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Welcome back to our EZHealthBiz website. Please feel free to explore.

It’s been a while since our previous recordings and regular blogs. We are back! Below is a new introductory video to our EZHealthBiz YouTube channel, our EZHealthBiz Facebook page and of course our EZHealthBiz website. It’s the first of hopefully many more to come.


EZHealthBiz YouTube Channel

EZHealtBiz Facebook Page

EZHealthBiz Webpage

Please like and subscribe. It’s all to do with the “google love juice” to have all of these platforms linking together.


We aim to be relevant, original and helpful. All suggestions and feedback are appreciated. Feel free to use the comment section below the YouTube video or use the comment section on this page, or leave us a comment on our Facebook page.

We shall endeavour to create regular fresh content; hopefully on a weekly basis or even more regular than that. The idea is to do some training on network marketing, the Herbalife products, the Herbalife marketing plan and daily method of operations. We will discuss strategies and share our experience with you.

If there are any particular topic you would like us to cover in future videos and blogs, please let us know. Interactive subscribers are more fun for us, and for you.

Thanks for watching this video now. Please leave us your feedback below.



Will Kilian


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