How many calories in a Herbalife Shake?

how many calories in a herbalife shake

How many calories are there in a Herbalife shake?

The answer to this question depends upon how you prepare your Herbalife shake.

herbalife desertsI have been using the Herbalife shakes on a daily basis since April 1996 and one thing that I absolutely LOVE about the Herbalife shakes is the variety of shakes you can create. The original Herbalife shake came in a vanilla flavour. Don’t like vanilla? No problem, add your own natural flavours! In those early days we have added rum-and-raison essence and caramel essence and fruits etc. Basically, you used your imagination and created your own Herbalife shake.

These days we are spoiled for choice with the amount of flavours that Herbalife created for us. The formula one shake comes in all kinds of flavours now, depending upon which Herbalife country in the world you live in. But let’s get back to the calories question: how many calories in a Herbalife shake?

A typical Herbalife shake contains about 205 calories (858 kJ) per serving. This is if you make your shake as recommended with 28g of the Herbalife shake powder, mixed with 300 ml of skimmed milk.

As you know, the Herbalife shake recipes are many and varied. As long as you are conscious as to the calorie content of the extra ingredients you add to your Herbalife shake, you can control the calorie content of your shake.

Some people prefer to make their shakes with water. That immediately takes away about a 100 calories, as 28g of the Herbalife shake powder only contains 101 calories (423kJ). This gives you more freedom with what you add to your shake for variety.

wild berry shakeFrozen berries are great additions to your shake, provided you blend it well.

Another almost must have ingredient you can add to your Herbalife shake if you blend it, is ice cubes, especially if you make your shake with water instead of skimmed milk.

The fluid part of your shake can literally be anything, as long as you keep the calorie count of that ingredient low, unless of course your goal is to gain weight, in which case you can go wild. For Herbalife clients that wishes to gain weight, it’s not uncommon to add peanut butter and ice cream to their Herbalife shakes.

If you just want to be and stay healthy, one Herbalife shake per day is sufficient for you. It gives your body all the nutrients that it requires for the day, in a low calorie form. These nutrients are quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, and because they are in the right combinations, they are easily assimilated at a cellular level. Hence the term cellular nutrition. You are basically feeding your body cells the nutrition they need to function at an optimum level. Perfect! One Herbalife shake a day, and you and your children should be okay…nutrition wise that is.

For us as parents this fact about the Herbalife shake (that it gives your body all the nutrients that it requires for the day, in a low calorie form) was very reassuring, because we knew, as long as our kids got their breakfast Herbalife shake in their bodies, they would have all the energy they need for the day. (Herbalife is food and can be consumed by anybody. It is safe and natural. Our kids started drinking shakes from a very young age.)

If you need to lose weight, the Herbalife shake is a perfect way to help you do that. Just replace two of your daily meals with a Herbalife shake, and make your third meal a colourful meal. Do this consistently and your excess weight will melt away. The reason: you feed your body what it needs, so your cravings go down and your satisfaction levels go up. You stay fuller for longer, because of the optimum nutrition your body cells got. The shakes are in low calorie form and if you just eat a normal healthy 3rd meal (colourful means vegetables with colour and salad together with your proteins), you have the perfect healthy diet.

Of course you can speed up the process by burning more calories than normal via exercise. Cardiovascular exercise (running, swimming, aerobics etc) burn fat immediately. Strength and weight training builds muscles (gaining muscle weight) but one of the main functions of your lean muscle is to burn fat. Hence the importance to build healthy lean muscle mass.

So, as you can see: when you incorporate the Herbalife shakes into your daily diet, you don’t have to worry too much about how many calories you are eating, as it will in all probability be already much less than you are currently eating. And we all know the basic science of weight loss: eat less calories than your body is burning and you lose weight.

The amazingness of the Herbalife shake however, is that it feeds your body all the nutrients that it needs and therefore you feel great, maintain great energy and vitality. In other words, it does not feel like you are on a diet. You are simply living healthy.

How many calories in a Herbalife shake? Well, depending on how you prepare it, between 101 and 250 calories on average, but who counts calories anyway….with Herbalife you just follow the 3-2-1 formula and you live life!


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