Day 90: Dream it! Design it! Live it! After all, it is YOUR life!

dream it design it live it

The Power of Your Dreams

If you knew you could dream it design it live it, would you?

In this video, the last in our 90 Day Personal Development Video Blogging series, we focus on the fact that it all starts with our decisions. The better decisions we make, the better outcomes we get.

Successful people make good decisions early on in their lives, and then simply manage those decisions every day for the rest of their lives.


Dream it! Design it! Live it! – Video thoughts


You can choose to live your life on purpose, or by accident.

You can choose to dream it, design it & live it, or you can choose to let the “thoughts of the world”, govern your future.

Your power to capture every single thought…to direct your thoughts and create the neuro-pathways in your brain for what you want, rather than accepting the old programs you received growing up, is the power that will set you free.

What if you could be anything you want to be? What if you could do anything you want to do? What if you could have anything you want to have? What if there was a way to “get it all”? Will you seek it out?

Start with your daily dozen of “good decisions” and then simply manage those decisions on a daily basis with your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Take charge over your life now. Dare to dream it. Dare to design it. Dare to live it!


To your happiness, health and prosperity!


~ Will Kilian

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dream it design it live it










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