Module 1 – Start using the Herbalife Products

using the Herbalife products

Start using the Herbalife products right away. Do not wait. If you get your Herbalife products on the Friday, do not wait until Monday before you start. Start using your Herbalife products immediately. This is the first and most important step of your new Herbalife business. You have to be a product of the products. You have to gain experiential knowledge off the products. You have to know what it tastes like. You have to experience the results people get from using the Herbalife products daily as recommended for yourself. In most countries, your International Business Pack (IBP) contains products so that you can start using the Herbalife products right away.

Using the Herbalife products to get your own results

Why? Because by doing so, you will begin to build a belief in the products and the results it produces that is second to none….a belief  that nobody will be able to shake.

Will and Sune Herbalife product results

My wife and my results with Herbalife.

Believing in the effectiveness of the Herbalife products is key to a successful Herbalife business.  If you use the products yourself, and you know it works if you use it as recommended, nobody will be able to tell you otherwise.

Sometimes new customers will “try” the products, and then come back and tell you it does not work. If however you are a product of the products, you will know that the only people for whom the Herbalife products do not work, are the people who are not using it as recommended. It is that simple. The products are scientifically formulated and it works every time. The only way for you to know that as an absolute certainty, is if you are using the Herbalife products as recommended yourself.

Understanding the Labeling Laws

using the Herbalife productsEach country where Herbalife does business, has its own labeling laws. Some countries’ laws  are more rigid than others. In all the Herbalife countries, the Herbalife products are classified as food. Not medicine and not drugs. It is nutritional supplements that are safe for anyone to use. The labeling laws basically require the company to state on the label exactly what ingredients are in the product. So if it is in the product, it must be stated on the label. The labeling laws also require you to state if there are any side effects for using this product, and to state such side effects. Also, if it is unsafe for anyone to use the products, that must also be stated under the “WARNING” section. This is a very stringent requirement. There are no side effects for using the products and it is safe for everybody to use. However, you will find a warning that for example, pregnant or lactating women and diabetics must consult a doctor before starting any dietary program. You will find such notices on all dietary supplements. It does not mean that they are not allowed to use the products, it just means that they should consult with their physician first. If for example a diabetic starts on the products and starts losing weight, his insulin requirements will begin to change. Therefore, it is important that he regularly checks in with his doctor to adjust his medication. You will find thousands of satisfied Herbalife consumers who will happily tell you their stories on how they used the products during their pregnancy or through their illness and how it helped their bodies to become more healthy again.

using the Herbalife productsTherefore, because the Herbalife products are classified as a food, we are not allowed to make any “medical claims”. We are not allowed to state that the Herbalife products cured us of anything. It stands to reason however that if you feed your body cells the nutrition it needs on a daily basis at a cellular level and in perfect balance, that your body cells will become more healthy day by day and function better day by day. In essence: by feeding your body proper nutrition, your body does the rest. Call it a miracle, but please don’t claim that the products “cured” you, because in actual fact, your body cured itself. All you did, was to take proper care of it.

On the label you will also find the RDA of the ingredients. RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance. This states the minimum recommended. Not the maximum.

Rest assured that the Herbalife products are of the highest quality. It is literally the best nutrition you can feed your body today. The Herbalife Medical and Scientific Advisory Board ensures that this remains the case for each and every Herbalife product. At the Herbalife Nutrition Institute they are at the forefront of new developments in the science of Health & Nutrition.

You and I can therefore recommend the Herbalife products with the utmost confidence to everyone.


Using the Herbalife products is as easy as 1-2-3

Using the Herbalife products to lose weight

  1. Drink your Herbalife tablets three (3) times a day, preferably half an hour before meal time.
  2. Replace two (2) of your daily meals with a Formula 1 Nutritional Protein Drink Mix (Herbalife Shake).
  3. Eat one (1) normal meal for your third meal.
using the Herbalife products

Losing weight healthily


  • Mix your Herbalife shake in a low calorie substance like fat free milk or diluted fruit juice.
  • Add fruits to your shakes and blend for variety.
  • Adding ice to your Herbalife shakes and blending it, takes your Herbalife shakes to another dimension.
  • Drink your tablets with a full glass of water.
  • A colorful meal is usually a more healthy meal. You do this by adding colorful vegetables.
  • Stay hydrated during the day by drinking clean water regularly. Adding Herbal Aloe to your water will improve your weight loss and general absorption of nutrients.
  • Drink your Thermo Herbal tea like you would coffee or tea. Replacing some of those beverages with the Thermo Tea is a good idea. (It literally burns body fat and gives you extra energy! Enjoy either hot or cold. You can also mix it with diluted fruit juice to get used to the taste.)
  • Snack on raw fruit and vegetables like apples, carrots and tomatoes.
  • Avoid fruits that are high in sugar like mangoes, grapes and peaches.
  • Avoid junk food and food that are high in calories and void of any nutritional value like sweets, crisps, chips, sodas and alcoholic beverages.
  • Don’t cut out, just cut back. You don’t have to cut certain foods out (however cutting out foods that have very little nutritional value and is high in calories do not belong in a healthy diet!), but you have to cut back. The Herbalife products allow you to cut back as much as you want and can tolerate mentally.

Using the Herbalife products to maintain weight and good health

  1. Drink your Herbalife tablets three (3) times a day, preferably half an hour before meal time.
  2. Replace one (1) of your daily meals with a Formula 1 Nutritional Protein Drink Mix (Herbalife Shake).
  3. Eat two (2) normal meals.

Using the Herbalife products to gain healthy weight

  1. Drink your Herbalife tablets three (3) times a day, preferably after meal times.
  2. Eat three normal meals.
  3. using the herbalife products

    Gaining healthy weight

    Drink three (3) Formula 1 Nutritional Protein Drink Mixes (Herbalife Shakes), one after every meal.


  • Make your shakes with high calorie substances like full cream milk, ice cream and fruit juice. Load it up with bananas, extra chocolate etc.
  • Drink your shake after your meal, otherwise the shake will fill you up and you will not be able to eat the meal as well.

Before you start using the Herbalife products, be sure to take lots of before photographs. Also take your body measurements (thighs, waist, middle, chest, neck and arms) and weigh yourself. This is the beginning of your very own and unique Herbalife story. Your story will be worth a fortune.


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