looking or feeling guilty. In fact, we dish with a smile!  There is no
guilt! We know eating something naughty only happens occasionally.  We still try to make healthy
choices when choosing desserts though.

Here are a few tips to have guilt free party food when you are trying to lose weight

1. Watch your alcohol consumption!
Alcoholic beverages contain 150 EMPTY Calories as a rough average. So if you haveimages-1
2-3 drinks that is 450 EMPTY calories. And you haven’t even started eating yet!!!
2. Have ice cream with your puds instead of cream. Makes sense?
3. If the party is boring leave!!! You consume less calories when you are having a good time. When you are bored you will park yourself close to where the food is and nibble yourself to fatness! Mingle, talk to people, have fun!
4. Eat with moderation! No need to pig out! Eat slowly and enjoy the taste of what you’re eating.
5. Eat healthy through the day. Don’t starve yourself before the party!!!  When less hungry you’ll make healthier choices.
6. Think colour! When your plate looks happy you will enjoy your food more.
7. Have a variety. But have less of each.
8. Use a smaller plate. Need I say more?
9. Dish yourself! Susie, your friend, will over load your plate with the wrong grub! She will sabotage  your efforts to lose weight. She secretly wants you to be FAT!  (Susie sorry for using you as an example. It’s just you know what you’re like. Still friends?)
10. If you want it, have it!! Don’t deny yourself! The more you ignore that feeling, the more you’ll want it! Tomorrow we’ll be good again! Then we follow the Herbalife Weight Loss Program
11.    …………… You decide


We love entertaining. It means we are in control of what goes onto the table.
Here are 2 of our favourite Herbalife Weight Loss desert recipes:

Chocolate Marbled Pear Mousse – for 2

We just love this! Just whip it up and leave it in the fridge overnight. An easy
way to impress!

herbalife deserts






2 Servings Formula 1 Chocolate                  184 Cals
1 Tin of pears                                                    88 Cals
2 Egg Whites                                                     30 Cals
100ml Semi-Skimmed milk                           50 Cals
Total Approx                                                     176 Cals per serving




Cappuccino Cream Desert

A divine combination of low fat ice cream and formula 1 Cappuccino. And the magic ingredient                               Herbalife weight loss
a dash of almond essence.

1 Serving Formula 1 Cappuccino                          92 Cals
1 scoop (100ml) Low Fat Vanilla Ice Cream         77 Cals
150 ml Semi Skimmed Milk                                   75 Cals
A Drop of Almond Essence
Total approx                                                              244 Calories

These Herbalife Weight Loss desserts don’t just taste good. They are also filled with the awesome Herbalife Weight Loss Nutrition. And it will keep you on track to lose weight.

So, to lose weight, remember to still have your steak, just DON’T have the cow!


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