What is wealth to you?

what is wealth

what is wealth

This is a simple question: What is wealth?

In truth, wealth represents something different to every individual. One’s poverty is another’s wealth.

What does wealth mean to you?

True wealth, I believe, is freedom. Let me explain….

  • If you have all the money in the world, but you are locked up in a jail cell for the rest of your life, that money is meaningless to you.
  • If you have all the money in the world, but you are too sick to leave your house or to enjoy what you can buy with the money, that money is meaningless to you.
  • If you have all the time in the world, but you do not have the money to do the things you would like to do in all your free time, your time means nothing, and ends up being wasted day by day.
  • If you are in the best of health, but you have neither the time AND the money to be FREE to do whatever you want to do, your good health is trapped in the conundrum of your life.



If you ask 1000 people to define wealth and success, you will probably get 1001 different answers.


Yet, we all want to have:

  • Financial freedom – enough money to pay for all our living expenses AND pay for our desires, which is different for all of us.
  • Time freedom – enough free time to do the things that you want to do, with whom you would like to do them. Not to be ruled by an alarm clock or by someone else’s time schedule.
  • Excellent health – to be able to enjoy life to the full!


Failure is defined, funny enough, more or less the same by everyone:

Your inability to get what you want! Your inability to create for yourself financial freedom, time freedom and excellent health.


What if I tell you that your failure was only a result of your combined past habits? What if that is true?


Well, if that is true, then fixing it would be easy, right? Damn right! But, what is easy to do, is also easy to neglect. Failure can be summed up as neglect.


Let’s look at financial freedom

What neglects, or bad habits, have led you to your current station in life:

  • Not understanding the money system?
  • Not understanding the principles of compound interest?
  • Not understanding the principles of compound cost?
  • Not paying yourself first?
  • Spending all your money?
  • Not understanding the difference between wages and profits?
  • Never having enough money at the end of the month?
  • Never having any money to invest?
  • Not investing time, money and effort in your own education to understand the things that matter to your financial wealth?
  • Not understanding the difference between money and currency?
  • Not knowing how to grow your money?
  • Not knowing how to invest?
  • Not knowing what to invest in?
  • Not knowing how to apply your personal income to secure your financial future?
  • Not understanding how to leverage your money?
  • Not having a superior financial plan in place to prepare for your retirement?
  • Leaving your retirement investments in the hands of other people, instead of taking personal responsibility for it yourself?

What about your lack of Time Freedom?

What neglects, or bad habits, have led you to your current station in life:

  • Not understanding the difference between wages and profits?
  • Not understanding the principles of time freedom?
  • Not understanding that when you work for someone else, they have to buy you at wholesale and sell you at retail?
  • Not understanding that other people will always pay you less than you are worth?
  • Not realising that you are trading your most valuable commodity in life, time, for currency.
  • Not understanding that all currency loses its value over time and that trading your time for currency 1:1 is a bad deal?
  • Thinking that you have to sacrifice your time and health to create a life for your loved ones?
  • Thinking that you are getting paid for your time instead of for the value you add in that time?
  • Not leveraging your time, but instead being leveraged by others?

What about your health?

What neglects, or bad habits, have led you to your current station in life:

  • Not understanding the compounding effect of daily neglects?
  • Thinking that this one little neglect probably won’t make much of a difference?
  • Thinking that you can trust the food companies?
  • Thinking that you can feed your body the nutrients it needs through normal food alone?
  • Not realising that the food that our ancestors ate 100 years ago had a much higher nutrient density than the food we get today?
  • Not realising the damaging effects of preservation methods on our foods?
  • Not realising how much sugar is in most foods?
  • Not realising that you cannot feed your body cells what it needs on a daily basis just by eating supermarket foods?
  • Not realising that if you do not use nutritional supplements daily, you starve your body cells of vital required nutrients?
  • Not knowing that 70% of all visits to the doctor, are dietary related?
  • Not knowing that 70% of all heart disease, cancer and strokes can be prevented by feeding your body proper nutrition every day?
  • Thinking that fast foods are not that bad for you?
  • Thinking that you do not have time to source proper food?
  • Thinking that you do not have time to prepare healthy meals?
  • Thinking that nutritional supplements are too expensive?
  • Thinking that exercise is all that matters?
  • Thinking that exercise does not matter?
  • Thinking that you do not have time to exercise every day?
  • Not knowing that good health is created with a combination of 80% nutrition (what you eat and drink) and 20% exercise?
  • Not realising that by supplementing every day with a good nutritional plan and doing just 30-45 minutes of exercise you can literally add years to your life expectancy?
  • Not realising what you eat today, effects what you look and feel like tomorrow?

Here is the KEY:

* If you want to be wealthy, you have to study wealth.

* If you want to be healthy, you have to study health.

* If you want to be happy, you have to study happiness.

The goal of your study is to find new, empowering beliefs that you can commit to become daily habits of doing what needs to be done to create your new happy, healthy and prosperous future!

If you want to have time freedom, money freedom and freedom in your health, you have to make a study of these areas in your life and see what debilitating habits or rituals are holding you back and how you can replace them with new, empowering habits. The common denominator in all of these is YOU.

YOU are the only person that can change your current situation. You are the only person that can ensure that your future is what you want it to be. But you have to plan it and you have to execute your plan. If you don’t plan, you will form part of someone else’s plan, and guess what they have planned for you: not much!

It’s time for you to decide to take personal responsibility for your life; where you are right now and where you would like to be.


Here’s a reality check: If you have a blame list of things that caused you to fail to date, like most people have, you need to throw it away! Most people blame the economy, taxes, interest rates, lack of capital, low pay, political parties, their negative relatives and who knows what for their past failures. Have I left anything or anybody out? You might have some more on your list.


Let me ask you some questions:

  • If the economy changes for the better, what will that do for your financial freedom? Answer: Not much.
  • What if taxes are lowered, what will that do for your financial freedom? Not much.
  • What if all your negative relatives suddenly become super positive, what will that do for your financial freedom? …you guessed it…NOT MUCH.

No my friend, throw your blame list away! If you must have one, delete everything on it and put your own name on it. That’s the reality. Your past habits, the things you consistently do over a period of time has led you to be where you are. All those things that were on your blame list, those things are like the wind. They are the same for everyone. We all have negative relatives. We all have to put up with the same incompetent politicians. We all have to pay our taxes.

In tough economic times there are always people who come out on top. Have you noticed? It’s as if the negative circumstances just does not influence them. Why is that? It has everything to do with the fact that they have pre-prepared for these circumstances. They simply have set a better sail than you. They have cultivated different habits.

Our habits determines how we set our sail.

Is it perhaps time to reset your sail?


Your habits enslave you

You and I are slaves to our habits. Our habits are committed to our subconscious minds. In our brain, neuron pathways have been laid down over and over and over to establish these habits over the years. We perform them without thinking.The only way to create new and better habits, is to consciously DO the actions over and over again; speak them into existence and DO them daily until they are committed to our subconscious minds; until the new neuron pathways are laid down. Don’t worry about the old ones; they disintegrate when you don’t use them.

It is our quest to help you to remedy these neglects; to provide you with the education you need to create new financially healthy habits to replace your old, bad habits – if you are interested. Some people just are not interested. They specialise in happy hour! They choose to be ignorant. Let me correct something for you:

** Ignorance is not bliss! Ignorance is poverty.

** Ignorance is being broke at 50.

** Ignorance is not having enough money to support you and your family.

Good news: Experience is over rated. Let me explain: The things that worked yesterday, which forms the basis of experience, might not work today; they are obsolete today. The advice that your parents received and which worked for them, does not apply in 2015. That advice and experience is useless to you. What you need are principles! Principles remain the same over the ages. Principles are priceless. Principles are old. There are no new ones.


Just make a study of the principles of wealth, health, time freedom and happiness, and learn to set a better sail!

  • Your habits will either keep you enslaved to poverty or to wealth. Which do you choose?
  • Your habits will either keep you enslaved to work for someone else for the rest of your life, leaving you with very little time which you can call your own, or you can command your own time. Which do you choose?
  • Your habits will keep you trapped in an unhealthy body for the rest of your life, or it will set you free with a fit and healthy body, filled with energy and vitality. Which do you choose?


There is an ancient saying, “If the student is ready, the master will appear.”

We want to help you, but only IF you are interested. Only if you are ready to set a better sail for your future. Bookmark this website and come back often. We will share the principles that have withstood the test of time with you. Principles of wealth creation in all areas of your life. Principles of health creation. Principles of a successful and happy life.

As a matter of fact, if you paid attention to this article, you will already be in possession of one of the most powerful principles to create for yourself the life you desire. Take these principles and go test them out. They are guaranteed to work for you, if you apply them; if you weave them into your habits.

“Man can free himself from everything in life, except one thing: his habits. Man will forever be enslaved by his habits.” ~ Will Kilian

If this be true; which habits do you choose to serve? Those that empower you to ride the waves, or those that drag you under?


If you have not noticed: There is an interplay between your time, money and health! This interplay is important. We need balance in all three of these areas in order to live a wealthy life.

So what is wealth? Wealth is freedom!

Time freedom!

Financial freedom!

Freedom in your health!

Freedom in your relationships!

But most of all….

Freedom to choose your own habits!

Are you searching for these FREEDOMS?

Have you ever SERIOUSLY considered network marketing? I do ask seriously, because a lot of people have come across some or other network marketing opportunity or have dabbled with it in their life time, but they have never ever given it a serious consideration.

A network marketing opportunity is the only business solution that provides you, and everyone else, an equal opportunity to earn time and money freedom. But you have to do it in a sensible manner with a SIMPLE PLAN. Something you can do that is easy. Something that will fit into your current lifestyle. And if you are fortunate enough to be involved with one of the best health and nutritional network marketing companies, like we believe we are, then you have the opportunity to take full responsibility for your own happiness, health and prosperity at the same time with the same effort!

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