Herbalife helps single mom

herbalife helps single mom

Herbalife helps single momHerbalife helps single mom get back on her feet. In this article and video you will meet Lori, a single mom who just wanted the best for her kids after her divorce. She already loved the Herbalife shake and trusted the products. Now she wanted to learn the business to make an extra income. If she can, anyone can.

Herbalife helps single mom to give her kids a good life and quality vacations.

Lori’s real Herbalife journey started after her divorce. Although she was using the Herbalife shake for three years by then, she wasn’t interested in the business. After the divorce however, Lori needed to earn extra income to help support her kids. She did not need to make millions with Herbalife, but she did want to take her kids on quality holidays. Like any mom, she wanted the best for her kids. This is her story…

This is Lori. She’s an independent Herbalife member whose decisions have inspired her kids and made a difference in her community. Here’s how her story began.

Before joining Herbalife, Lori was going through a difficult time. As a single mother, her main concern was being able to support her kids.

Lori’s determination to provide for her family drove her to call her sister who was an Independent Herbalife Member. Not only did Lori’s sister teach her about the opportunities afforded by an Herbalife business, but Lori was already an advocate for the nutrition products. In fact, the chocolate flavored Herbalife Formula 1 Shake was a favorite.

Lori joined Herbalife with one goal: to financially provide for her family.

Though Lori’s initial interest in Herbalife was to earn extra income, she continued to pursue it because of the genuine bonds and personal relationships she formed with customers.

Driven by her dedication to her kids, Lori was able to create the life she pictured.* Meanwhile, she was also able to help her community embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.
* Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compensation Paid by Herbalife at Herbalife.com and MyHerbalife.com.

Lori chose to live the life she wanted—that’s the example she wanted to set for her children, for her community, and for YOU.


Join Team Herbalife:

herbalife helps single momWillem & Suné Kilian

My wife and I are independent Herbalife distributors since March 1996. We both got great results on the products and enjoy using it every day.

Being happy, healthy, and prosperous is a choice. For us, choosing Team Herbalife, was one of the better decisions of our lives.

Although we are both professionals, we recommend the Herbalife products to everyone who wants to improve their health and well-being.

We have built a network of like-minded people all around the world and we love it!

We are a typical Herbalife family. Our kids love the products as much as we do.

The Herbalife business opportunity is arguably one of the best in the network marketing industry, paying back 73% of the gross turnover to its members and distributors via retail profits, wholesale profits, royalties and bonuses. This allows us to provide amazing value to each member who chooses to join our network.

We love building a residual monthly income with this opportunity. You build something now, that will outlast you. Your business can be left to your beneficiaries.

The combination of these amazing products with this solid compensation plan, makes Herbalife in our eyes the best network marketing opportunity out there.

We have disseminated all the essential knowledge about Herbalife, its compensation plan, the power of the products and how you can best benefit from it, organised it into a definite plan of action and directed it to the specific purpose of empowering you to achieve your definite financial and weight-management goals. If you partner with us, all you will need to do is putting these plans in action in your life. You will need to focus for at least 90 days. But more about that later.

If you are not yet a Herbalife member, but are interested to know more, you can click on the Apply Online (smiling lady picture) on the right. It will take you to a new page that provides you with more information.

However, if you are ready, willing and able to join our network right now, just follow the 5 easy steps below. We would love to have you on our team.

How to Join our Herbalife Team
You can Join Herbalife in a few minutes with 5 easy steps, sign-up using the online application:
1. Click on the following link https://us.onlinecontract.myherbalife.com
2. For “Sponsor’s Herbalife ID Number” enter “46024370“
3. For “First 3 Letters of Sponsor’s Last Name” enter “KIL“
4. For “Purchased an Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) from your Sponsor?” Select “No”
5. Click “Next” and follow the instructions to complete your Herbalife membership application.

You will have access to place your discounted orders directly from Herbalife within minutes and receive the Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) which includes detailed instructions on being a distributor along with some samples. Your starting discount is 25%!

If your country is not on the list to join online, just send us an email at either wjkilian@gmail.com or wiki@ezhealthbiz.com, and we will assist you to register in your country of residence. Provided of course that you do live in one of the 94 countries already open for Herbalife business.

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