What are Herbalife Volume Points and How does it work?

Herbalife Volume Points

If you are thinking about using the Herbalife products or becoming a Herbalife distributor, an understanding of Herbalife Volume Points will be of great benefit to you.


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Herbalife Volume Points

Each Herbalife product is assigned a Volume Point Value. For example, the Herbalife Shake, or Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, has a Volume Point Value of 23.95 Volume Points. Therefore, no matter where in the Herbalife world you are, or in what currency you pay for your Herbalife products, the Volume Point Value of your order will be the same everywhere.

Move up the Marketing Plan by accumulating Volume Points in these ways:

  • PPV = Personally Purchased Volume
    Volume purchased by you directly from Herbalife using your Herbalife ID number
  • DLV = Downline Volume
    Volume purchased by your non-Supervisor downline Distributors directly from Herbalife, ordering between 25% to 42% discount using their Herbalife ID numbers.
  • OV = Organizational Volume
    The personal volume points of all your Supervisors, three Supervisor Levels deep. This is the Volume Points on which a Supervisor is paid a Royalty Override of up to 5%.

Personal Volume (PV)

  • Volume purchased directly from Herbalife by you (PPV) plus the volume purchased by all your non-Supervisor downline Distributors who orders at a discount of between 25% to 42% (DLV) in that same calendar month.
  • It therefore excludes any 50% discount orders by Qualifying Supervisors and orders of Fully Qualified Supervisors and their distributors.
  • Your PV, PPV and DLV can be tracked by logging in to your www.myherbalife.com website using your unique Herbalife ID number and PIN code.

Your Personal Volume Points determine you discount level.

For example:

You are a distributor living in Australia. You sponsor B, a distributor living in England. B places an order for 200 Volume Points at a 25% from Herbalife on the 12th of the month. Both you an B now have 200 Personal Volume Points, because B’s volume points is part of your DLV which counts for you too.

If you now place an order of 300 volume points from Herbalife in the same calendar month, that order will push your Personal Volume for the month to 500 volume points, and therefore you will purchase that 300 volume point order at a 35% discount. This will also qualify you to the Senior Consultant level. You will never fall back to the 25% discount again.

Your Volume Points and the Volume Points purchased by your Distributors who are not yet Supervisors, count for you as Personal Volume and will help you qualify to the next discount levels.

Whether you are in Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, United States or where ever in the Herbalife World you might find yourself, you will get equal treatment from the Herbalife Marketing Plan.

If we therefore say, “you only need to buy 300 more Volume Points to qualify to the Next Level”, it basically means you can make up any order of Herbalife products which have a combined Volume Point Value of more than 300 Volume Points.

Herbalife Volume Points are only valid for the calendar month in which they were acquired.

On the 1st of every new month, we all start with ZERO Personal Volume Points.

We then build on these Volume Points as the month progresses and our total Personal Volume for that particular month, is the total on the last day of the month (called “month end”).

The first of the next month, we all start at ZERO again.

The reason behind this, is so Herbalife can have a cut-off date to calculate everyone’s commissions and profits generated from those orders, which is then paid on the 15th and 21st of the following month.

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