Herbalife protein shake recipes ~ Melon Treat

herbalife protein shake recipes

Herbalife protein shake recipes will not be complete if it does not have this Melon Treat recipe in there. It’s true that there are so many recipes to choose from. There is literally not a tastebud on this planet that cannot be satisfied with one of our Herbalife protein shake recipes.


Herbalife protein shake recipes ~ Melon Treat

How do you eat your water or sweet melon?

Herbalife protein shake recipesIt is the season for water and sweet melons now here in South Africa. They are plenty and how do you eat them? Even if you are not here there is a time you will have them. So it is good for you to read and copy this recipe.

Let me take you by surprise!!!! Melon Treat!

Most of us we know and have eaten or drank shakes before. EATEN???  Yes with our many many recipes we are sharing  with you will find out that sometimes we have to eat it and not drink it. Let me make your mouths watery with this exotic recipe. Before you start preparing for the ingredients make sure that you dice the sweet and water melon and keep it refridgerated.


_2  scoops of strawberry formula 1-

-150 ml skimmed milk/ rice milk

-100 ml herbal aloe concentrate citrus

-1 cup diced sweet melon

-1 cup diced water melon

-4 ice cubes

Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend together. Enjoy your melon treat shake!!!



Totally Tropical Shake!!!!


Love tropical fruits here is treat for a herbalife shake.



-2 scoops F1 tropical shake

herbalife protein shake recipes


-1/2 cup crushed crushed pineapple
-1 medium orange (peeled and seeded)

-1/2 banana

-200 ml skimmed / soy/rice milk

Blend everything together until smooth and enjoy!!!
-4-6 ice cubes (optional)



I enjoy the various Herbalife protein shake recipes of how one can enjoy the shake without being bored. Each time you can enjoy the herbalife shakes, the choice is there.  For me i take advantage of season fruits and I love my shakes differently every time. The core theme is I know I am giving my body the right nutrition with the right amounts of minerals and vitamins it needs.



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