I want to eat healthy vegetables. What is my alternative?

eat healthy

I woke up this morning and looked through my window to the green mountains and the trees out there.  And thanked God for health and that I learned to eat healthy.

And inevitably my mind went to the people out there who do not know how to eat healthy…or about health and all the wonderful things in nature that is capable to giving us all the health and energy and vitality, vitamins, minerals and yes, even wisdom and wealth that we need to make today a success.

And decided I am going to share a bit with you this morning.  Let us look at some of the blessings we have in veggies and their benefits. To eat healthy is something we should all do. No excuses.

Every day we search for ways to feel better, to make our days more enjoyable for those around us and also for ourselves.  The success recipe is a balanced diet with the correct amount of water with invigorating exercises or a slow walk around the block for us oldies .   A balanced diet, water and exercise.  A powerful  combination.


Eating healthy fruit

apple-fruitLet us look at some interesting facts about the Apple.  King of the fruit it is called and also the first letter of the alphabet.

The famous story of William Tell and the way he was forced to split the apple on top of his son’s head or he would be killed.  Of course, he did just that.  He split the apple, he was a father, right?

That is what fathers usually do, they protect their children as much as they possibly can.  Parents must teach their children to eat healthy.

Talking about fathers and protection, this reminds me of Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden.

No, I am not going to talk about the story of the Fall, we all know that one and the devastation it caused.

Here is something  I picked up on the net this morning.  The story goes that – remember it is a story – Adam chocked when he ate the apple and it stuck in his throat.  Hence the term Adams apple for the protrusion in front of, especially boys’ throats that looks like a small piece of apple.

Why do we want to eat apples?  Mmmmmm.    I found the following on the net about apples.  Makes for interesting reading.

“Although some other types of fruits contain more vitamin C, the magical efficiency of apples lies  in their optimal combination of vitamin C and other agencies like the apple  is the true treasury of health boost agents, such as: vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B6, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and iron. On top of that, apples are fruits with the highest level of pectin, an extremely valuable compound that is more and more researched for its huge medical benefits”.  

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?


What if you cannot get apples?  I have the perfect solution for you to still eat healthy.

Allow me to tell you about the Herbalife shake.  The amazing, wonderful shake that has everything in it that that magic apple has and so much more.  The sugar for energy, for instance.  What is so important about that?  Let us look at the following chart:

eat healhty

As you can see, the Herbalife shake, which contains the best lean protein and complex carbohydrates out there, will sustain your body for much longer than any alternative. If you eat healthy today, you will live healthy today.

Look at this breakfast comparison: The option on the left will sustain you for about 30 minutes…the one on the right will sustain you for 3 hours plus—at about 1/4 of the price! Eat healthy is easy, and can save you money.

eat healthy

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  • Eldred

    I still find it interesting that looking at the comparison of a Latte and a muffin compared to a Herbalife breakfast that people say Herbalife is expensive. I wish people would be more sensible and really compare the prices with what they eat everyday. Personally I find it cheaper than buying a sandwich, a drink and maybe a bag of crisps. Simply for me, I’m worth the good nutrition

  • Great article.

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