Herbalife protein shake recipes – playing with colour

Herbalife protein shake recipes – playing with colour.

Herbalife protein shake recipes

Step 1….ingredients

This week I went off my normal beaten track with my Herbalife protein shake recipes, to incorporate colour.   I tried to do a few different things.  I wanted to be bold enough to try ‘a store cupboard’ or ‘what do I have in my freezer’ ingredient, that I wouldn’t normally use.  You know what I mean 😉 You usually just look past it, because you usually use it for something else. I hope you enjoy making this one.

So here is a simple Herbalife protein shake recipe with frozen fruit.  The fruit is usually picked at their peak, and frozen within hours.  So the nutrition of the fruit is retained.  I didn’t really know that, until I started reading about it.



Herbalife strawberry shake – 2 scoops
100g frozen berries (make sure it’s defrosted, otherwise you might break the blades blitzing this up!)
250ml soya milk

This is a delicious, vibrant shake that will jumpstart your day. The frozen berries provide 1 of your 5 portions of fruit of the day. The soya milk I use for our family, contain calcium.  Not all soya milk contain calcium though.  Have you had a look at your milk carton?

This Herbalife shake recipe, has a bit of a sour tang because of the berries.  If you want to sweeten it up, add a teaspoon of honey (another store cupboard ingredient).  That might be more agreeable with your sweeter taste buds.

The Herbalife protein shake recipes are so easy and convenient to incorporate in our day.  How you use your Herbalife products, depend on the goal you want to achieve.

Herbalife protein shake recipes

Step2…combine ingredients and blitz up…

Let’s make it easy as 1,2,3.

1 – Weight loss: 1 meal, 2 shakes, tablets 3 times per day

2 – Weight management: 1 shake, 2 meals, tablets 3 times per day.  This is also just for good nutrition.  This is how we use our products as a family.  Our kids have their shakes and meals daily.

3 – Weight gain: 3 meals, 3 shakes, tablets 3 times per day.  Have your meal first, then have your Herbalife shake.
Easy enough? I might have over simplified it, but that really is the nitty gritty of using your Herbalife protein shake recipes, as part of your daily nutrition.

Today, I’ve decided to keep it simple, by using only one flavour shake and minimising the ingredients for the Herbalife shake recipe.  I also thought of just using ingredients we already have in our store cupboard or freezer. Hope you enjoy experimenting and ‘eating’ your colourful shakes!


Herbalife protein shake recipes

Step 3…Ta-dahhhh.Enjoy!


If you would like to have more advice on how to incorporate Herbalife protein shake recipes in your busy and hectic lifestyle, then contact us directly at eldredenmichelle@gmail.com. We know exactly how tired you can be after a full day of stressful work, with no energy to play with your kids. It doesn’t feel great does it? We’ve been there, done that. Now we have more energy than people half our age! Why do I say that? Because we work with people much younger than us and they ‘just can not understand’, how we run circles around them even after a full days work. I’ll have that any day. Want to feel the same way we do? Well you know how to find us!