What does it mean to be independent and how do you achieve independence?

how to achieve independence

Cherish your independence

What a unique opportunity we have – the opportunity to independently build something together? What makes this so unique is the fact that no one answers to no one – there is no one leader – everyone is a leader. Conventional wisdom screams against the logic behind a system like this. My grandmother always used to say, too many cooks spoil the broth. What sets us apart then?


In conventional business, you have a leadership structure. Lower levels report to the higher levels. Each one is accountable to his superior. Each one is dependent. If you are not a team player; if you are not collectively acting for the greater good of the company – if you dare to be different or display individual flair, you will be fired. If you are dependent, you can be fired.

Declare your own independence today!

how to become independent


In Herbalife we are all independent – and that’s what we love about it! We answer to no one but ourselves. The company has provided each one of us with the blueprint to accomplish the overall mission – to take these amazing health and nutritional products and change people’s lives all over the world. The blueprint is the marketing plan. It is innovative. It is unique. It is generous. It rewards those who are able to collectively – interdependently – build large distribution networks – networks of people that use the products because they want to use the products and share the opportunity because they want to share the opportunity. The rewards can be very sweet indeed.

However, with independence comes responsibility – responsibility to no one but you. You answer to the reflection in the mirror. If your monthly personal volume is not what you wanted it to be, if your own personal recruitment numbers are not what you wanted them to be, if your own personal results on the products are not what you wanted it to be – guess what? Nobody is going to call you up. Nobody is going to fire your lazy but. Nobody is going to hold you accountable…The converse is however not true – if your personal volume shoots through the roof; if your personal recruitment shoots through the roof; if your personal results on the products is amazing – guess what? Everybody notice. You get applauded. You get rewarded. But in the end, it was just you. You and you alone have the power to become responsibly independent. Self-motivation is the key. [See the video below about the Art of taking Personal Responsibility.]


Interdependence is created when groups of independent people instinctively work together towards a common goal – without anybody telling anyone else what to do or how to do it – they are just automatically doing it and so harnessing the power of group momentum – each sharing in the exponential success that is created by tapping into this momentum. Interdependent people follow the blueprint and instinctively trust their fellow independents to do the same. Their philosophy is this: I will take care of me for you, if you will please take care of you for me. Like a migrating school of fish they independently act and react in unison – as if they are a well-managed team – except, there is no boss – there is only you and the guy next to you. You follow the leader of the pack because You want to go where he goes.

Independent minds cannot be managed. It was once said that trying to manage a group of independent people, is like trying to herd a group of cats. It is just not going to happen. The only way for one person to successfully manage a group of people is if the group members let’s go of their independence – the one thing that sets us apart from the corporate mob – the one thing that distinguishes us from the 9 – 5 jobbers in the market place. Why on earth would we even consider giving that up? We don’t. We treasure it. We keep it. We understand it.

You lead you to the next level. I lead me to the next level. Traveling side by side we are encouraged. We are inspired. If I stumble, you grab my arm and help me regain my balance. If you fall, I help you to get up again – each on our own mission. The more we are traveling together, as independents, the faster we will go. I look at your achievements and I get inspired. I turn my head and share your story with the guy next to me. He is encouraged. He stretches and reaches the next level. We celebrate. We take heart. We stretch. What a unique journey we are on. I am proud to be on this journey, proud to be traveling alongside you. We are all so different with our own different dreams and aspirations.

Why do we then stick together like that school of fish? Because we are on the same journey. We might have different destinations, but we are on the same route. United, we tap into the magic of Team…the magic of collaboration…not only is there safety in numbers, but together we are stronger, faster and more effective. We are unstoppable!


The Art of Taking Personal Responsibility is critical to gaining Independance

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