How to duplicate in network marketing with the Law of Effection

duplicate in network marketing

In this article I will share two experiences with you – one positive and one negative. Everyone knows that you can learn equally well from people who made a mess of things and people who did it right.

After that I will introduce you to the law of effection. (Yes, e-ffection). If you are struggling in your network marketing or online business, it is probably because you either do not understand the law of effection, or you do not know how to apply it. It’s a game changer!

Then, at the bottom, I share with you a training video about a 4 Step Process to make money in any network marketing company.


Learning from my Successes and Failures in Network Marketing

As some of you might know, my involvement with HERBALIFE stretches over 17 years. This puts me in the unique position of being able to serve as an example of how to do it and how not to do it. That’s right, you can learn from both my successes and my failures over these years.

For now, let me share one of my successes and one of my failures with you.

Probably my best success story in HERBALIFE is my own personal weight loss. I was a young eager beaver attorney working my way into law in a small firm in Worcester, South Africa. Careless about my health, I gained 30 kg in the space of two years; weighing in at an almighty 118kg. I was haunted by high blood pressure and cholesterol. With heart problems on the horizon, things didn’t look to bright for me.

By the way, eating a 600g Saddles Stetsen steak & chips, followed by a waffle with ice cream and sharing two bottles of red wine with my housemate at the time every Friday night, had nothing to do with my weight gain. Neither did my 10 o’clock hamburger and coke snack every morning when I came from court. No, I blamed my body. I always used to say I am one of those unlucky ones, I only have to look at food to gain weight, whereas my housemate could consume a whole cow and not gain a kilo!

So, to cut a boring story short; in walks my dad into my office one day, popping a HERBALIFE IBP on my desk, and said words to the effect of, “they say this stuff works, I want you to try it.” That’s right, he gave me a free IBP with product in it to use. That was March 1996.

That night at home I opened the box (IBP) like a Christmas present, taking out all the products and brochures and three cassette tapes on how to use the products, how to sell the products and how to build a distributorship; all presented by Mark Hughes. When I read about the Thermogetics tea, I thought this sounds good. Without much thinking I mixed a teaspoon of it in cold water and took my first sip. My first thought was, “I’m going to die”. My second thought was, “this stuff is really expensive, I can’t waste it. What if it really works like my dad said.” So I finished it. (It was only later that I learned what great value for money the products actually are and that the Thermo really tastes much better in fruit juice!)

I drank a super strong thermo at about 8 o’clock that night. For the life of me, I could not sleep, I had all this energy and that after a tough day at the office, and then it hit me, the products really does do what it says! So what else could I do; I stayed up listening to the tapes of a strange American by the name of Mark Hughes.

In my first month I lost 8kg. My friends barely noticed it and when I had to point it out, I was met with, “ah, it’s probably just water”. With friends like that, well you know the saying…

After 6 months on the products I lost an incredible 36 kg. On average I lost 6 kilo’s per month. All of sudden everybody noticed. Some people who haven’t seen me during that time, walked right past me. That’s right, they did not even recognise me! The most satisfying reaction was, “Oh my g** Willie, is that really you? You look at least 10 years younger!”

Over the years, I have been naughty here and there, but overall, I have managed to successfully keep the weight off. (I will share some of my “failures” in that regard with you later, in the hope of course that you will learn from my errors.) Now, 17 years later, I still look and feel fantastic and I am in excellent health, and so is my wife and two kids, who by the way started using the products 4 and 6 weeks after birth (also another success story). The Herbalife products literally changed my life for the better for ever. I will be forever grateful to my father for giving me that IBP, and for Mark Hughes, for putting together such awesome products and this magnificent company. I am truly blessed.

Over the years, I have also heard my fair share of excuses of why the products do not work for some people. After 17 years of using the products every single day, I can absolutely positively assure you that they are safe, effective and tastes really good! If you use it as recommended, you will get your results!!! No if’s, but’s or maybe’s. It’s just the way it is. Really good value for money. Anyway, you pay for the results, not the products. You might just as well use it correctly.

Now for my failure story of the month. Mmm, let me see. One does not like to dwell on these things, but I guess if you can learn from it, some good might come from it. Here goes: Many years ago in about 1997 we recruited a really lovely lady first line. I was 27 at the time, newly wed, and a pocket rocket HERBALIFE distributor, or so I thought.

This lady, who shall remain nameless, was a young wife herself, married to a farm assistant with two little kids at the time. Fact is, money was tight for them. In spite of that, she purchased some products and got started at 30% or 35% discount, can’t remember the exact discount. She was doing really well on the products (like so many of us, she had a couple of kilo’s to lose, but not much). She was one of those people who always smiled and was really happy. She grabbed this HERBALIFE opportunity with both hands and for the first time in her life, she could see light at the end of the tunnel. There was hope; hope for their future.

Then one day, in a training session, smartass WIKI (alias Willie, Willem or Will) without thinking, repeated a random quote heard from a distributor in another downline. It was an innocent comment, or so I thought. This lady, our smiling happy-go-lucky new distributor, was sitting at the back of the room, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her quietly crying. I was thrown for a while, but passionately pushed on with my training. Afterwards I tried to talk to her, but she was too upset. She briefly spoke to my wife, and I learned it was all about that stupid quote I repeated. She thought I had her in mind when I said it. Nothing could have been further from the truth; I just tried to impress my group with what I thought was a clever quote. In reflection, it was just another smartass insensitive comment. We never saw her again after that night.

Now, I am not going to repeat the quote (sorry to disappoint you), for two reasons: one, the person from whom I heard it is still around and I don’t want to offend him or her, and two, I don’t want to accidently offend someone else all over again.

The lesson is this: Think before you speak. Especially when someone rejects you, the products or the opportunity. The fact is, they simply don’t know better.

Refrain from the urge to have the last say, or to try and make a smartass remark. If you do, you close the door to your HERBALIFE business for that person for ever. Even worse, you might hurt people really bad and thereby rob them of an opportunity to later change their mind whereby their life could have been changed for the better for ever.

To this day, I regret that moment.

The Law of Effection (no, it’s not misspelled)

Ok, enough about me. Have you heard about the Law of Effection? No? Let me explain:

The Law of Effection states that the more lives you affect in scale and/or magnitude, the richer you will become. This holds true for any business.

In simple terms, the more lives you directly or indirectly positively affect with your products or service, the more money you will make. Affect some, you make some money. Affect millions, and you make millions.

Network marketing is the normal person’s best opportunity to tap into the power of this law. Why? Because of leverage through network marketing. You cannot possibly sell these awesome products to millions of people all by yourself; there is only so much you personally can do. You need help. In HERBALIFE you get help by recruiting other people into your network to help you to get these awesome products to more people.

Now I know that when you just start out, recruiting can be challenging. But it is also the best time to do it. You can do it two ways: fast or slow. Fast is harder, much harder, but the rewards are better, much better. (Please note, “slow” is not necessarily easier. Ask me, I know!) The reality show “Biggest Loser” illustrates this point very nicely. If you are tough on yourself in the beginning, and give it your everything, you achieve the most unbelievable results in a very short space of time.

“Fast” builds momentum; “slow” doesn’t. Fast gives you the opportunity to leverage at a much larger scale than slow.

If you want a super successful HERBALIFE business, build a BIG downline FAST.

Whether you go fast or slow, it starts with one, and as you tap into the power of one, your team will start growing exponentially; but you have to start with at least one.

Let me show you. You are 1. You recruit 1 person, now you are 2. You each recruit 1 person, now you are 4; those 4 recruit 1 each and now you are 8…16….32…64…128.  You get the point. The true value of any Network Marketing Company lies in the law of “effection”; the ability to touch the lives of many.

Now let’s say you start a little faster; you recruit 2, instead of 1; now you are 3. You three each recruit 2, growing your team with 6 new distributors and now you are 9. You nine get 2 more each, and all of a sudden your team is 27 strong…81…243…729…

What if you start with 5? Or what if you are that Korean girl who sat way back in a Herbalife extravaganza and when Mark Hughes said, you have to talk to 10 people per day about the business opportunity, the Chinese whisper translation she got was, you have to recruit 10 people per day???? You guessed it, she rocketed to the President’s team in no time.

One final point on recruiting: don’t recruit distributors, recruit “Herbalifers”. What is a Herbalifer? It is a person that uses the products every day to get his/her own personal result and who then goes out, and share it with the people he/she cares about. I still maintain, and you can quote me on this: Word of mouth is still one of the fastest ways of building a BIG network FAST. It’s free and anyone can do it. If you don’t recruit your friends and family first, someone else might.

The E-Book, Six Steps to Network Marketing Success, which you can download from Smashwords in your favorite e-reader format like Kindle, iBooks etc, was specifically written with Herbalife as network marketing company in mind.

It covers the Six Critical Steps that any network marketer has to take to build a solid business. It’s all about laying the foundation properly.



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