What is the best breakfast for weight loss?

best breakfast for weight loss

The worst breakfast for weight loss, is to have no breakfast at all.

Why? Because the body is already in starvation mode for about 8 hours. It needs fuel fast and if you don’t feed it, it will break down muscle to get it, not fat. Muscle is easier to break down than fat and when your body is in urgent need of energy, it will go to where it can get it the fastest…your muscle.

Whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast!

The best breakfast for weight loss, is a low-calorie, balanced, lean protein, complex carbohydrate breakfast.

After an 8 hour fast, you want to fuel your body with high quality nutrients for optimum performance.

A good quality breakfast will give your body slow releasing energy, increased concentration and optimum performance.

A low quality breakfast, filled with sugar and simple carbs, is the worst. It will give you quick energy that only lasts for an hour or two, where after your body will run out of steam and crave more sugar. Too many people are on a sugar diet, without even realising it.

Sugar is like weeds in the garden – they enter your body uninvited. If you don’t pay attention to what you put into your mouth, you are guaranteed to fill up on loads of sugar, without even realising it.



Best breakfast for weight loss

balanced breakfastThe best foods for long-term sustainable weight loss, is a balanced low-calorie meal plan with lean protein, complex carbohydrates and essential vitamins and minerals. Combined with 2-3 liters of fresh water and about 30-45 minutes of resistance training is the healthiest weight loss program you can follow.

The biggest challenge to put a healthy meal plan together, is to get all the good nutrients in a low-calorie form.

In this video, dietitian Suzan Bowerman compare the nutrition in a typical “on the run” breakfast with that of a Herbalife shake.


Are you making the best breakfast choice?

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best breakfast

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