Business Truths you should know before you get started in business

business truths you must know

Business Truths that will save you from failure


These business truths have the potential
to not only save you from failure, but also
keep you on track for success.

business truths

Did you know that most businesses fail?

80% of all small business start-ups fail in
the first year. Of those who survived the
first year, another 80% fail within three
years. And of those who survived the three
year mark, another 80% fail before the
end of five years. Only 1 out of 100 survive
10 years.

How would you feel if your beloved
business, in which you poured your
heart and soul, your money and time,
is one of those that fails?

The good news is that there are
certain business truths that can
greatly improve your odds.

In this video, we discuss these
business truths. Things you absolutely
have to know before you get started
in any business.

One of the most startling
business truths of them all,
is this:

When people look to start their own
business, they are not looking for a
business! They don’t really want a
business. What they do want
is a solution to their problems.

And they see “owning their own
business” as that solution.

Most people who are looking to
get involved in business, do so
because of one of two reasons:
they either want more money
or more time
; or both.

Time freedom, the ability to work
when and where you want, and
financial freedom, the ability to buy
whatever you want to buy when you
want it, are two of the biggest attractions
of owning your own business.

Yet, most people preach the dream
and live the nightmare. Like fools
they rush in without doing their
own due diligence. Then, when
the paw-paw hits the fan, they are
completely disillusioned. As a
matter of fact, they have no clue
what business is really about.

It does not have to be like that.

Knowing these business truths
will guide you like a light in the night.

Understanding these business
truths will open your eyes to
the reality of business.

But it’s applying these
business truth, that
will set you free.

Business Truths Video

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