Day 60: The basics of building your own website, online business and list building

building your own website list building

Building your own website is easy

Today it is very easy and cost effective to build your own website, start an online business and focus on list building.


[The money is in the list – Video]


building your own website list buildingThe basics of building your own website and the importance of list building

In the above video I share the basics of building your own website to start your online business. Be sure to connect with me, or opt into my TeamWiki PowerList as I will go into more detail in future blogs. In short, these are the elements you need:

Domain name registration

I recommend It is quick, easy, very user friendly and CHEAP!

Use this referral code to get 35% off: WOW4unow


Hosting services

I recommend Hostgator. Most online marketers use Hostgator. Their customer service is very good, prices are reasonably cheap and it is a reliable host.

Click on this link to check them out: HostGator Link



WordPress is free and can be installed to your website straight from Hostgator.

You can use a free WordPress theme, but I recommend something like Optimizepress (version 2 is about to be released!) to design the look and functionality of your website. Playing around with your own website is the best way to go. That way you get a feel for it. If you want to change your design later, you can. You are in complete control. (If you want more information on OptimizePress subscribe to my list and sent me an email.

Instead of WordPress you can install Weebly, also free and also through Hostgator.



I use Aweber, but you can use anyone. Aweber is very reliable and one of the best.

Check it out here: AWEBER LINK


Once you have all of the above, you simply play around and build your own website. No need to be reliant on anybody else.


The EZHealthBiz System

If however you would prefer a plug & play system, you can either join me in EZHealthBiz where we promote niche specific cellular nutritional products for optimum health, weight maintenance and performance sports nutrition. Your initial registration is about $100 US, depending on what country you are in. In some countries, like the USA, you can register for as little as $60. Using the EZHealthBiz Online Marketing System is free for our all our members.

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Building your own website is both exciting and rewarding. List building and list communication is a vital aspect of building a long term, sustainable online business.


To your happiness, health and prosperity!

~ Will Kilian

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building your own website list building









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