Does Herbalife work for weight management?

does herbalife work

Does Herbalife work – HELL YEAH!does Herbalife work

(See the testimonial of Liz, alias “New Beginning” below. Martina agrees!)

Every month, about 4,400 people around the world asks this question in Google:

Question: does Herbalife work

You see, like most people, their focus is not the Herbalife products, but what the Herbalife products can do for them.

Hence the question, does Herbalife work?

If you want a 3 inch hole, you cannot buy one. You have to buy a 3 inch drill bit. But you want to know, will this drill bit work?

If you you want a specific weight management result, for example weight loss, you cannot buy weight loss. You cannot buy a 10 kg fat loss. You have to put your faith in some product; use it, and hope that the results you get is what you are after.

This feels like a bit of a gamble, hence people interested to buy Herbalife and use it, ask this question of their peers: does Herbalife work?

You see, Herbalife product results are what it is all about. Nobody is interested in the Herbalife products per se. We are interested in the Herbalife product results. So, what kind of results can you expect to get when you use Herbalife?

Let’s face it, the only way to answer the question, does Herbalife work, is to look at the results of people who are using the Herbalife products.

p.s. The Herbalife products are not weight loss products per se; it is weight management products. You can gain, maintain or lose weight, depending on HOW you use it. The majority of people start using the Herbalife products because their immediate goal is weight loss. Thereafter, after they reached their weight loss goals, their needs change to that of weight management and healthy living. Herbalife is all about healthy living.


Which are the best products to use to lose weight?

Well, there are so many opinions out there in the market place and everybody claims to have the best products. However, in the end, results are the name of the game.

By now there are over 100 million recorded Herbalife product results. Below are just a small sample to help you answer this all important question: does Herbalife work?

The Herbalife products are distributed in over 94 countries and the Herbalife product results are streaming in from all of these countries. The company was founded in 1980.

With a sales turnover of $7.7 billion dollars last year, the products are more popular than ever. The reason? The results! The reason: The Herbalife products work!

Have a look!


The Herbalife product results will vary from person to person.

As a disclaimer we have to tell you that the results you will see in this video are not typical and that individual results will vary.

We show you what is possible if you use the Herbalife products as recommended.

Compulsory Legal Disclaimer:
These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

Look at some of my friends’ results….

Look at these Herbalife Product Results!

does herbalife workdoes herbalife workdoes herbalife workdoes herbalife workdoes herbalife workdoes herbalife workdoes herbalife workdoes herbalife workdoes herbalife workdoes herbalife work

Does Herbalife work, you ask? Yes! The Herbalife products delivers great results. Every time….when used as recommended.


If you too want great Herbalife product results, you can have it! If you are willing to use it as recommended. In short, Herbalife does work, if you do.


How are all these Herbalife product results possible? Why does Herbalife work?

Simple. The Herbalife products provides your body with all the nutrients it needs on a daily basis, and in perfect balance. All this at very low calories.


To lose weight, we all know you have to cut your calorie intake every day to below what your body’s daily calorie needs are (metabolic rate). The problem with just cutting calories, is that you also cut nutrition! The Herbalife products, and specifically the Herbalife formual 1 shake, solves this problem!


With Herbalife you can lose weight in a healthy manner fast! The more you are able to cut your calories whilst you are drinking two Herbalife shakes per day, the more weight you will lose and the faster you will lose it.


By having two Herbalife shakes per day, as recommended, you feed your body cells all the nutrition it needs on a daily basis, but in very low calorie form. This allows you to cut your excess calorie intake as low as you can mentally go.


Because the Herbalife products deliver optimum nutrition to the body cells, most people choose to keep on using the Herbalife products on a daily basis after they have achieved their goal weight. Why? Because it’s the healthiest food you can eat! And it allows you to manage your weight with ease!


If you want Herbalife product resulst like this, why not commit to use the Herbalife products for life like we did? Oh, you first want to try it out? Very well then, try it out. Remember the wise words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try!”

My Herbalife product results story…

When I first got the Herbalife products, I had no idea what results I was going to get. I did take it seriously though. In my first week I lost 4kg. In my first month I lost 10kg. In just six months, I lost 36kg! It changed my life (and probably saved it too.)

Remember, our results are not typical. Individual results will vary. By law I have to say that. 🙂

I was only 26 years old at the time. Look at my and my wife’s Herbalife product results transformation:

does herbalife work


So, Herbalife distribute it’s products by way of network marketing. You cannot buy it in the shops. Only from a registered Herbalife member. Unless you become your own registered member, which is what I advise. It’s quick. It’s convenient. And it helps you to remain independent.
Below, I share with you how you can get the Herbalife products at a minimum discount of 25% when you become a Herbalife member. These days you can even register online. Check it out….

Network Marketing Explained is a generic NWM video

Network Marketing Explained video explains network marketing and the opportunity within network marketing. It’s a simple video. Anybody can follow along.

Have a look….

Herbalife is the leading health and wellness company in the world.

It also happens to be one of the biggest network marketing companies in the world.


The Herbalife Opportunity is explained in the video below.

Have a look….


Click the “Start Right” option on the menu at the top to learn how you can become part of this incredible industry and this incredible company.

About Your Herbalife Sponsors:

does herbalife workWillem & Suné Kilian

Global Expansion Team
Herbalife ID: 46-024370
Based in Australia.

p.s. My wife and I are independent Herbalife distributors since March 1996. We both got great results on the products. She lost 10kg within the first few months and I lost 36kg in 6 months.

We both maintain our new healthy weight ever since. (Compulsory legal disclaimer: These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.)

Although we are both professionals – she being a medical doctor and me being a lawyer, we recommend the Herbalife products to everyone who wants to improve their health and well-being.

We are a typical Herbalife family. Our kids love the products as much as we do.

The Herbalife business opportunity is arguably one of the best in the network marketing industry, paying back 73% of the gross turnover to its members and distributors via retail profits, wholesale profits, royalties and bonuses.
The combination of these amazing products with this solid compensation plan, makes Herbalife in our eyes the best network marketing opportunity out there.

p.p.s. If you are not yet a Herbalife distributor, but are interested to know more, you can click on the Apply Online (smiling lady picture) on the right. It will take you to a new page that provides you with more information.

However, if you are ready, willing and able to join us right now, just follow the 5 easy steps below.

How to Join our Herbalife Team
You can Join Herbalife in a few minutes with 5 easy steps, sign-up using the online application:
1. Click on the following link
2. For “Sponsor’s Herbalife ID Number” enter “46024370“
3. For “First 3 Letters of Sponsor’s Last Name” enter “KIL“
4. For “Purchased an Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) from your Sponsor?” Select “No”
5. Click “Next” and follow the instructions to complete your Herbalife membership application.

You will have access to place your discounted orders directly from Herbalife within minutes and receive the Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) which includes detailed instructions on being a distributor along with some samples. Your starting discount is 25%!

If your country is not on the list to join online, just send us an email at either or, and we will assist you to register in your country of residence. Provided of course that you do live in one of the 94 countries already open for Herbalife business.


We trust you enjoyed this short blog which has as focus, DOES HERBALIFE WORK.

As you can see, the answer is an overwhelming, Hell Yeah!!!

If you have to explain network marketing to someone else, then this Network Marketing Explained Video and blog post will come in handy. Feel free to use it.

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