Burning Desire separates the haves and have nots.

burning desire

The only thing that stands between you and success is burning desire.

  • Everybody wants success.
  • Everybody dreams about success.
  • Why then is it that not everybody achieves success?

The power of burning desire

This story brings it home. There was once a very clever commander. His troops were outnumbered by the enemy, but he had no choice. They had to go fight them. So he loaded his army on their ships and sailed to enemy territory. When they got there they unloaded their equipment and all soldiers. Then the commander gave the command to burn their ships.

In his last speech before they entered into battle, he told his men:

“You see these ships going up in smoke? If we want to leave these shores alive, we have no choice but to defeat our enemy and use their ships!” They won.

This commander knew the secret that is locked up in a burning desire to succeed. This evidently, is the only reason why only some of those with the same dreams and hopes achieve their goals.

The answer is locked up in the title of this article. Without a burning desire to succeed, you will lack the tenacity to keep going, when the going gets tough.

Without a burning desire to achieve your dreams, they will remain dreams. Your desire to succeed is the fuel that feeds the flame that burns inside you. Some refer to this phenomena as “your drive”. Your capacity to motivate yourself. The ability to pick yourself up and keep going. The philosophy that says, “I will never ever quit. I will keep trying and trying until I succeed. “It reflects an attitude that failure is not an option. I refer to this, as the burning desire within.

Once you know what you want and you have a plan to get it, the only missing ingredient is this burning desire to succeed in your endeavor.

You must want your results like nothing else. One of the best ways I heard a burning desire described is when it was explained to me that “Nothing motivates one like the unmet need.”

The illustration is this: We all need air to breath. When we have it, it does not motivate us at all. As a matter of fact, we don’t even give it a second thought. However, the moment we are deprived of air and the oxygen flow to our brains are diminished, air all of a sudden becomes top priority. It’s like taking a deep breath and diving real deep. When you have to come up for air and you have misjudged your diving distance, you will frantically swim like crazy to get to the surface. Your only consuming thought will be “I must get air.”

That is the kind of intensity you need behind your desires to turn it into a burning desire. It’s nothing short of an all consuming obsession to have what it is you desire. You will stop at nothing to achieve it. No river will be too deep; no ocean too wide, no mountain too high. You will find a way, or die trying.

Faith fuels desire. Increase your faith and belief in yourself and your own ability to achieve your desired results. Eat, breath and live your desired results with this white hot passion called “burning desire”, and you will be unstoppable.

 To your success!

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burning desire

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