How to go from just being a dreamer to a dream achiever

dream achiever

How to Achieve Your Dreams?Dream achiever

As you probably already know, everything in life has two creations.

First the mental creation and then the physical creation.

Why is it then that so many of us struggle to move from the mental creation to the physical creation?

The answer is simple: we do not understand or know how. So, in the end, our mental creations remain but a dream.

World renowned chef, Marco Pierre White, said something interesting on Masterchef Australia the other night. He said to the contestants, “if you have a dream, you have a responsibility to make it happen, otherwise you are nothing but a dreamer”.

In Network Marketing we have a lot of people who come into this industry with big dreams. Once they understand the basics of MLM and how they can achieve leverage through the marketing plan (compensation plan) of their company, they cannot help but dream big.

The question then remains: how to move from being just a dreamer to being an achiever of dreams?

The key lies in understanding the first creation. Most people move on to the second creation before they completed the first creation. They think that if they dream and fantasize about the end result, that is sufficient to qualify as the first creation and then they jump in to get started on the second creation just to quit a short while later in frustration.

A dream achiever understands the first creation:

If you understand the first mental creation process, and complete it, the second physical creation is a mere formality!

Dream achievers create twice

Let me explain. Let’s say you want to build your dream house. You have seen this ideal house in your minds eye for years. The picture is vividly clear. You can almost smell the flowers in your front garden.


Question: will you now, before doing anything else, start building the house?

Of course not. That would be silly. If you do, you are bound to just make a big mess. Not unlike the many thousands of people coming into the MLM industry and who quits shortly thereafter, because all they have managed was to create a big mess.

So what is the logical next step? That’s right. You will now draw up building plans or have them drawn up by an expert, like an architect. Putting your dream onto paper, like an architect, will require you to get into detail. The drama is always in the details.

How many electric outlets do you want in the house. Do you want an extra bathroom for guests? What about an indoor swimming pool instead of an outdoor one. Which way will the house face? Carpets, tiles or veneer floors? What materials are going to be needed? How long will it take to build? How many subbies will you need? Do you know enough to project manage, or do you need a health/life/MLM coach?

Only when you put your dreams on paper, are you able to calculate the costs and gain a realistic perspective of the price you will have to pay to bring your dreams to life.

Once those design plans are finalised, you can begin to execute. Step by step, stage by stage, you will simply follow the plan, and pay the price for doing so, knowing full well that the promise is well worth it. The promise, the realised dream, is just around the corner, at the end of your building process. Now you can see how you move towards the completion of your plan along the journey. All hiccups along the way will now be easily overcome because your focus is on the completion of your dream. No disillusions. No frustrations. No heartbreaking.

In the words of Marco Pierre White, you would now have taken responsibility to make your dreams come true. Just belief in your plan and work it day by day. If something distracts you, just ask yourself: does this move me closer to my dream? If not, ignore it. If so, it’s probably already in your plan.

Decide today to stop being just a dreamer. The cemeteries of the world are filled with dreamers. It’s time to live your dreams. It’s time to become a dream achieving machine!


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