What can I do to improve my work life balance?

work life balance

Work Life Balance – Why?

Okay, so we have looked at the fact that we all have an expiry  date, like a carton of milk. We also agreed that we have to live our life to the full, before we reach that expiry date. Why? Because it would be a waste to toss out a full carton of milk, right? Milk has one purpose: to be used! Not to get sour and be thrown out!

That means making the best of life. Work with what you’ve got. It is no good complaining about your current situation. No one cares. Oh, they say they do, but they don’t. The only one that should care enough about your current situation is you. You are the only one that can do something about it. Why? Because we live life by choice. To live a better life, make better decisions. It truly is that simple.

work life balance

Work Life Balance – What is it?

One of those decisions is to have better work-life-balance. But what is it?

How do you know when you achieved work life balance? What results or outcomes are going to tell you if have optimum work life balance? The key is to be happy and content with what you have got, whilst pursuing what you want.


Work Life Balance – Outcomes

I believe that the outcomes or results you should be looking for to achieve work life balance are from 3 main areas of your life:

  • Your Happiness
  • Your Health
  • Your Prosperity


Work Life Balance – Happiness

Happiness is a choice. Happiness means that you are content, grateful and thankful with what you have right now. It does not mean you don’t want better. It just means that you are mature enough to know that you have what you have because of who you are right now and the past decisions you made.

By taking responsibility for your current situation and being grateful for the good you have, as opposed to focusing on the negatives of your life, you open the door for more good to come….to make better decisions that will bring you a better future.


Work Life Balance – Good Health

Good health means the ability to enjoy your life until it’s expiry date. It’s no good having holes in your carton…the milk will spill and you will lose your life before the designated expiry date. What to do? You should fill those holes!

Make better decisions about your health. Decide to eat more healthy. Decide to drink more healthy. Decide to be more healthy. Then act on those decisions.

You have to make time every day to do these actions.

Eat nutrient dense foods and feed your body the nutrients it needs to function at an optimum level every day. To do this, you need to supplement. The food in the supermarkets are lacking the vital nutrients and minerals that you need. The food industry does not have your good health as their priority…their priority is profits! So, you have to take responsibility for your own health and make the decision to supplement. Millions of people world-wide are doing it, why not you?

Drink clean pure water and yes, exercise regularly.


Work Life Balance – Prosperity

You want your life to matter. You want your time expended to count for something. You want it to be a true investment into your present and your future…not just a waste.

What are you doing with your time and how are you creating prosperity for yourself and your family? Have you considered a passive income source? If not, why not????

What is your economic plan for prosperity? Is it to work for a boss for 40 years and then retire rich? (Don’t laugh, there are literally millions of people living like this!)

Yes, it is ridiculous, yet so many people do not see an alternative.

What good is it to work yourself to death every day, unless there is a good return on your investment? All work and no play means you will be exhausted. Your body will start falling apart. You will be tired. Stressed. And you won’t be happy. You will sacrifice your health for the hope of wealth, just to discover (when it is too late) that wealth without health is useless!

Again, take responsibility. Be grateful for where you are right now, even though you realise it’s not where you want to be, or that you are on the wrong path entirely. Profess the truth, and it shall set you free. Why? Because only then will you be able to make life changing decisions.


Work Life Balance – Relationships

I believe that the most important ingredient to having excellent work life balance is to have great relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and all people you encounter.

Who will really miss you when you are no longer there? They are the ones you already have good relations with.

Relationships need work – constantly. It needs time. You have to invest time into them. You have to invest yourself into them.

You cannot have good relationships when your heart is filled with bitterness, anger and hate.

You cannot love some, and hate others. The hate will infiltrate your heart and you won’t be able to love those you want to love fully. Not until you have forgiven those who have sinned against you. Learn to let go of past hurts, ill feelings, and bad relationships. This is not easy, but it’s worth it!

The way to set yourself free from this negative hold on your life, is to forgive. You don’t forgive another person for their sake, but for yours. Unconditionally forgive, and move on.


Work Life  Balance – Work

Don’t just go through the day, get from the day.

Work enough to earn an active income to cover your day-to-day expenses. No more.

Put all your extra work time into creating passive income. Over time, as your passive income grows, you will be able to do away with the active income activities. This will free up more time for you to spend on those all important relationships.


Work Life Balance – Life

We all have only one life on this planet. It has an expiry date. Live life to the full. Make the most of it today. Do not put off for tomorrow, what you can do today. We all have on average about 25,500 days. That’s it. What have you done with your day so far? Don’t just spend it; invest it into your happiness, health and prosperity.


Work Life Balance – Balance

To achieve and maintain balance is a constant battle. Balance means not too much of one thing, nor too little of another.

Not too much work. Nor too much leisure or idleness.

Both disturb the balance.

To be in balance, we have to stay vigilant every day. Do not neglect any of the critical components of happiness, health and prosperity. Each deserves an equal amount of your investment of time and resources. And when you fall out of balance, as we all do, make the necessary corrections as quickly as possible.

My wish for you is that every night, when you put your head on the pillow, you will be filled with a deep feeling of gratitude, thankfulness and satisfaction. That you will be at complete peace with yourself and others. And that just before you drift off into blissful rest, that you will be filled with a positive excitement for the future that will await you when you open your eyes next.


To your happiness, health and prosperity!

~ Will Kilian


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