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success builder order

The Success Builder Order – What is it?

The Success Builder Order is a once-off opportunity that every new Herbalife member has to place a one-time 1,000 volume point order at a whopping 42% discount!

The highest discount that any new member can place their first order for is 42%. This is known as the “Success Builder Order”.

You also get this lovely Success Builder recognition certificate for placing your Success Builder order.


success builder order


Use your success builder order to qualify to higher levels

You can use your Success Builder order as part of your qualification to either qualify to the Qualified Producer (permanent 42% discount) or Supervisor (permanent 50% discount) levels. If you don’t use it as such, but just purchase it as a one-time order to get a great deal, it’s no problem. However, as of the 1st of the next calendar month (the month following the one in which you ordered), you will drop to a permanent 35% discount level, being the Senior Consultant position.

The best way to benefit from your success builder order, is to use this order in either the two-month or three-month Qualified Producer qualification, or the two-month or 12-month Supervisor qualification.

Most people prefer to start at the Senior Consultant level, which is a 500 volume point order at 35%. Unlike the Success Builder order, you do not have to re-qualify to this level. It is a permanent 35% for as long as you remain a Herbalife member.

If you want to learn more about the Herbalife discounts, and how to qualify for them, visit our online TRAINING academy from the tab above.

The Herbalife discounts  are explained here.

Herbalife volume points are explained here.


We trust that you found this little article on the Herbalife Success Builder Order helpful.

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