Calories burned walking, running, cycling, fishing, chopping wood, dancing and much more.

calories burned walking

Calories burned walking is better than calories stored sitting. 🙂

We all know that, right? Unless you are a hibernating Grisly bear, you do not need any stored energy. 🙂

Did you know that calories burned walking is just as good as calories burned during any other exercise?


Calories burned walking, running, cycling etc.

Most people who are conscientious about calories, calorie counting and a calorie controlled diet plan, wants to know how many calories they burn for specific exercises, like calories burned walking, sitting, chopping wood. 🙂 Well, we have found a great web calculator to do just that for you.

However, all these calculations on how many calories you burned walking, running, canoeing, or whatever exercise you are doing, is useless unless you know how many calories your body need on a daily basis, right?


If you have read some of the other articles in this article series on “calories” (see below for a full list), you will know by now that your body needs energy to perform all its functions.

  • Calories / Kilojoules is a term for this energy your body needs.
  • We consume calories in the form of the foods and drinks we consume.
  • Not all calories are created equal. Just like the difference between kindle or straw and a solid log that you throw on a fire produces different energy output when burned by the fire, the food and drinks we consume also provide our bodies with different quality of energy.
  • At rest, even if you sleep for 24 hours on end, your body burns quite a lot of calories. The reason for this is that your body needs energy to perform it’s basic functions like breathing, maintaining your heart rate, digestion etc. This is called your Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR.
  • Our bodies need different sources of energy, but one of the most important energy sources we need, is proteins. The reason being that proteins are the building blocks or our muscle tissue.
  • Our lean muscle tissue is responsible for the burning of calories. The more lean muscle tissue you have, the more effectively your body will burn calories. Without eating your daily required portion of lean protein to supply your muscle tissue with the nutrition it needs to maintain or increase in healthy lean muscle tissue, your muscle tissue will start to deteriorate…you will lose muscle. Effectively your body will therefore burn less and less calories, and more and more calories will get stored as fat cells in your body ~ leaving you getting more overweight and unhealthy day by day.


Have you ever wondered why you don’t lose weight in spite of exercising regularly and cutting down on your calorie intake? 

The answer most probably lies in your daily intake of lean protein. If you cut your calorie intake, but you fail to ensure that you still get your daily protein requirements in, your muscles will work really hard doing the exercises that you do, but because it does not get the building blocks to maintain the healthy muscle tissue, they will still deteriorate; causing your body to burn less calories. In short, all your hard work will be in vain, unless you ensure that your body gets ALL the nutrients, including the amino acids (proteins), that it needs to function at an optimum healthy level every day.

Here is a nutrition calculator that will calculate your:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) ~ are you overweight, underweight or at normal weight
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) ~ how many calories your body need at minimum
  • Protein Factor ~ how many grams of protein your body needs ever day.


BMI, RMR & Lean Protein Calculator



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Calories burned walking for 30 minutes at a steady pace of about 5km/h will not only improve your overall health and well-being, but you will also burn around 125 calories doing so! 🙂

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