What you ought to know if you want to make money with Herbalife

make money with herbalife

What follows is some of the basics you need to know if you want to make money with the Herbalife business opportunity.

It’s a Risk-Free Business Opportunity

This is a big claim. I know. But it is true. Herbalife is backing it’s products and the business opportunity with the most amazing guarantees, called the Gold Standard Guarantees.

The best part of these guarantees are that your membership pack is guaranteed for 90 days. If within 90 days you want to cancel your membership, Herbalife will give you a full refund. (The membership kit costs less than $100 in most countries.)

Now 90 days are not really sufficient time to give yourself to make the business work; especially if you are serious about it. That is where the second guarantee comes in: you have a full 12 month guarantee on all products you purchase from Herbalife as a Herbalife member! If, within 12 months of purchasing the products you want to cancel your membership for any reason whatsoever, you can do so and send your remaining products back to Herbalife for a full refund.

I know of no other Network Marketing Company who does this. This is super cool. It means that a new person has no risk in giving the business a go for at least 12 months. Making money with Herbalife cannot be easier.

You need to register as a Herbalife Member with the Company before you can make money with Herbalife

Herbalife makes use of a network marketing distribution system. This means that you cannot join the company directly. You join an existing Herbalife member’s team. However, your membership must get registered with Herbalife Corporate. These days with online membership the process has become super easy. You will also note that Herbalife goes out of its way to explain the Gold Standard Guarantees to all new members who sign up.

All you need to register, is the NAME and Herbalife ID number of your sponsor. Your sponsor is the person who referred you to the business. You will be joining his/her Herbalife team. Once you do, you get your own unique Herbalife ID number so that you can become a sponsor too.


You can earn ACTIVE and PASSIVE income from Herbalife

As a Herbalife member you can earn active and passive income. See the explanation below.

Earning ACTIVE income from Herbalife

Active income is money you can earn from the word go.When you join Herbalife as a member, you can buy the Herbalife products directly from Herbalife at a minimum discount of 25%. If you should sell these products, you will make a profit. The profit will be the difference between what you paid Herbalife for it and what your customers paid you. This is your active income.

Your first aim must be to increase your discount level to at least 35%. This will earn you more retail profits. It will also enable you to earn wholesale profits (see below). The maximum discount level is 50%.

Earning PASSIVE income from Herbalife

In order to earn passive income from Herbalife, you must build a team of Herbalife members. You do that by referring other people to join Herbalife. It is important to note that Herbalife does not pay you to recruit other Herbalife members, as it is illegal to do so. So how do you earn at all?

When the people you sponsored start purchasing products from Herbalife, you will earn passive income if you are qualified to earn it.

The first level of passive income, is your wholesale commission. Your wholesale commission is the difference between your discount level and that of your Herbalife members in your team. That is why it is important to increase your own discount level as quickly as possible. (We have a step-by-step system that you can follow to ensure you earn maximum commissions from your and your team’s efforts. See the FCP strategy below.)

The next level of passive income is royalties. You start earning 5% royalties on the product purchases of the teams in your network when you are at the 50% discount level and you have teams in your team, where the team leader of that team is also at the 50% discount. You earn these royalties three 50% discount levels deep. (Don’t worry if this sounds confusing. You do not have to know how electricity work, in order to get the benefits of it. We will teach you how to “switch it on.”)


Use the products, Wear the brand, Talk to people

This literally is the strategy that Herbalife has been built on since it’s inception in February 1980.

If you use the products as recommended, you will no doubt form an emotional bond with it very soon. The results you will experience will convince you off the superior quality of the products.

Be proud to be a Herbalife member. Most people who are negative about Herbalife, have no clue what it’s all about. Just remember, these people that are full of opinions are not responsible for your life and your future. You are. Make your own decisions and be proud of it. They will come to respect you for it.

Talk to people. Share your results on the Herbalife products, and once you start earning money with Herbalife, share those results too. Even if the amounts are small in the beginning. Remember, even an avalanche starts with a small amount of snow. Not everyone will join your business. That’s okay. Just keep sharing until you get a ration of results. For example, if one person out of every 10 that you talk to join your team, your ratio is 1 out of 10. Knowing your ratio is cool. It means you can confidently share your opportunity, and not be bothered by the 9 out 10 that initially says no.

By the way, you do not need a huge team to earn decent money with Herbalife. (See the FCP Strategy after you joined one of our teams.)


Focus on a definite Action Plan / Strategy

When you join Herbalife, you can literally do the business a million different ways, as long as you stay within the Herbalife rules and guidelines. As they say, all roads lead to Rome. Or in this case, all roads will lead you up the Herbalife success ladder; unless your ladder leans against the wrong wall.

Be sure to follow a strategy that will help you to get maximum results from your efforts. Once you join in any of the teams in our organisation, we will teach you our simple Risk-Free 12 Week Family Customer Plan (FCP) Strategy. If you have not joined yet, you can do so now. If you first want to check it out, you are welcome to check out our system at our Family Customer Plan Strategy page.


We trust that this article was helpful to you. If so, please feel free to share.


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Willem Kilian

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