Search Engine Ranking Tips To Improve Search Engine Ranking

search engine ranking

Day 64: Ten Tips to Improve Search Ranking

Do you want to improve your web page’s search engine ranking?

Would you like to see your web page on the first page of the search engines? Then this article and video will be of great benefit to you. Be sure to leave your comments below. Enjoy!


Here are 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips to help you Improve Search Engine Ranking

search engine rankingOne of the best forms of highly targeted traffic to your web pages are organic traffic, otherwise known as “search engine traffic”. Search Engine Optimization simply means you optimize your original webpage content so that the search engines will be able to “see it” quickly, and rank it appropriately for the relevant keywords.

Your keywords are basically the search queries that Internet Surfers type into the search engines…the exact words they type in when they search for something specific. Obviously your keywords needs to be relevant to your content.

My advice is to first do your niche specific keyword research. Once you know what you want to write about, use the keyword tools to find out what keyword phrases are most used in the search engines for that topic. Then from that you choose your most relevant keyword. Longer keywords phrases (3 words or more), are known as long-tail keywords.

Now, when you start writing your content, keep the following 10 search engine optimization tips (on page SEO tips) in mind while you create the content, and you will save yourself a lot of time during the editing process. In explaining these 10 tips, I will assume that the pre-selected keyword phrase is “search engine ranking”.

10 Search Engine Optimization Tips for On Page SEO

Tip 1: Use your keyword phrase in your TITLE.

This will usually be a Heading 1. Example:

search engine ranking


Tip 2: Use your keyword phrase in your Permalink and delete all unnecessary words.

The Permalink is the URL, or address for your webpage. Example:


Tip 3: Use your keyword phrase at least once each in a Heading 2 and Heading 3.


Learn 10 Search Engine Ranking Tips (H2)

Apply these Search Engine Ranking Tips immediately (H3)


Tip 4: Use your keyword phrase at least once every 100 words.

This gives you a nice keyword density. You do not want it too much; nor too little.


Tip 5: Bold your keyword phrase at least once in your piece of content.


Tip 6: Italicise your keyword phrase at least once in your piece of content.


Tip 7: Underline your keyword phrase at least once in your piece of content.

(Tips 5, 6 and 7 must be done separately. No good to do it once together. This is wrong.)


Tip 8: Put your keyword phrase in the alternative text of all the pictures you use in your piece of content.

In wordpress, you just right click on your picture, click the “landscape” picture and the picture options will open up. One of them is the “alternative text” option. Be sure to put your keyword phrase in there.


Tip 9: Use short sentences.

The easier it is to read your piece of content, the better it will rank. Short sentences helps. Use the active voice. Avoid the passive voice.


Tip 10: Make sure that your piece of content is at least 300 words long.

The longer, the better. As long as you heed tip 4, you will be okay.


Please leave your comments below. Tell me whether you learned anything or not.

If you are aware of any other search engine ranking tips that will help the readers, please add those in the comments below.


To your happiness, health and prosperity!

~ Will Kilian

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