New Personal Herbalife Challenge

Eldred and Michelle
A new Herbalife challenge

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Personal Herbalife Challenge

We’re back! For those of you who have never met us before, we are Michelle & Eldred.  We have happily been using Herbalife for over 12 years.  We’ve used the Herbalife products before we had kids, through two pregnancies and continue to use Herbalife as our main nutritional source with our two beautiful children.

So, why did we start using the products back then, even though we were fit, healthy and had no weight issues? Well, because we were told the products were good and thought we’ll  give it a try despite being huge sceptics.  A shake to us equalled a diet.  Neither one of us needed a diet and we had to get our head around the fact that a shake could actually mean good nutrition.  Bottom line is this – despite being healthy, fit (gym daily) and being a great weight – we were tired! We were shattered after a hard days work despite ticking all the boxes for a healthy life.

Ok, our weight has been stable for most of the last 12 years, bit of fluctuation here and there, but basically stable.  And our energy levels are high!

Our Personal Herbalife Challenge

Now….We’ve decided to take ourselves to a new level.  Could we use Herbalife to take us to a new level? Well, let’s see.  We’ve decided to use everything “Herbalife” to see if we can go from ‘normal’ to toned and fit over a period of 90 days.

A new Herbalife challenge

Herbalife 24

Thus far, we have been using the normal nutritional range of Herbalife and have now invested in the Herbalife24 products to get us to our goal.  A New Personal Herbalife Challenge!

We are going to share all the steps we are taking, all the products we are using and try to be   as accurate in reporting what we are eating and drinking.  You are going to find out that we have a pulse ;-), what we weigh, how old (young) we are and all the vital statistics of our “before” and “after” bodies.

For those of you who would like to join us on our Personal Herbalife Challenge – you have nothing to lose (well, some of us might have a few centimetres or kilo’s to lose) and much to gain. If you need to consult with your physician/GP before starting a health program, then please do the right thing.  Watch this space over the next couple of days to see whats happening.  You are going to see the blood (hope not!), sweat and tears of our New Herbalife Challenge.

A new Herbalife challenge

Tanita scale

Step 1 – we have invested in a Tanita scale.  You don’t need this.  We bought the scale to assist us with a more accurate wellness and body analysis of our clients.  We will share our statistics with you in the days to come.

Step 2- we are upping our game by swapping normal Herbalife products for Herbalife24  sports products.

Step 3 – we purchased the Herbalife24 DVD set for our transformation.

If everything goes according to plan, then we should have our beach ready bodies just after Christmas, smack bang in the middle of Winter……..mmmmmm let’s see how this one pans out.




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