Diet Tips – Stick to a few things for success Revisited

Diet Tips

Diet Tips – Stick to the plan for successDiet Tips


How many of us start something and never seem to go the full mile?  Whether it is to lose weight, drink more water, excersize regularly or quit smoking we don’t seem stay motivated to see things through. We tend to find it hard to stick to a new routine. It’s much easier to just go back to our old ways.


With good intentions in mind we don’t quite make it. Is it because we try to do much at once? So many things to think about –  getting up early to excersize, meal planning and counting calories. This could cause more stress and makes the climb to success harder.


Diet tipsHere are a few Diet Tips to help YOU achieve success.


Diet Tips 1: Find something that suits your life style. Something that is easy to follow and is sustainable long term.

Find meals that are easy to cook. Keep it interesting still helping you to consume the right amount of nutrients. Due to busy working patterns, family life, you may not have time to prepare 3 healthy colourful meals a day. You are tired of eating chicken breasts and rice 6 times per week because your personal trainer requires you to eat this to achieve your goals. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid


Diet Tips 2: Have Realistic Goals

Make your goals realistic and achievable. You did not put on weight in 2 weeks. So, why would you try to lose a stone in a week?? It is healthy to lose roughly a kilogram per week. This would give your body enough time to adjust to the changes. And be realistic when comes to falling off the wagon. Dust yourself off, learn from the experience and get back onto the road of success. I love Pizza!! and very occasionally I will have one. If I’m going to jump off the wagon. Please note I jump. I don’t fall. I will do it properly! extra meat , extra cheese, stuffed crust. The works!! Once I do this I will not have a pizza for up to 6 months.


Diet Tips 3:  Out of site, out of mind .

Why stock it in your cupboard if you don’t want to eat it? Empty your fridge, freezer, cupboards and the secret hide away of all the food that does not equate to your road to success. Replace them with healthy options you like. When you are on the go keep healthy snacks like almonds, healthy protein bars or fruit close by. Eat regularly. this will stop you from grabbing less nutritious fat laden snacks. This brings us to the next tip.


Diet Tips 4: Eat regularly – Aim to eat every 3-4 hours

It makes sense that if you eat less you are robbing yourself of essential nutrients. Your body would think it is starving and store most things you consume as fat. When you are starving it is also more likely for you to indulge in chocolates, crisps and the less healthy stuff you are trying to avoid. Not eating regularly will leave you irritable, tired, and very hungry. Michelle and I would eat roughly 6 small meals a day. That would include high protein snacks like protein bars and soy nuts.  Our meals would be just enough to last us until the next time. Eating good quality protein will keep you fuller for longer.


Diet Tips 5: Stay Happy – Eat Healthy

Some of us eat as if it the last supper!! Sometimes emotional stress can cause us to eat for comfort. When you feel down. STOP, ACKNOWLEDGE HOW YOU FEEL. Instead of eating your sorrows away find a way to deal with your anger, stress or depression. Breathing deep and slow works for me. It makes me aware of how I feel. It also helps to say: ‘You are not your feelings’ It gives you the time to think and will very likely make you change your mind about comfort eating. Or, go for a walk – it clears your mind and it burns calories.


Diet Tips 6: Have a Wellness Coach/ Buddy for help and Motivation (Thanks Francois for reminding me about what we do)

If Tiger Woods needs a coach to improve and keep up his game so do I! We find it helpful to train together, and motivate each other. We help our customers and team to stay motivated by keeping in touch. With a Tanita Scale we set goals and keep track of progress. This awesome scale tracks your fat %, muscle mass, bone density, biological age, water % – a collection of info of your over all well being. Get a wellness coach, it helps to do things together!


A slight contradiction  🙄

In life we all of have dreams and goals and many times do not achieve them. In my opinion a big part of failing to reach goals and make our dreams a reality is because we under estimate the effort and sacrifices necessary to make such dreams and gaols a reality. Recognise the time, effort and sacrifices it is going to take. You then know what it is going to take. Set your goals higher. If you want to lose 10kg, set your goal to 15 or 20 kg. If you want to make £100 000 set your goal to £1 million! I would rather come short of the goal of a Million quid than £100 000. Would you rather be short of a goal of 15kg than being short of your 10kg? I am guilty of setting average goals and coming short of average goals – ending with mediocre results. This many times leaves you feeling worthless – an under achiever. So if you want awesome results – set awesome awesome goals!! 



Due to our busy life style and the need to get the best nutrition easily, we use the best in the world. The Herbalife shakes are well balanced with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Because it is FOOD our children have it in their porridge or as a shake for breakfast. It is also high in protein that keeps us satisfied for longer. We also use the low calorie protein bars as snacks in between meals. Been using it for 12 years – I would recommend this any day. However, see what works for you.

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