How to improve self esteem – Boost your self esteem

How to improve self esteem and Boost your self esteem

How to improve self esteem? Boost your self esteem!

Do you know someone who suffers from low self esteem? What is the cause? The better question: do you know how to help them? Do you know how their self esteem can be boosted?

We all need to have a good self esteem. It’s about being comfortable with who you are, no matter what other people think. But how do you boost your self esteem?


We can sometimes be so harsh on ourselves about what “other people might think about us”….the truth is that other people do not think about us as often as we think. They couldn’t really care whether we are fat, thin, pretty, ugly, sexy, rich, poor….etc. They have their own issues they are busy thinking about…trust me, your issues and my issues are not high on their priority list. We all have issues.


The Best Advice on How to Improve Your Self Esteem and Boost Your Self Esteem, is this:


“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job!”


What does that mean? Personal development. Read the books, listen to the tapes/CD’s and watch the videos. Attend the seminars. Surround yourself with positive people…their positive attitudes will rub off on you. Apply what you learn. You will be pleasantly surprised. In order to feel better, you have to become better.


I want to share something real valuable with you today, but first I want to apologize for being quiet for a while.

My wife and I finally took a well deserved break. The first half was spent in the mountains and the second half at the beach…it feels like we had two holidays in one. You should try it sometime.


The first half we spent at O’Reiley’s, a beautiful mountain resort on the border of New South Wales and Queensland.


We mostly enjoyed some nature walks…



Swimming in the infinity pool…


And hanging out in our jacuzzi on the balcony whilst enjoying cocktails, the beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air…






Notice in the above picture that I also am not perfect…what you behold there is the by now infamous “Kilian nose”. What can you do….? At least I learned how to improve self esteem and boost your self esteem.


Anyway, when we got to our beach apartment on the north coast of New South Wales, we were pleasantly surprised. Our unit actually walked out onto our own private entertainment area which went straight into the pool…


The kids were very excited, because they each got their own bedroom with a double bed. Need I say more?

The beach was just behind the resort. Thankfully the weather permitted us to enjoy the beach as well, but it was raining most of the time we were down there…we did not mind…we swam in the rain.


And when the sun came out, we hit the beach…


Now we are back and invigorated. Treating yourself in a special way can go a long way to boost your self esteem, especially if you don’t know how to improve your self esteem. Getting away for a while works magic.


How to improve self esteem or boost your self esteem when you are over weight


Being over weight is usually a great source of low self esteem. There is no experience like self experience.
You will note that I blog a lot about a company called Herbalife. I have an emotional connection with Herbalife which started in 1996 when my dad walked into my lawyer’s office and placed a box on my desk, saying “they say this stuff works, I want you to try it.” It was Herbalife products. I weighed 118kg at the time….

(Compulsory Legal disclaimer: These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.)

how to improve self esteem boost your self esteem


That was March 1996. I made a quick decision to trust my dad and give it a go. In 6 months I lost 36kg. I cannot begin to tell you in words what that did for my self esteem….my life changed….


how to improve self esteem boost your self esteem


 (Legal disclaimer: These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.)
So obviously people wanted to know what I was using…before I knew it, I had this little sideline Herbalife business going….

I love being a barrister…Herbalife was just something we made part of our life because we love the products and our whole family use it. Then the unthinkable happened…on 8 August last year I got knocked off my mountain bike by a Ford Falcon utility vehicle…

Realising that I would not be able to return to work as quickly as I initially thought, I started to look at ways on how I can take my Herbalife sideline business online…I knew the Herbalife marketing plan and I knew the tremendous business potential it has…especially to create passive income…something that would have saved my bacon when the accident happened…instead my cashflow reserves were severely damaged!


Anyhow, I saw the power of the Internet and knew that that is the way forward. That is when I invested in training products on how to do it. The products teach you how to do online marketing and even how to build your own online business systems. The skills I learned are pretty awesome.


After 3 months, with what I learned, I built my Automated Online Business System for Herbalife. It is not perfect, but I think it’s pretty awesome. I immediately offered it to my little Herbalife team…for free. They get to blog on the system, attract new leads into their own sales funnel that is linked to an automated and coded email system and they have a little back office where they have all the training tools available for them to get started without having to talk to anyone, unless they want too. It’s a work in progress. The important thing is that it works and it produces results. Our team is starting to grow and grow. Very exciting. Now I can build my Herbalife business online on autopilot….leaving me to do the fun stuff.


You can actually check it out if you want too. I would love to hear what you think about it.


Here are links to 3 different lead capture pages. That’s the first page the prospect sees and it invites them to enter their name and email which is the gateway to the rest of the system. (That way you prevent less serious people from taking up your time.)


All three leads to the same funnel. Which one do you prefer and why? By prefer I mean, which one would you enter your name and email in and which ones not. Please let me know. I would really appreciate your feedback.


This skill can boost your self esteem and teach you how to improve self esteem

So this morning a friend of mine from South Africa, from where I originally hails, posted something about the road to success. That immediately triggered something I heard on a CD I played in the car on my way taking the kids to school this morning, and that is what I want to share with you. Why some people succeed and others don’t, and the reason is so profound, yet so simple. This is what I posted in reply on his wall:
Will Kilian I heard something interesting today: “Successful people learn to ‘fail forward fast’ by making decisions quickly.”

After thinking about it for a while, I realised it’s true. A lot of people are so afraid of making the wrong decision, that they delay making it. In that time the successful person has already taken the decision, acted on it, and know for fact whether it was the right or wrong one. If it was a wrong decision, he simply makes a new decision, quickly, and act on it…he might even make the right decision down the track before the person who hesitated made his first decision…right or wrong.

So the lesson for me: Make decisions quickly and act on them immediately. That is the only way to know whether you made the right decision.

In 1996 it took me only a moment to decide to take my dad’s advice and try out the Herbalife products. Six months down the line I lost 36kg.

At that time I considered the Herbalife business, but thought to myself, by now, 6 months later, everybody in Worcester (my home town) will be using the products already and have gotten their own results…

To my surprise, very few people made the decision to get on the Herbalife products when I did 6 months earlier! Here I was, a new person, having lost 36kg and they were still deciding whether or not they should give it a try.


Need I say more?


May we all fail forward fast by taking quick decisions. The best time to act, is when the idea is hot and the emotions high.


I hope you have an awesome day.




Will Kilian

how to improve self esteem boost your self esteem


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