Ex-homeless guy becomes 20K Herbalife President’s Team Success Story in just 23 months

20k herbalife presidents team

This is the story of Herbalife Member, International 20K Presidents Team Member,  Gerrain Jones:

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you guys my trip to Herbalife Corporate to pick up my 20K Presidents Team pin. WOW! it was a little emotional because out of pain comes growth if you are looking to become a better person. Reaching 20k Presidents wasn’t easy by any means but the journey was more than worth it because not only does it represent change in my life but it represents change in so many others lives all over the world. Im SUPER grateful to Herbalife and the opportunity to become the best version of yourself, I’m SUPER grateful to my team and the leadership they exude in achieving their own dreams, AHHHHHH I’m just grateful. THIS IS THE BEST LIFE EVER!!! and i GET to share that with people i truly care about. This is only the beginning!!!!! PERSONAL GROWTH and achievement is for everyone i can’t wait until we all share the same quality of life. You guys have my word.. Every time i step on stage i will put everything I’ve got into everything i have to make sure than you know everything i know.”

Believe in yourself.

Believe in other people.

Believe in the Herbalife products.

Believe in the Herbalife business opportunity.

When you work harder on yourself and truly focus not on helping yourself first, but helping other people, you will be taken care off. Speed is iirrelevant. Effecting change in the lives of those who desire change, gives everlasting satisfaction. The money, as Gerrain says, is a by-product.

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  • Will Kilian

    Hi Barbara Delaney, I can assure you it is all the truth. People from all walks of life use the Herbalife products and are attracted to network marketing. Obviously, with Bill Ackman’s attack on Herbalife in order to try and bring the company down, purely for personal gain, there is a lot of negative press created by Bill Ackmann and his cronies out there at the moment. They stand to lose billions of $$$ if they cannot succeed to bring Herbalife down. It is clear that they do not understand the concept of network marketing. If they did, they would know that it is impossible to close the co down. They might be able to manipulate the share price for their own personal gain, but that’s as far as it will go. Unfortunately, when you are a publicly traded company like Herbalife, you open yourself up for attacks by hedgefund managers who are “playing the money game” that Bill Ackman is doing with the short he took on the Herbalife shares. I’ve been using the Herbalife products since March 1996. It changed my life. There are millions of users like me out there in the market place. You should try the products Barbara. Experience the value for yourself. 🙂

    • travisimo

      The FTC ruling will collapse the pyramid, as it will require majority of sales to come from end users and suck all the profitability out of recruitment, the only way that people make money in these schemes. They basically called it a pyramid scheme by their actions.

      • And yet your predictions of collapse were completely wrong, because your base premise is wrong. Herbalife is a healthy stable business, and has been since Feb 1980. The FTC ruling helps Herbalife to keep the thrill seekers and people who damage the Herbalife brand out. The products are simply awesome. No business with such amazing products will ever go out of business. It’s as simple as that. All legitimate business are based upon, and have their reason for existence, in a real product for which there is market demand; hence Herbalife’s extraordinary success.

  • Barbara Delaney

    Uh, this is all lies! You used to be a highly paid model and you had a recording contract. Remember that, Stephen Jones? You’re trying to suck minorities into herbalife’s pyramid scheme.

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