Is a positive mental attitude over rated?

positive mental attitude

Andrew Carnegie rated a positive mental attitude as the first, and most important form of riches on his list of 13. Just so you know, financial riches featured last on the list.

So how is your attitude towards life? Do you find it easy to maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what?

Well, I have a very inspiring story for you. It’s the story of Herbalife employee, Kevin Kraus. Have a look.

A positive mental attitude and You

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If you know what to do to build your Herbalife business, and you know how to do it, then the only thing you need to complete the puzzle is “wanting to do it”. This comes down to attitude. If you have a positive mental attitude towards your own financial future, you are sure to be on track to achieve it.

The great Napoleon Hill said that, “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Your ability to conceive new ideas for yourself, and to believe those beautiful ideas for your future, is key in achieving same.

Here at Team EZHealthBiz we endeavour to provide the reader with as much positive material possible to assist in the individual’s efforts to lift him or herself from despair into a new, brighter future where you decide what you want for your future.

Yes, you are the master of your future here on earth. You are not a tree. You can change; if you want to. You can become better; if you want to. You can create a better future for you and your loved ones; if you want to.

One thing is for sure. If you do not change anything, your life won’t change. You are the only magician who can work miracles in your future. But it start with you believing in your own potential.

We all have 100% potential. Tapping into that potential however is dependant upon your level of belief in yourself. Your level of belief in your own potential will assist you to take actions in proportion with your belief. Those actions will produce results. The results have a very important function. It get’s you to believe in more of your own potential, which in turn helps you to tap into more of your potential. This leads to better results and consequently your belief gets stronger.

We all have to go around this cycle many times to continuously improve ourselves and achieve more and more. As human beings we are cabable of so much more.

Ancient scripture has it that we are created in the image of God. Just imagine that. You were created as a miracle worker. But it starts with you. Now I’m not saying you must be positive all the time, but I do know this: you will achieve so much more with a positive mental attitude, than with a negative one.

Take a page from the book of Kevin Kraus. Overcome the adversity in your life and make a positive mental attitude your number one asset. Or as Napolean Hill believes, the number one on the list of all riches in the world.

positive mental attitude

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