Chronic sinusitis infection almost ruined my life. Did I find a cure?

chronic sinusitis infection: For almost my whole life I would tell when seasons are changing as I suffered chronic sinusitis infection. I am 45 years now and am so grateful that I found a cure for me. Now the change of season is a pleasure; not a pain anymore…


My chronic sinusitis infection and associated allergies, were like the norm; it was part of me. I endured the pain, red itchy eyes, sneezing, sinus and yet I called them my own. I tried all the medicines on the shelves and some prescribed drugs, but it would subside only for a short while and then it would start all over again. Nothing worked…


I suffered for a long time  – the pain unbearable, sometimes. If  I hear about anything that might work to rid me of my chronic sinusitis infection I would try it, but all to no avail. I had to accept…it was now normal…my normal. I will prepare myself to endure what ever comes every season. It was my sinus, my allergies and I would always say, “thats what I feel and experience especially this season” yet what I was claiming to be normal was actually abnormal. No one should suffer like I did.


In 2011 I was introduced to Herbalife, I started using the products, but  had second thoughts because my sinus and my allergies were unbearable. I thought nothing on earth could help me. I was stuck with my chronic sinusitis infection.


After 2 weeks on the Herbalife products my allergies were gone and my sinus under control. It is almost 2 years now and I have forgotten about my sinus, my allergies. No more do I suffer from chronic sinusitis infection.


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My Chronic sinusitis infection was not cured by Herbalife


Herbalife products are food; the purest form of cellular nutrition. It is not medicine. But what did happen was that when I fed my body on a cellular level the nutrition it needed, my body healed itself.


That is the reality. Millions of Herbalife customers around the world report miraculous health results from using the Herbalife products, but because it is FOOD, and not medicine, we are obviously not allowed to make any medical claims.


I cannot for example tell you that if you use the Herbalife products like I use them, that your chronic sinusitis infection will disappear or become manageable. But what I can tell you, is what happened to me.


I am happy, in good health and fit. Thanks to Herbalife. My chronic sinusitis infection is no more.



For things to change, you have to change. So I have been told. I am so glad that I gave the Herbalife products a go more than 2 years ago.


If you suffer from chronic sinusitis infection, why don’t you get in contact with me. I will happily tell you how I use the Herbalife products and how I keep it under control.





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