Network Marketing Strategies

network marketing strategies

Network Marketing Strategies

network marketing strategiesIf you are a network marketer, and you do not have a network marketing strategy, you are doomed to fail.

What is a network marketing strategy?

In layman’s terms, a strategy is a plan to get the best possible output for your input. Most people however, rush into network marketing, exploding with enthusiasm and excitement, without having a strategy in place. The end result is that all that effort and expended energy is waisted.

The dictionary definition of strategy is this: “the art of planning operations in war, especially the movement of armies and navies into favourable positions for fighting.”

You see, any general knows that in order to win the battle, your resources (troops, ships, etc.) need to be in position first before you strike. If any one of them is out of position, and you start the fight, you have a weakness that will cost you the fight.

In this video we also use the analogy of having the opportunity to go into a goldmine to get as much gold as you possibly can. The only catch is that you can only go in once.

So, what will your strategy be? Obviously you will be bursting with excitement, enthusiasm and energy. You just want to get in there and get your hands on that gold. However, are you going to stop, and first think about how you can get the best output for your input? Are you going to strategise to make the best of your opportunity, or are you going to rush in? There’s a well known saying, “only fools rush in”.

In network marketing it is  the same: you have this golden opportunity to create an amazing passive income earning business, where you will have financial freedom, and ultimately time freedom to enjoy your wealth. However, most new distributors do not stop to first figure out a strategy…they storm head first into any and all directions, trying to convert the world.

What do you need to put your own Network Marketing Strategy in place?

First, you need to know what your resources are. Here are a few of the basic resources to put together a network marketing strategy:

  1. Your company’s compensation plan or marketing plan.
  2. The products backing up this marketing plan.
  3. Your available financial resources for working capital (not infrastructure – watch the video below, it explains this in detail)
  4. Your available network of people who already know, like, and trust you.

One of the biggest fallacies in network marketing is that you personally need to get hundreds of people involved in your network marketing company in order to be successful. This is not true. Your success does not come from personally sponsoring hundreds of people. Your success comes from sponsoring a few who know, like, and trust you enough to follow your strategy and apply the same strategy in their business. They in turn only have to focus on the few who decides to trust them and follow the strategy too.

You see, a network marketing strategy’s ultimate success depends on how well it benefits everybody involved. If everybody benefits, your strategy only have winners and no losers. A group of winners, people who benefit from applying your strategy, is an awesome magnetic force.

In network marketing this is called “attraction marketing”. People are attracted by your success. Your success comes from your applying your network marketing strategy.

Here are two network marketing strategies if you are in Herbalife:

POP Strategy

FCP Strategy

Please note, there are many more strategies. The only reason I share these two with you, is so you can get your own creative juices flowing to put your own network marketing strategy together….or you can just use any of these.

Remember, everybody deserves to be happy, healthy, and prosperous, but only those who take massive, consistent and strategic action, can legitimately expect to achieve it.

I hope this inspires you to put your own network marketing strategies in place today.

Be blessed. 🙂

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