Your upline Herbalife sponsor has responsibilities just like you.

upline Herbalife sponsor

In this article I want to discuss how your upline Herbalife sponsor has responsibilities just like you.

I recently came across this YouTube video where “Tim Sales explains & defends Herbalife from media attack” on’s Channel.

As you can see from the video the message Tim has for all people in MLM and those outside of the industry is a serious one. Here Tim maticulously reflects and comments on the latest stock market attack and media frenzy chasing a sensational wave while they still can before it crashes on the rocky beach of exposed actions driven by the cunning greed of broker Bill Ackman.

Here is a related article with background info referred to in this video by Tim Sales
Understandably this whole afair is causing emotional & fierce reaction from many people inside and outside of Herbalife as well as the MLM Industry.

I particularly love the way Tim Sales ends this video:

“Don’t you dare let the wall street fat cats derail your business well bill ackman hopes is that the media attack he has delivered on herbalife will cause you to reduce your efforts.

If you reduce your efforts herbalife might not burn as much profit as they did last quarter which could cause the stock to drop not because of ackman but because you got scared and reduced your efforts.

Your CEO Michael Johnson is a great leader worthy to follow this media phase will and I promise i’ve been through it so double in triple your efforts so that more products get sold than ever before. Train others to do the same and have the best quarter Herbalife has ever had. If you do this you will punish the short sellers in your stock if Herbalife stock goes up and twenty dollars mister Ackman loses two hundred million dollars!
And wouldn’t that be fun.”

This comment by a Herbalife distributor spiked my responsive trigers: (names changed)
“Well said but 1) distributors do lose out at the bottom – because they have to invest in marketing, products and running around after customers MEANWHILE their uplines earn 25% at no cost – especially of they are unhelpful.

2) dispite what Mr Sales claims – most upline sponsors can’t be bothered in helping? out a lowly distributor – as while they keep struggling – the upline gets a bigger slice of the cake – 25% in HLFs case – while they remain at the bottom.

3) effectively you are ‘cash-gifting’

Actually – your sponsor or supervisor above you earns 25% of you product sales, while all the others above your upline supervisor (who may not be your sponsor) earns from a further 27% pot from your sales. Meanwhile you may not even break even from the cost of marketing and servicing your client.

Hlf probably earn a heap from the extortionate delivery fees. Now the same may compare to high street stores and the supply chain, but it’s always the last but one and end user (consumer) who pay most.”

My strongest response in reply to Ann’s comment is as follows:
“yes Ann in the vast minority I am sure it does happen that some uplines don’t care about their downline. Time will show these uplines dropping out or being passed by their downline. Yes Passed! If a Supervisor does not lead by example & produce min 2500VP his royalties goes to his qualifying upline. In turn his downline can pass him by serving more customers, mentoring more successful downline members. This non-caring upline is an ass! The company’s deliberate marketing plan will get rid of such people….

& Ann please be truthful & not misleading? The marketing plan is clear. A Supervisor can earn UP TO 25% wholesale difference from downline distributors. That is so – only from inactive downline who does not do enough work to upgrade their own levels to 35% / 42%.

The company rewards hard work and richly at that. We all have the same choices & opportunities to make – it happen not only for us but for our whole team. Forget about your Ass-Upline! Just Do It for yourself & your team.

From a sponsor’s / upline’s point of view I can understand that spending time & energy must be done on an earn basis. Everybody in a downline must show a willingness to commit to move up the ladder, deliver results, show initiative, show growth (however small) . . . A good leader recognizes that every person is unique & will/must walk their own path to the top. This means each downline will get whatever they show themselves ready for.”

Now to me it is crystal clear that Your upline Herbalife sponsor has responsibilities just like you.

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