Why we do what we do? What drives our behaviour?

why we do what we do

Dear fellow human traveller…

Why do we do what we do? What is it that drives our behaviour?

The best answer that I could find is this:

“A behaviour rewarded is a behaviour repeated.”

How different are we from Pavlov’s dogs and how true is this for you?


Why we do what we? What drives our behaviour?

Look at your current behaviours and you will find that you get a reward for doing it at some level. These rewards could be money, love, respect, satisfaction, pride (the good sort), being more healthy, feeling good, looking good, getting compliments, getting praise, being appreciated etc.

Unfortunately, some behaviours are negative. Why do we do them? Well, we do it either to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. The pleasure we gain from negative behaviours are usually short term pleasure and the pain we try to avoid usually cause us more harm in the long run. Over-eating is one example. Smoking is another. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Failing to exercise regularly. Not eating properly. Not supplementing to feed your body cells the nutrition they need on a daily basis to function at an optimum level. How many people “reward” themselves with ice cream or chocolate? These rewards are negative and does not serve you in you the long run.


why we do what we do


If you find yourself questioning your behaviours, or why you do what you do, or your lack of progress, or the purpose of what you do every day, ask yourself:

  • What are my current behaviours and why do I do them (i.e. what is my reward)?
  • Which of these behaviours serve me well and which of them are holding me back (which are the positive and which are the negative behaviours)?
  • What are the pay-offs for the negative behaviours in my life?
  • How can I replace these negative behaviours with positive ones, that will give me a similar, or even better pay-off for doing it?

Start small. Let’s say you know that you should use the Herbalife supplements as recommended every day, but somehow you are not. Why is that? Simple: you are rewarding that behaviour at some level or there is another “over-powering” behaviour, e.g. eating unhealthy foods in stead.

Here’s what you do: Every time you use your Herbalife products as recommended, reward yourself for doing so. Praise yourself. Congratulate yourself. Boost yourself. Find positive rewards to reward yourself each time you do something you ought to do. Do not wait for someone else to reward you. What if they don’t show up? Or worse, they show up but they do not reward you? Also, do not reward yourself with a negative behaviour, liking eating ice cream!

Let’s say you know that if you talk to just 3 people per day about the benefits of using the Herbalife products, your Herbalife business will grow. You will get more new customers and more new Herbalife members. Again, ask yourself, what are the negative rewards that you are getting for not doing it? What is holding you back? Remember, these are usually short term pay-offs that harm you in the long run. Now, find a way to positively reward yourself every time you talked to someone about the Herbalife products and the Herbalife business opportunity. It’s is very important to reward yourself EVERY TIME, no matter what the outcome of the conversation was.

If the person you talked to reacted in a “negative way”, it is because of them, not you. It’s because of their lack of knowledge and understanding, not yours. It’s because of their fears and negative behaviours, not yours.

You just did them a huge favour by sharing the benefits of the Herbalife products and business opportunity with them. Your actions could just be the turning point for them in their lives. You might just as well save their lives there and then. You did something amazing. REWARD YOURSELF for talking to them. The outcome is irrelevant.

The fact that they are close minded (or just not ready right now) does not change the fact that your behaviour, of sharing these amazing products and opportunity with them, is a good one.

That’s right, nothing they say or do can detract from the fact that it’s good, solid and positive behaviour that should be rewarded and repeated! So, every time you talked to someone about Herbalife, reward yourself, no matter what the outcome of the conversation was.

Talking to people about Herbalife is like sowing seeds. First you sow the seed. Then you water it. Then you keep removing the weeds. Then one day, the little plant will start to grow and grow. Just because you don’t see the plant the first day after you have sown the seed, does not mean that your sowing efforts were worthless. Have faith in your positive behaviours and KEEP REWARDING YOURSELF for doing them, no matter what.

This applies to everything we do and don’t do in life. Every behaviour that drives us do so because of the rewards or pay-offs we get in return.

It is the accumulative effect of doing the right things over and over and over again, that produces the long term results that we are seeking.

Remember, “a behaviour rewarded, is a behaviour repeated.”

To your happiness, health, and prosperity!

~ Will Kilian


p.s. Here’s Tony Robbins’s take on why we do what we do. It’s informative, funny, and yes, it’s worth sharing with you! 🙂

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