News: Cristiano Ronaldo best soccer player once again with his second FIFA Ballon d’Or!

Christiano Ronaldo

Herbalife sponsored international soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, was last night crowned as the best soccer player in the world, once again, taking the crown from rival, Lionel Messi. Since being the winner of this illustrious award in 2008, Ronaldo was outshined by Lionel Messi, who dominated world soccer since 2009. Hard work on and off the field, has brought Ronaldo success once more.

Co-nominee for the illustrious FIFA Ballon d’Or, Lionel Messi, formerly sponsored by Herbalife too, had a great year as well, but was pipped by an in form Ronaldo. Franck Ribery was the third nominee.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Road to being the best soccer player in the world

Born on 5 February 1985 in Santo Antonio , a neighborhood of Funchal, Maderia, Ronaldo began his soccer career at age eight playing for the amateur team Andorinha where he was quickly noticed and signed by local club Nacional and, after winning the championship was recruited by Sporting CP who signed him at age 13. In 2003, after great success at Sporting CP, Manchester United signed Ronaldo where he played until 2009 when Real Madrid signed him for the biggest contract in soccer history. In addition to his league play, Ronaldo plays for his country, and has represented Portugal in the Euro and World Cup tournaments. Off the field, Ronaldo is active in charitable activities and is Global Artist Ambassador for Save the Children and ambassador for The Mangrove Care Forum in Indonesia.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the greatest soccer player in the game today. Two-time winner of the European Golden Shoe, the 2008 and 2014 winner of the Ballon d’Or, FIFPro Player of the Year, World Soccer Player of the Year, FIFA World Player of the Year and the Onze d’Or, Ronaldo has broken numerous records and continues to make his mark on his team Real Madrid, in La Liga and in international competition.

In an interview at the end of last year with Portuguese sports paper A Bola, the footballer said that he “always likes to win”, adding that the choice does not depend on him. “I don’t know if I deserve it this year. I’ve on the podium for six years, this is the seventh or eighth time in the FIFPro team. “It is no accident. It shows the consistency that I have shown in recent years,” the forward said. “Do I deserve to win? I think I deserve to win the Ballon d’Or each year. I’d like to win, but sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. That’s the way things are.” Ronaldo is known to be an ambitious player, something he confirms in the interview: “I’m an ambitious person, a player who always wants the best. A player who loves to learn and likes to maintain a high level. “I’m more mature every year. I have more experience and that’s good for me and my team or selection.” Ronaldo scored 69 goals in 2013 – a personal record. In addition, the player helped Portugal qualify for next year’s World Cup in Brazil by scoring an impressive four goals in the two play-off games against Sweden.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his nutrition team

Success at this high level is no accident indeed. Professional athletes take their nutrition pretty serious. A physically demanding sport like soccer, is no different. These professional athletes cannot afford to use anything but the best nutritional supplements. Not surprisingly, Ronaldo chose to partner with Herbalife, who is his official nutrition sponsor.

Cristiano Ronaldo

You too can use the same nutritional suplements that Cristiano Ronaldo uses

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