How To Duplicate in Network Marketing
How To Duplicate in Network Marketing


how to duplicate

How To Duplicate: Introduction

Knowing how to duplicate in your network marketing business is critical to your success. Duplication allows you to tap into leverage. Leverage is the key to enduring wealth. However, most people think that duplication is a myth.

Duplication is either super hard or super easy. For those who find that it’s super hard, think it’s about what to do. Those who find it easy know it’s all about how you do it.


“Successful people don’t do certain things; they do things in a certain way.” Eric Worre

So what is the problem?


How To Duplicate: The Problem

The problem is you. You are in the way. Whenever you go talk to people, how are you doing it? Are you trying to explain how great your product or opportunity is? If so, you are the problem. Your past failures and your past successes are standing in your way.

Why is this? Your prospect has to see the products or opportunity through your eyes. The problem with this is identification. Most people are not compatible. They might be older or younger, a different sex, a different race, from a different background, have different education etc. They might be looking up to you and feel intimidated or looking down on you, and feel superior to you.

Take your family and friends for example. They know you better than most. For them it’s all about you. If they have to look at your company’s products or business opportunity through your eyes, you can forget about duplication! It ain’t gonna happen. You are in the way.


How To Duplicate: The Solution

The solution to duplication is 3rd party tools. If you want to learn to finally duplicate, learn to use third party tools. Here is a list of some third party tools:

  • product brochures
  • business opportunity brochures
  • success stories (product results and business results)
  • cd’s and audio’s
  • dvd’s
  • webpages
  • webinars
  • local events
  • national events
  • international events
  • etc.



How To Duplicate: How To Talk To People

Emotionally detach yourself from the outcome.

Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Be your best self.

Jim Rohn said: “Do what you can. Do the best you can. Do all you can.”

Exuding enthusiasm, while being yourself is critical.

Urgency is everything. We need to do this now. We can’t wait until next week. Is it possible to talk now? Within the next 24 hours. Urgency should be dripping out of your words.

Have a positive posture.


So, when you talk to people, when your lips move, you must either:




tell a story


If you have a brochure or picture book with results etc, you point, you read, you introduce, you tell a little story.

When you do this, you divert the attention away from you, and to the third party tool. They can’t identify with you, but they can identify with the 3rd party tool. Guess what he/she will be doing while you are for example going through your picture book? They are going to count how many people they do identify with!

Handing out third party tools, is even better, because then you are not even there when they look at it. It removes you completely from the picture. This is good, as you are in the way. Don’t let them look at your product or company through your eyes, but through their own.


Steps to use 3rd party tools:

  1. Give a sincere compliment.
  2. If I ….. would you …. . (Wait for a definitive “yes” before you move to the next question.)
  3. When do you think you could (see/do/listen to) it for sure? Answer: Tonight…or in the next 2 days etc.
  4. Great, so by …. you would have seen it for sure, right? Answer: yes.
  5. Okay, what is the best number where I can call you on ….(the day after he would have done it for sure)?


Example of the first question:

“If I give you this webpage address, would you go have a look at it?”

“If I invited you to an invitation only event next Tuesday, would you attend?”

“If I gave you the product, would you try it?”

“If I gave you a DVD, would you watch it?”

“If I invited you to an invitation only online webinar presentation, would you go watch it?”


Wait for a definite “yes” before you move to the next question. If it’s a maybe, or probably, it’s not a “yes”. Then say, listen, I don’t want to waste your time. If you don’t want to take a look, it’s okay. I think you might benefit by taking a look, but I’m not going to give it to you, unless I know you are going to watch it for sure. I wouldn’t have asked if it wasn’t important. But if you are too busy, I understand. And move on. Stay professional. You are not begging anyone to have a look.


Four concepts when you ask someone to look at your 3rd party tool and they ask you questions:

If he/she asks questions, just say, it’s all in there  (on the webpage, DVD, etc.). Just watch it, we’ll talk on …. . Then leave! Don’t start talking about other things. Excuse yourself with urgency. Nothing else. Don’t say thanks for watching it etc….


If it’s a visual tool, you say:

Look, 90% is visual, you’ve got to see it to get the whole picture.

It’s like a puzzle, you’ve got to see the whole thing.

If I could I would. The “tool” will explain better than I can. All the answers are in “the tool.”

I wouldn’t asked, if it wasn’t important.


How To Duplicate: Conclusion

So now you know how to duplicate. You duplicate by using third party tools. You duplicate by removing the only obstacle in the way of your duplication: you.


So, if I asked you to have a look at this webpage,, would you?

By when would have done it for sure? Answer: The next 20 minutes.

Great, so if I call you in an hour you would have seen it for sure? Answer: yes

Okay, what is the best number where I can call you in an hour?


The net result on how to duplicate, is to connect your prospect directly with your company or your product. The only way to do this, is by way of third party tools. Remember, when your lips are moving, you must either: point to a 3rd party tool, read from a 3rd party tool, introduce a 3rd party, or tell a story about a 3rd party.


Happy duplication.