Personal Network Marketing Growth

network marketing growth

Personal Network Marketing Growth

Focus is the key to sustainable growth in your network marketing business. Network Marketing growth comes from sustained focus.

Too many Network Marketers stop growing their teams once they have a few distributors. It’s as if they think they have to go into “manage mode” to try and preserve, inspire, and keep this little team together. The problem is, they themselves lose focus. Instead of focusing on production, they focus on management. Perhaps if your team is a few thousand strong, you could shift your focus like this, but not before.

network marketing growthFact, it’s not your team’s job to grow your network. It’s yours.

Fact, it’s not your job to inspire your team or help them to become successful. It’s theirs.

Fact, you and your team members are equals. They have the exact same opportunity you have. They do not work for you, neither do they want to be managed by you.

Fact, there is very little you can do about attrition. People stay around if they have an emotional bond with your products, or company, or both. Without that bond, they will quit. Not even an emotional bond with you will stop them from quitting.

That’s why you should keep your focus on your own production.

Recruit and Sell all day long, and teach your team how to develop an emotional bond with your company and it’s products.

Two of the best ways to do this are (1) to use the products as recommended and get your own personal product results and (2) attend company events (local, national, international). This builds belief and connects you with the company at an emotional level.

This is how you achieve sustainable network marketing growth in your personal network marketing business.



Tip: Find a product and a business opportunity you can fall in love with.

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