Should you use Herbalife during pregnancy?

Herbalife during pregnancy

Can you use Herbalife during pregnancy? This is a question asked by so many pregnant mommies to be, and rightly so. You want to do the right thing by yourself and your baby. You want to make sure you stay healthy and your baby develops healthy.

All the health organisations worldwide, including the medical profession, will tell you that you should always consult your doctor before embarking on a weight-loss diet when you are pregnant. The same goes for using Herbalife during pregnancy. The reason is simply this: The doctor needs to check whether that diet provides for all the nutrition that you and your precious baby needs. You see, most of the western diets, cut the calorie intake and thereby also the nutrients…vital nutrients that your body needs. Not Herbalife.

Herbalife is food. It provides your body with the nutrients it needs in perfect balance on a daily basis, in a low calorie form. This is called healthy weight management. Herbalife during pregnancy is something all mothers should consider.


I used Herbalife during pregnancy – here is my story


Herbalife24 fit DVD


Hi everyone. As you know we have been using Herbalife for a considerable amount of time with great results.

When Willie and Sune, our Herbalife sponsors, introduced us to this ‘fantastic product’, I was sceptical to say the least. Probably like you are now. The fact that a 30 day money back guarantee was attached to this deal, certainly strengthened my resolve of ‘it probably doesn’t work’.

Well, the 30 days came and went and after 11 years, I still haven’t asked for my money back! Why? Because after 2 weeks (yes the Herbalife worked quicker than the 30 day money back guarantee I have to admit) you can not ignore your body when it actually does feel less sluggish. When you suddenly have energy to cook the dinner, do the ironing and read a book after a full days work, you have to ask yourself….. Well where does all this energy come from?

Herbalife is nutritious and safe. Why safe? I continued to use my Herbalife products during both my pregnancies and returned to my pre pregnancy weight within 3 weeks, without going onto the weight loss programme. I had no cravings and two very healthy pregnancies.

We are a a typical Hebalife family. Our children have been ‘eating’ the Herbalife shakes since they went onto rice porridge as babies. We all have a Herbalife shake before we leave the house in the morning. Eldred and I have a jazzed up one with all the healthy trimmings and the kids have their shake in their porridge oats. We can happily go on through our day knowing that we started it with the best nutrition.

I will soon blog some of our favourite Herbalife recipes. Feel free to share your recipes which we will happily try or if you have some suggestions…. Go on share it!




If you are a pregnant mommy considering to use Herbalife during pregnancy, come chat with me.

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About the Authors:

Herbalife24 fit DVDEldred & Michelle are dedicated professionals in the dental health industry. They discovered the power of cellular nutrition when they joined Herbalife on the 9th of September 2000. They are a typical Herbalife family with a wealth of experience of using the Herbalife products daily and raising healthy Herbalife kids.

Herbalife24 fit DVD

They recommend the amazing Herbalife products to everyone that is interested in living a healthier life and raising healthy kids. Becoming a Herbalife distributor in order to get the products at a discount and to help others live a healthier life was their first step. Now they are building a team of dedicated Herbalife distributors from all around the globe from the comfort of their home.

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~ Will Kilian






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  • Michelle

    Dear Retno
    Glad to know your lovely baby is healthy and yes you are right, your primary care givers during pregnancy is best suited to advise you, as every pregnancy is so unique. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  • I had perfect blood pusserre before I was pregnant. Now, I have high blood pusserre. With my first, I measured big. I was told then that it is a sign of high blood pusserre. I went pre-eclamptic at 37 1/2 weeks and was induced. My daughter was extremely healthy. I think what they mean is that it is a sign of later things to possible come. Just be glad they are watching you and dont stress. If things weren’t ok, they would be doing a lot more. So great to have natural supplements to use while pregnant. Will lose the excess weight in no time and health be as best as ever.

  • Michelle

    Hi Bill great to know your wife used Herbalife as well

  • Bill Benson

    My wife did too! These are the best nutritional products I’ve ever experience. Highly recommended.

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