How does skipping meals affect your health and weight?

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Skipping meals is a reality for many

Skipping meals is bad for you. But you already know that. Why then do so many people skip meals every single day? If I ask you, “what is the most important meal of the day?” you, like most people, would immediately say, “BREAKFAST”! Exactly.

Guess which meal is most often skipped by the meal skippers? You guessed it….breakfast! How crazy is that?

And most of these people don’t do it to lose weight, but simply because they don’t have time to cook breakfast every morning.

Everyone knows that the sugar and carbohydrate loaded breakfast cereals you get in the supermarket, does not really feed your body what it needs; it just gives you a sugar rush for a few hours; leaving you hungry within 2-3 hours. If on the other hand you could feed yourself a proper meal, it would sustain you much longer and give you much more energy and vitality; but where to get the time….

Many people think skipping meals leads to weight loss, but does it? In this video, Susan Bowerman discusses the effects and impact skipping a meal on a regular basis can have on your body.

What skipping meals mean for weight loss

People might often think that skipping a meal will help them lose weight. And the thinking goes something like this: “if I skip this meal, I’m saving x-amount of calories by not eating them.” It sounds very logical. However that notion rarely works. And here’s why:

When you skip a meal, you’ll be hungrier by the time it’s your next meal. Let’s say you avoid eating a 400 or 500 calorie meal. You’ll be hungrier for your next meal and most likely will end up eating more had you not skipped a meal. There are some studies that suggest, when you skip a meal you eat more the next day!

When you skip meals, your brain registers starvation….lack of food…and it goes into a preservation mode, wanting to lay down more fat to protect you in the hard times ahead. Is that what you want?


Effects of skipping meals

Your body needs fuel in the form of protein and carbohydrates to give you energy throughout the day. This is for both physical and mental energy. So, skipping a meal means you’re also depriving your body and mind of the proteins and carbs it needs to function. What does this do to your body? You’re going to get tired.

When you’re tired, your mind starts craving the wrong, less-nutritious food items, like say, sweets. Instead, a better way to keep your mental and physical energy up, is to eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day.

Now, skipping meals means you’re not getting all the nutrients because you’d be limiting your opportunities to get a spectrum of them. If you opt for regular 3 meals a day and snacks in between, you’re giving yourself more chances to work in healthy foods into your diet. The more often you eat, the more likely you are to meet your daily nutrients.


Tips for weight loss

While skipping meals won’t necessarily help you lose weight, think about your weight loss plan as you would your weight maintenance. It’s about the approach you adopt. This means, establishing a regular eating plan with healthy foods will help your weight loss and can help you in your weight loss maintenance.


If you use Herbalife you do not have to skip meals

Logically, if you skip meals, especially such an important meal as breakfast, your body lacks the nutrients it needs to function at an optimum level. As Susan said, this will lead you to get tired and most likely over eat at your next meal.

the best protein shakeThe Herbalife nutritional protein drink mix, is the number one meal replacement in the world. It gives your body cells all the nutrition they need on a daily basis and in perfect balance.

It’s quick and easy to make, and fits into the busiest of time schedules! No need to skip breakfast anymore. Just fix yourself a Herbalife shake and there you go!

It comes in all different flavours and actually tastes fantastic!


The easy way to stop skipping meals

Want to just make sure you don’t skip meals? Use the Herbalife shake in stead. It gives your body all the nutrients it needs at a fraction of the calories that a similar plate of “normal healthy food” would give you.

Want to lose weight effectively and healthily? Just replace TWO of your daily meals with the Herbalife shake and eat one normal (healthy/colourful) meal. You will feel fantastic. Energetic. Vital.

Want to go even faster? Add some of the Herbalife targeted products to assist in faster weight loss.

How do I know this? Because I lost 36 kg in 6 months using Herbalife, and maintaining my weight ever since has become so easy. I’m no longer skipping meals either! (Compulsory Disclaimer: my results are not typical; but most certainly possible. Individual results will vary.)

Start taking better care of your body and stop skipping meals!


I hope that you found this blog and video helpful.



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