Why the vast majority of people fail at network marketing and internet marketing.

why people fail at network marketing

~ By Will Kilian

Everybody knows that most people fail at Network Marketing. And even more people fail at Internet Marketing. Why is that?

First off, do not trust the percentages people quote. If you hear that 99% of all people who try Internet Marketing fail, it is probably correct. However, nobody can prove the percentage. Suffice to know that the vast majority of them fail. We already covered the differences in network marketing leaders and internet marketing leaders in another article.

Similarly, if you hear that 95% of all people who try Network Marketing, or if you want to use the dirty word, MLM or multi-level-marketing, fail at it, you are probably correct. However, these percentages do not sketch the full picture.

Let’s take a look.


Why people fail in general


For most people, the answer is lack of knowledge and lack of skills. The others lack motivation, or attitude.


To be successful in any endeavour, you need knowledge (knowing what to do), skills (knowing how to do it) and the right attitude (wanting to do it).

Let’s assume you have the right attitude; you really really want to be a successful. What is your next step?


To gain the right knowledge


Without knowing what to do, you simply will not know how to do it. That’s a no brainer, right.

Now, because you have the right attitude, the drive, the desire to do this, you will do whatever it takes to gain the right knowledge.

However, in this quest to gain the required knowledge you will meet with Mr Obstacle, Mrs Doubt, Confucius, Ms Excuses and many others. Only those people who are resilient enough to overcome all these naysayers, will inevitably do what it takes to learn what needs to be learned. Unfortunately most people fall prey to one or more of these “dream stealers”.

But let’s say you made it. What now?


To gain the right skills


Now, onto your next quest. You now know WHAT to do. Now you have to learn HOW to do it. Skills. Somebody can tell you how and they can show you how. You can watch someone else do it and you can see how they do it. But then, in order to acquire the skill, you have to try it yourself. Here’s an unfortunate fact: Most people, when they try anything for the first time, FAIL! That’s why we need practice.

Look at a baby wanting to walk – does she succeed on the first attempt? Of course not! She tries and tries and keep on trying until she can do it. Someone asked, “how long will you give your average baby to learn to walk, whereafter you shut him off and put him in a wheelchair for life?” Silly right? Of course the new baby will eventually learn how to walk. He will try and try and won’t quit!

Why then do most adults quit after the first failed attempt? Is it because they think they are perfect and they should be able to do it on the first go?

No. It’s the attack on the mindset. Your attitude gets attacked!

In your mind you hear, “maybe this is not for me.” So, enters Mrs YouCantDoIT, Mr YouR2Old, Ms URaFailure, followed by Mrs Doubt and the rest of the gang.

Again, only those whose attitudes are strong enough, who wants it bad enough, who are resilient enough, will push through and try again. They will be the ones who rise to the top.

Now, as you know from the statistics above, they are a very small percentage of people. Between 1% and 5%! Why so few????

We don’t know. All we know is the same percentages apply to all people in all walks of life. Internet Marketing and Network Marketing are not the only two areas where you find such a high failure rate. You find the same failure rates amongst any profession that is worthwhile pursuing.

Here’s the best I can come up with: Success is reserved for those who refuse to quit.

Knowing how knowledge, skills and attitude interact, you can now arm yourself.

You can now enter the battle with open eyes and an open mind.

With this general knowledge about success and failure, we are now ready to look at why people fail at Internet Marketing and why people fail at Network Marketing.


Why people fail at Internet Marketing

Simply put, they don’t know what to do or how to do it. Internet Marketers are sales people. Each one of them is in competition with the other. If they find something that works, they keep it to themselves. The successful internet marketers become more successful and the ones that fail, fail more dismally.

Here’s an astounding fact: An internet marketer’s best customer, is another internet marketer. More specifically, the successful internet marketer’s best customer or niche market, is the vast pool of unsuccessful internet marketers! For them, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. The unsuccessful internet marketer desperately wants to become successful. He has the desire (right attitude). So he spends more and more money in trying to acquire the knowledge and skills that he lack.

However, it is not in those who are in possession of the holy grail of knowledge and skills’ best interest to sell you the full package. It is in their best interest to keep you hungry. Each time they will sell you just enough to make progress, but not enough to free yourself.


Here are the areas where Internet Marketers need specialised knowledge and skills:

  • How to build an online sales system (funnel system).
  • How to market the lead capture page, which is the portal of your funnel system, so that people would want to put their real name and email into your lead capture page and thereby get on your LIST.
  • How to build a relationship with the people on your list so they begin to know, like and trust you – the ingredients necessary before they will buy from you.
  • How to start selling, and keep on selling to the people on your list  (keep them hungry!).
  • How to constantly stay ahead of your competition.


Why people fail at Network Marketing

As stated above, the percentages do not tell the whole story. Most reputable network marketing companies have multiple streams of income in their compensation plan. Usually these will include retail profits, wholesale profits and commissions earned via leverage. However, the NWM company usually only pays the passive income component directly to the distributor. When MLM companies are asked to produce their average income disclaimers, they take the amount that they pay to their distributors in passive income every month, and divide that by the number of people who have joined the company as members. However, a vast majority of new members only join to become wholesale customers. They never intend to build a network, therefore they don’t. If the number of wholesale consumers are excluded, the average income would obviously go up.

However, of those who remain, who desire to earn passive income, only a small percentage (between 1% – 5%) earn sufficient passive income to make a really good living. Why is that?

Well, one reason is that they make sufficient income through their retail profits every month, that they don’t really have to earn passive income.

The second reason, is again, the fact that they lack either the knowledge, skills or right attitude as discussed above.


Here are the areas where Network Marketers need specialised knowledge and skills:

  • How to build an ever growing list of people who are interested in either their company’s products and or the compensation plan.
  • How to get connected to the products, the compensation plan and the leadership of the company.
  • How to connect a new person with the products, compensation plan and the leadership of the company.
  • How to teach the network marketing concept.
  • How to teach leverage.
  • How to inspire your team members to push through when their mind get’s attacked while they are busy acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills they need.
  • How to create and teach a simple, step-by-step system, that will help their team to get results on the products (form an emotional bond with the products), start earning passive income (form an emotional bond with network marketing) and focus on what brings them the most results.
  • How to lead by example.

I trust that the information in this article provided you with sufficient value for your time. It is part of the first, vital part of the three fold success formula: gaining helpful knowledge. The first step to avoid becoming one of the statistics why most people fail at network marketing and internet marketing.

people fail at network marketing

Avoid it by following a Step-by-Step System

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